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Found 2 results

  1. i like the different missions but i must say some times its just to many in one battle. everyone going in different directions. everyone just cant work together. i have a new Iowa boat no upgrades, completely stock, the capt. needs to be retained. and the campaign missions for me is to sink a enemy destroyer in random battle with a battleship. i don't care if we win or lose i just want to sink the DD. hehe. my point is, why stay in battle that has no DDs. my mission is a failure. players with special mods can see I'm the weak guy on my team. that tell them I'm stock so its an easy kill. hehe. whats your take on this? thank you for all your replies. i hope to see all you on the high seas. have fun playing and good hunting.
  2. 500 credits for causing 25,000 fire damage to ships. I'm overwhelmed by your generosity!