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Found 9 results

  1. QYR113


    When I was younger I used to work and train in the harbour area of Toronto. I used to see navy cadets, tourists, and even myself visit the Haida when when was moored there. It was not only a piece of my nation's history, but my own. So when I saw that Wargaming had released this fine vessel on WoWs I was blown away. I quickly bought her and haven't been disappointed (my team mates on the other hand are a different topic). So a great bit thank you to WoWs and the whole team. I love watching the Haida in action and feel like I living many many childhood fantasies.
  2. Report post RSWF Right Some Wicked Fleet is recruiting. We are older mature guys (mostly 40+) mostly based in Eastern Canada/US. We are looking for some good guys or ladies to join up. We play for fun. Drama free. We play Clan Wars, missions, co-op, whatever. Tend to play early, 7-9 Eastern time. Good base with bonuses. You should be comfortable being in discord, mature, and preferably have or working towards a tier 10. We get together annual every August in Halifax, NS, Canada and all active members are invited.  Pm for Discord or any questions.
  3. Who thinks the Essex Class Carrier is good for service for smaller navies?
  4. Seriously, I've been waiting all year for the Haida to come on sale on Canada Day weekend - and nothing. No bundle, no discount, nothing. :( I'm very sad. I'm uninstalling right now! Lol, no. But seriously, it would have been nice if you had given a little thought to your Canadian neighbours. I mean, I'm very certain next weekend is going to feature a metric tonne of bundles and discounts on American stuff for Independence Day weekend, am I right? Little help pls Wargaming? :)
  5. Rumour or not, there was a top secret research location in the north west of Canada paid for by the British government to see if a frozen ship was feasible to build and use in the north Atlantic for defence. Project Habakkuk was real. It would be nice to see something in fact or bullship about this and to know if anything from this was actually applied and used in some form or another?
  6. KingCakeBaby

    HMCS Vancouver - Fleet Week 2018

    Here are the promised pictures from the HMCS Vancouver. It's a frigate so there's not as many as the Hornet and Iowa, which can be viewed here and here if you're interested. The pictures of the air show didn't turn out as well as I hope so I'll probably be keeping those to myself. Enjoy! A few things of particular interest are the large metal tubes on the deck. These are apparently so new that the majority of the crew had no idea what they were and what they did. They're a radar, torpedo and missile countermeasure that launches an inflatable that acts as a decoy. Also those sleek black boats are actually target drones for gunnery practice.
  7. Just spotted this one. "For Canada's 100th birthday, a large NATO fleet descended upon Halifax Harbour. HMCS PROVIDER is in the foreground, and USS NEWPORT NEWS is immediately aft. ('67) A.S. Mowat photo. " https://www.hazegray.org/navhist/canada/photarch/ Happy Canada Day to our Canadian Friends!
  8. I know many have been speculating about when Haida will be available for the masses and July 1st being Canada day seems fitting. I noticed this when searching the forums and I do not believe it has been posted before. I hope @LittleWhiteMouse is prepared.
  9. HMCS Athabaskan is the last destroyer and former flagship of the Royal Canadian Navy. She was recently decommissioned after serving proudly for 45 years. She had a bold career and is a veteran of numerous conflicts and disasters (Gulf War, War on Terror, Hurricane Katrina, Haiti earthquake). As the last of her kind, it is imperative that she be preserved for future generations. We have until January 4th, 2018 to purchase the ship, or else she will be scrapped. We cannot allow that to happen to this mighty ship! The current goal is to purchase the ship outright and operate her as a private museum trust in Halifax. The $5000 goal is just for a down payment to purchase the ship, we are still awaiting a fixed price from the Canadian government. We would heartily accept any and all donations. If you are interested, here is our GoFundMe site: https://www.gofundme.com/save-hmcs-athabaskan Our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/910372335662106/ Let me know if you have any questions.