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Found 8 results

  1. Was looking for one of the new campaign missions to do and saw this so thought I'd take the Fiji out. Happened to notice the progress bar seemed low and it appears to actually be damage with main guns. Will be putting a ticket in to support about it.
  2. Five Epochs of the Navy is a new campaign with Update 0.9.8, featuring 5 sections of mission in ships of various tiers. I can play only part one, but other will unlock soon. wip btw
  3. For those who did not do the PT server for update 0.9.8, this is a short video showing the 5 Epochs of the Navy Campaign and Collections. Note that the mission requirements in the campaign will be different on the live server.
  4. This Christmas season with all their problems, there is one thing I noticed that has been lacking. The Christmas campaign. The previous two years they've had them, this year it is a simple combat mission, with crazy directives. On top of that, they are releasing new commanders for coal, doubloons, what have you, yet they haven't built a new campaign for an earn-able unique commander in a long time. They have the campaigns system, but it seems to be completely neglected for directives. Directives are nice, but what about our campaigns? I've basically done all but the most random campaign rewards at this point. Why doesn't wargaming release new campaigns? If they are so worried about keeping their player base busy and entertained, why don't they make more campaigns instead of having us to regrind entire lines? Also if they are concerned about the money, you can do 50% more campaign missions with a premium account, so there is an economic reason to get it, to further encourage people to subscribe.
  5. destawaits

    Torpedo Plushie

    So, when do we actually get to buy it?
  6. Does one get any sort of achievement for completing the PEF campaign (and getting the alternate camo for PEF) or for simply completing the directives to get PEF in the first place? I recall we had achievements in the past for completing temporary campaigns, are they still there for the PEF campaign?
  7. So I did indeed play the anime collection so I could obtain the permanent camo for the Yamato. Nice bonuses for pretty much nothing but collecting things. I'm on the fifth phase of the Halsey campaign and hope to complete it soon. So - any word on what's coming next? Anyone? I like the two flag options you can get... so when are they coming for other nations? tiafyc
  8. I am doing Science of Victory campaign, and at task 8, I need earn 1 "arsonist" achievement. This achievement can only be obtained once. I think I did it before, because I have it, but it seems it was not tasked or it did not meet the requirements. I think I did killed other ships by fire after the task was on. Is it a bug? Can I really obtain it again? Or will I never be able to complete the campaign?