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Found 3 results

  1. Are tasks such as this still feasible with the carrier rework? I'm genuinely curious and having only played a little bit of Langley on the PTS this weekend, I've no real idea if tier 10 carriers can shoot down 250 planes rather easily or if it will take months, and even years to grind them out. If such tasks do require changes, when can we expect to see them implemented? Thanks.
  2. Bit of background; completed all of the Science of Victory missions except Mission 2, Task 8, 'Earn and Arsonist achievement,' six months or more ago, maybe a year or more. Put that task up on my campaign queue and left it there; figured it would come sooner or later. Went through North Cape, Bismark, and Yamamoto with no joy. Present time; getting generally hacked and burned out. Picked up the third container and just quit; then went to go eat dinner. Came back and figured I might thrown down for a few more games, to try to finish 'Farewell to Spring,' where all I had left was destroyer damage. Emerald... No; I like it; but if I want to hurt destroyers I really need HE. Marblehead and Konigsburg... No; not in the mood... Don't really want to play a Tier 6, but what the heck; Perth it is. HE, smoke, self-spotting if everything else goes away, (unlike a certain other completely worthless (in my opinion,) T6 cruiser...) Bit of MM luck; queued into a Tier 6 game on Faultline-Domination, a map I like. Shooting, shooting; covering A, (lots of pesky cruisers, but only one destroyer who kept hiding...) then move over towards B to contest a Normandie trying to cap. Shooting, shooting, creaping and crawling at 1/4 speed... Lost A and C, but the gang in the East retook C, then came West as the West Reds began moving on B. Normandie charged me, but it was really in a bad way; I was still concealed, and it was flanked by our Greens who retreated from A. Torped, but Normandie dodged; reversed course out of my smoke, and torped again from the other side. When the Normandie swung back from its earlier dodge, it got clipped by one torp and that was it. Very decent game; not a wipeout, but still uncertain until after the half-way mark. This was a seriously 'HOLY MACKEREL!' score. Except for its +50% xp camo, and the +5% xp Military Month flag, my Perth was clean; I didn't run any signals because after the third container there's no need for bonuses, and I didn't want to spend any of the others I might have used. First thing that blew me away was the modified xp, then I noticed the Shield down in the mission progress area... WUT...??? HOLY!!! DID I FINALLY FINISH THAT?!? Moused up to the achievements and finally realized I'd completed 'Science of Victory,' basically without even intending to. It was just like many say; just put those permanent campaign tasks up in your queue, and you'll finish them before you know it. It wasn't until later on, after calming down, that I realized I'd also collected so many Defense ribbons, which may have contributed a bit to the xp total. Now; about Perth and Leander. I hate Leander because it never, did I say NEVER? delivered anything close to this. For all it and the following ships are praised, I can't stand it for the perceived inability to damage anything, (oddly, my average damage, weak as it may be, says otherwise; but as the saying goes; 'perception is everything.') Perth; games like this don't happen every day, of course, but the ship grew on me early on; even before I figured out how to properly use the smoke. 'Perception is everything.' Effectively the same ship; but one I hate, and one I like; go figure...
  3. No doubt I'll get a ton of incoming over this but I'd like to suggest a change in these long term, "Win a ship" contests, specifically those tasks that require a "win" to complete it. As an example, the trigger for this post is the "Win a battle, get a Hits to Citadel ribbon and destroy one ship" combat mission. I have done two out of three of those in FIVE matches straight. This morning, when I got sunk in my bama, we had 3 minutes remaining, outnumbered the reds six ships to three and were leading. Yup, pretty solid odds of a win. Nope, we lost. One guy ran away, at the SAME TIME telling people "my internet went down". LMBO on that one... but yea, we lost. I think what I'm suggesting is they be turned more towards the individual player than the team obtaining a win. The team is not winning a ship - the players, individually, are working their way to a ship. Random is not operations - there, it's expected the team wins/loses the "prizes/rewards" as a team. So I do hope any such future missions for ships will remove the requirement of a win cause dammit Jim, I'm just a doctor, not a coach. tiafyc