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Found 18 results

  1. Can you give the camo to one ship, and the bonus package to another one? Or are they both attached to only one ship?
  2. black_hull4

    The Camouflage OOF

    I was about to use my last Type 2 camouflage; followed by a I had a rather good game. We got super MM with only one potato on the team(a cruiser who decided to YOLO forwards on a torp run, lose 75% of his remaining HP, hit absolutely NOTHING with his torps, then use the convoy ships at meatshields)so I didn't get that much work in. Still, it was a satisfying win. Then I get back to port and...wait, what? The camo is still on my ship! It turned out I had received a little over 14K net total credits from that match. However, I had enabled auto-resupply on the camo. Type 2 camo, which costs 22.5K credits. Note to new players: don't enable auto-resupply on credit camos, since if you get a low-earning game, you might forfeit ALL your credit earnings. ♦
  3. Hello All. I want to ask for some clarification from players that have bought the Transformers Permanent Camo from past events. My questions dont seem to have been addressed before. 1. Are the unique transformers animations (ie: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Starscream) only present/active on deck during the event? After the event is over you won't see them in the game on your ship's permanent camo? 2. The August Von Parseval Starscream permanent camo features F-15 jets on deck as skins for the usual propeller prop planes. Once the Transformers event is over if you have purchased the permanent ship camo does the F-15 fighter plane skins stay afterwards and usable in the game modes Random, Rank battles? Also can other players see the F-15 plane skins flying around in the game match even after the event is over? Would really appreciate if someone can give me some straight answers. Thanks in advance.
  4. freggo

    Best camouflages

    I generally applaud the art department and their camos are quite creative. However, many serve as the exact opposite to what a camo should accomplish. Then there are the 'where is Waldo' type camos that actually do what you want them to do, make you difficult to find. Here is an example of a Kii (?) that I encountered where the camo actually worked in his favor. Please feel free to add your examples !
  5. I will start with a big sorry for the question but i am very curious about it. What is the difference on incoming regarding premium ships x tech tree ship? If i buy a perma camo for a tech tree she will receive the same amount as a premium ship money? is there a hidden value for beeing premium? if premium ship camo gives +20% income and a tech tree camo gives +20% income, isnt there an advantage to premium ship? They sell premium ships saying their income is better. is it not an advantage if we get a perma camo for a tech tree?
  6. USAPatriotGamer

    Measure 22 Camo

    Do you think that the warships in the US tech tree would look nice if WG brought back the Measure 22 Camo (blue hull) from beta as a permanent camouflage option?
  7. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Pride of the Polish Navy

    I just received the 303 Squadron camo for the Błyskawica after completing the five directives from the Pride of the Polish Navy combat mission. If I'm not mistaken this was one of the runners up in a camo contest awhile back. The winner of that contest was the Szara camo. The camos from top to bottom are: Type 10, Szara, and 303 Squadron. All three are permanent and have the same bonuses -3% to surface detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. -10% to the cost of ship's post-battle service. +50% to experience earned in the battle.
  8. In the Inventory, I'm always unable to sell camouflages. It says that it is unable to sell for technical reasons. Can WG fix that?
  9. So War Gaming, would it be possible for you to give clans the ability to have there own custom camo?? Maybe give us multiple patterns and then allow us to select the one we like and then apply the colors we choose also?? I must say it would be pretty impressive to see an entire clan in a clan camo for clan wars.
  10. So, with the contest winner for the Blyskawica camouflage being available to earn in the game I started to read the rules and the way to get the camo for my Blys. One phrase kept me thinking, and this is why I would like some clarification from WG staff @Femennenly @iKami @Gneisenau013. In the description of the mission in the march combat missions page it states the following: The way this is worded (especially the "a permanent camouflage" and not this camo contest one) implies that whoever has Blyskawica, that obviously comes with her own permacamo, will be getting a doubloon compensation. Is this just an error in translation or actually true? Thanks in advance.
  11. The new WeeVee 1941 is a beauty. All the power and beauty of the standard type US battleships. I'm delighted to add her to my fleet. BUT, what's with the boring generic dazzle camouflage? West Virginia was painted in Measure 1 in 1941, the USN standard paint for BBs. If you are going to sell her as the 1941 version, she should LOOK like the 1941 version down to her Measure 1 paint job. Not offering that is a missed opportunity, WoW. Still, thrilled to see her added to the game. Maybe we can get the California (flagship of the battle fleet) to go along with her so we can assemble a Pearl Harbor battle line. Jef
  12. Remember doing the New year events for 2016-2017 that earned you Graf Spee and some tier VI tech tree ships, along with their permanent camos? Remember getting by the hundreds the New Year 2017 camo with a 200% Free XP bonus and no combat bonuses (detection, dispersion?). Have you for some ,unknown to you, reason still kept these seemingly worthless camos in your inventory? Well then, take a gander:
  13. Quick question: the two other free XP tier 9 ships come with alternative camo - Missouri has an extra camo with identical bonuses to her default camo, while Musashi has doubloon HSF camo that has an additional commander XP bonus. Does Kronshtadt come with any alternative camo, or has any special purchasable camouflage by any chance?
  14. Here you will find a poll regarding premium/permanent camouflages. Leave your thoughts below! I’d also like to add several open questions for the discussion: Would you change the perks of Tiers IV-IX camouflages to be in accordance with the benefits of Tier X camos and each tier’s economy? What are your thoughts regarding the benefits of Tier X camos? Are there any permanent camouflages you don’t like aesthetically? Which ones? Thank you for your time. ”Ad Astra Per Aspera” Phantom out.
  15. Hola colegas. Me gustaría informar un error en el barco Moscú, cuando usas el camuflaje de Aurora SpaceWarship, el fuego que sale de las chimeneas permanece en las banderas conmemorativas, Como si se quemaran. Como verás en las imágenes de abajo: Lo publique en el foro en ingles pero no me respondieron ni comentaron nada. ¿ En este caso donde debería enviarlo ? Saludos
  16. Kirkland_Caliph

    Signals and (no) Camouflage

    Okay, why has Camouflage been removed from the Containers rewards? In the last 12 containers, not a single camouflage. Yes, there are some special camouflages given in random reward containers, but why are they conspicuously absent in the containers that say they do contain camouflages?
  17. I haven't seen if anyone put the full set of free to use permanent camo up for all the premiums yet and i have seen a few mistaken posts claiming they were the Christmas patterns so i thought I would post the 11 I have so far. Feel free to add the ones I don't have...
  18. anonym_ajNWwqVHetEX

    Dazzle Camouflage

    http://www.shipcamou...om/measures.htm likely highly useful to Devs, complete analysis of the WW2-2013 MEASURE system complete with ship listings by class and hundreds of images USS Freedom using a variation of WW2 MEASURE 32 paint scheme http://dazzlecamouflage.wordpress.com/ dazzle camouflage blog http://camoupedia.bl...eally-work.html a blog with a link to a 1919 thesis on Dazzle systems http://www.bobolinkb...Camouflage.html A sourcebook on Dazzle system camouflage patterns