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Found 1 result

  1. This is just a simple request and to see what other players think. I am a ship collector and keep all I unlock. I am probably only missing 10 not available ships from when I took a break. I am in the process of buying ships from premium store now. Now to the reason for this post. I would like to collect the ones I don't have that will be put up for sale on black friday. I like my ships to look as historical as possible. I use no crazy camouflage that is not or would not look real. I don't know if it's just me or not but that's how I like my ships. Now when you buy black friday ships they come with a black camouflage. It does not make them look historical and really makes my immersion in the game bad. I don't mind them being sold as black ships and to each thier own on how they like thier camouflage. Now a way to help fix this issue. Wargaming should sale another camouflage, in the camouflage tab in the game. Sale it for 2k, 3k doubloons. I and others would be more than happy to pay that to make my gaming with those ships more enjoyable. They don't have to be same camouflage as the main ones. They could be a separate camouflage that just looks better than all black. Also they still can keep the b in thier name to also make them separate from the main ships. In all I would just like wargaming to know that thier are some players out here that would be willing to pay for camouflage for the black ships and it could be done with Doubloons, Coal, Steel, or even missions to unlock them. Thank you for your time.