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Found 7 results

  1. I'm a fan of camos. It makes ships in the game look authentic, different, and exciting. I could be completely wrong... but I could swear I remember there being more options for purchasing permanent camouflage for ships several years ago (I'm back after a long hiatus). This would be something I'd be very interested in bringing "back". I know I would pay up to a certain price to have cool historical camos. The ones below are from the Battle of Leyte Gulf event going on right now and I think they look awesome. I wish I could buy one of these to put on the ship of my choice and not lose after several battles. Is that something that other people would take advantage of? Surely it can't be a difficult thing to implement?
  2. Do11arSign

    Bismarck Camo Change

    Wargaming should change the camos for the Bismarck to make them more accurate. Camo one was Bismarck's Camo before the operation with the baltic black and white being on the superstructure. Camo two is during operation Rheinuburg when she left port. The turrets were all grey and the front and back swastikas were completely covered in grey paint. I think it would be a nice update since wargaming went back and updated the Yamato even with them considering a German BB line buff in the future I think a updated camo would be nice.
  3. Hello. I am about to open up the bureau but i have a few questions. What happens with the ships you have bought on the line you reset? We earn credits? They are just lost? No compensation? We can get automatic credits? Regarding perma camos, what happen to those ships i have permanent camos? Camos are just lost? They go to some sort of inventory? I can mount then when i open up the ship again?
  4. I was wondering if WG could offer a better permanent camouflage than the ugly dark green one that looks like some sailors started painting it and then went AWOL. The "Dazzling" camo for Furious is very nice. Could WG come up with something similar or better than that for Ryujo? Thanks!
  5. GoldenGatorLHD4

    Azur Lane Premium Camos?

    Will the Azur Lane Premium Camos from the first wave be available again? I missed my opportunity to grab Enterprise's. I don't want to have to buy the bundle of captains from the first wave and then find out that there will be a bundle with Enterprise's camo and her commander.
  6. Dragon_GN

    Space Camos

    Hey guys, does anyone know if the space camos are going to be removed from the armory with 8.3 or is WG going to milk them for a bit longer (no offense, I want to buy all of them but they are expensive af)? I'm currently hoping to get some money to spend in the next week and would be very sad if they are fully removed tomorrow. But, such is life sometimes. I just haven't seen anything official on that.
  7. TheUssLoliChan

    Am I Just Stupid Or?

    Hi There! I (Once again) came here to ask a question, i got got some new notification for some ship skins and yet a do not see them BUT something else instead.. I'm (still) fairly new to this game and i do not understand if this is a joke or this is for a different ship (as you saw there was the tirpitz and the st.louis) but the ONLY new thing i got was this valentine heart skin??? my question is (if this is not confusing enough) are these skin the Halloween event skins, and if they are did they mess up and did a different skin... and if they were the Halloween skins are they permanent.? sorry for the headache lads!