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Found 2 results

  1. The RCN include all classes of ships, except Battleships, during WWII. The RCN fleet did have multiple classes for each ship type; DD, CV and CA's. If these 3 ship types are group collectively into a single hybrid national ship tree, the RCN may look like this: Tier Type Class Ship name Laid down 1 DD A/B Skeena Oct-29 2 DD C Ottawa Sep-30 3 DD D Kootenay Jun-31 4 ECV Bogue Puncher May-43 5 LCV Majestic Magnificent Jul-43 6 DD F Saskatchewan Jul-33 7 DD Tribal Athabaskan Oct-40 8 DD V Sioux Oct-42 9 CA Crown Colony Quebec Jul-39 10 CA Minotaur Ontario Nov-41 At the very least this ship tree would be unique in the game, provide a national presence at each tier and would merit the national ensign instead of the commonwealth flag. Thoughts?
  2. anonym_bleJN7gXeLqd

    Destroyer v. Destroyer naval battle

    Mark Felton's narrative of the Battle of Ushant (a.k.a. Battle of Brittany) fought off the coast of Brittany during the D-Day invasion of June 1944. Two destroyers that are already in WOWS, HMCS Haida and ORP Blyskawica, participated in this small naval battle.