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Found 66 results

  1. Me gustaría dar una idea interesante para camuflajes permanentes para varios barcos, quizás puedan implementarlos en varios barcos y colocarlos como articulos y para adquirirlos como mejor dispongan... lo importante es tambien impulsar el reconocimiento histórico de varios barcos... Sabemos que las ramas de Barcos esta comprendida por el Nombre de la Clase del Barco... por ejemplo Acorazado de la Clase New York o Crucero ligero de la Clase Worcester... y que en la vida real, existen varios barcos de dichas clases... siempre el primer barco de dichas clases llevan el nombre de la clase, por ejemplo BB34 USS New York y BB35 USS Texas son ambos New York.. seria genial que se pudiera comprar como camuflaje permanente la nomenclatura real del primer Barco de las clases.. es decir, por ejemplo... Tengo el Desmoine y tengo el Salem... ambos de la Clase Desmoine... el camo permanente del Salem dice claramente 139 que hace referencia a CA139, me gustaria comprar o adquirir el camo para el Desmoine que diga 134 que hace referencia a CA134... diganme... no seria una buena idea.???? me explique bien.? me gustaria recibir sus respuestas sin importar si son negativas.. pero eso le daria un sentido interesante ya que hay muchas personas como yo muy entusiastas de la historia detras de esos barcos... en el juego yo no tengo el texas pero tengo Newyork me gustaria tenerlo con su numero 34 y por ejemplo el 144 en el Worcester... jeje digame ustedes que opinan.??
  2. SuperComm4

    Space Battles Camo...

    I noticed on both of my Space Battles camos (Pensacola & La Ga....[The T6 French CL]) have had their unique blow torch smoke from the stacks effect changed to a somewhat silly looking bluish smoke cloud-streamer sort of thing with what appears to be lightning. I’m curious when this change was made, and why. The old effect was pretty sharp looking.
  3. WG puts a very high value on their permanent camos, but I don't think they realize just how many we accumulate over time by playing. And the single use camos are almost always of greater value than the permanent ones. I can't be the only player with more camos than they could possibly ever use... right? Seriously, I have over 850 of them presently...
  4. captain_fearless

    North Carolina A hull camo

    I heard North Carolina was a unique ship because if you got the permanent camo equipped and you changed from A hull to B hull, the camo design would change. I was wondering if that was still a thing, because they removed the original A hull for North Carolina
  5. There should be an option to purchase perm camos for any ship based on an expendable camo. So, let's say I love the look of the 'type 6' camo... or the 'this is your day' camo. I would like to be able to buy that camo as a 'permanent' camo. The attributes would be the same as the other 'permanent' camos - Detectability -3 Dispersion +4 Post-battle service -20% XP + 100% I don't mind shelling out the cash (or doubloons), but I have five ships I play regularly that I refuse to buy the 'stock' permanent camo because - well, it's ugly. Thoughts?
  6. freggo

    Best camouflages

    I generally applaud the art department and their camos are quite creative. However, many serve as the exact opposite to what a camo should accomplish. Then there are the 'where is Waldo' type camos that actually do what you want them to do, make you difficult to find. Here is an example of a Kii (?) that I encountered where the camo actually worked in his favor. Please feel free to add your examples !
  7. brian31525

    Historic Camo?

    Why does the historic camo on the pc version suck so bad? Take Bayern for example. PC is Detect -3%, Enemy Disp. +4%, After action service -10%, XP +50%. Bayer in Blitz version. Ship HP +4%, MB Range +4%, MB Disp. -4%, Torp Reduction +6%, XP +30%, Silver +30%. I find myself playing Android version more than PC version because the ships are better. I have the T7 German BB on Android because you make more money. On PC I have her researched but can't afford her. The games need to be about the same and not have vast differences. Questions, suggestions, insults are all welcome.
  8. Hammer_n_Sickle

    Legion camo for... LEONE???

    Sooo I was looking at the offers and to my surprise noticed that Big Italian Bundle gives you LEGION camo for LEONE? Huh? That is the only place I see this info... and there isn't even a picture anywhere of what it would look like (at least as far as I was able to find)? Seems like it's one of the "big features" of the bundle. *whether Leone or the camo or the bundle in general is worth it is a separate thing that is not part of my query* TY Anyone who has Leone, are you able to see it offered in Camos section? If so perhaps you can post a preview screenshot of it? @Hapa_Fodder Any info you can give or point to?
  9. Do the bind able new year camo's expire? What are the best ships to put em on?
  10. As much as the devs of this game seem bugger stuff up, the art department really are on point time and time again. Looks perfect for a fight outside the Suez ;)
  11. I like the camo stuff, but I've noticed that some players have fire coming out of the smoke stacks, elect shooting and etc. Where can I get those type of mods? Thanks
  12. This was brought up on FB in the Admirals Locker. Please do this.
  13. As the only perma camo for tier 10 I bought already was the Hindy, and I can't see myself spending that much for another tier 10... I can just lament that they're not making it available for the 3 new ships (the Odin, Sieg & Agir.) I'd definitely pick that up rather than the Norse camo. The Nordic is nice, but just not worth the 3K when I already have the same stats out of the default. But that Iron Cross, for 3K for the 9s (and 8k I guess for the Odin...) yeah, I'm pretty sure I would pull the trigger for that. I never understood why WG doesn't give more camo options in the game. Or flags for that matter. Want to really raise money for a good cause? Don't sell the Texas... make a -5% repair fee flag available (half as good as the one we can earn in ranked...) I wonder how much folks would pay for that?
  14. Good day Captains! So I love camo's in World of Warships. I love the tactics of ranked play, playing the torp game, burning people down in HE ships, and dropping citadels like the rest of them. But one thing I enjoy, but don't see any YouTube video's on a consistent basis are premium camo's. What I do see are a lot of unedited replays and some folks with terrible mic audio and I promise you will not find that on my channel. I'm a full on nerd and have a pretty decent little studio setup so I decided to take on the challenge myself. I have started a new YouTube channel to publish a couple genre's of World of Warships videos but my main focus and my favorite to make so far are these Showcase videos to show off some of the beautiful camouflages that are available in the game or no longer available even. If you like camo's and care to help out a budding little YouTuber I would be extremely grateful for your click on the below video. If you think it's crapthen tell me about! If you think it's worth a comment/like/share/subscribe then maybe show me some love! O7
  15. lordholland4293

    Hapa's contests

    The screenshot contests that Hapa_Fodder does, do you get the camo from simplely participating and submitting a screenshot? @Hapa_Fodder
  16. Herr_Reitz

    Iron Cross Trade

    Think I know the answer here... butt let's see... regarding the Iron Cross perma camo: A) I have the RHEIN. I played all the missions, secured the Iron Cross camo. If I sell the ship, is the camo gone for good or will it be available should I repurchase the ship? B) Is there any way to trade up the Rhein's camo to another German CV? C) Are there any odds of the IC camo dropping in a container for a different German CV? If you know where WoWS/WG have explained these questions do put a link here. I looked, found nada.
  17. Why does the Odin have a bald spot? lol
  18. I got the last conquest skin for my Bismarck, but when I select it, it doesn't make the turrets yellow, and only adds the black and white stripes. For the battle damaged one it dosent even show any damage. any help?
  19. WG, why are you always enabling the auto-resupply when I disabled them 1 by 1 before for camo and flags. Is the game not getting the message or just like I supposed, it's a way to get us to spend doublons before we realize we did not check it in the last update. If I want to spend doubloons in-game let me do it on my own terms. This is borderline sleazy what you do. By the way, I have 154 ships.... so give us the option to disable the feature for all ships or just ask a programmer to turn off the switch in updates. This feature is similar to when you turn off the radio in a car before turning off the engine, it will not be on when you start it again for example. If you want my money I will do it by Paypal so I control it not by you taking it away from me. You look like pickpockets.
  20. I did a sum assuming that I would completed the entire actual missions. Well... Its not enough to collect the 600 german tokens or iron crosses to get one permanent camo... Did I do the math well or there will be some misterious conteiners with german tokens or iron crosses? Anyway... with the actual missions that amount of german tokens available to get are not enough at less that the player has RHEN, WESER, A.PARSEVAL and GRAF ZEPPELIN... to achieve the final reward of 60 tokens... What I'm missing? Thanks for the answers!
  21. Premium Camos should add the name and Number to the ship. All the ships that have names and numbers are premiums, so why not add that extra feature when you spend money on a camo. For example, they could put 61 and say "Iowa" on the USS Iowa, or put "Edinburgh" on the back of the Edinburgh just like it did in WW2. The camos aren't really unique for each ship its just a camo. For example, the camos for the American heavy cruisers all look the same from t7 until t10. And the lights are the same from t6 to t10. The only exception is the USS Helena Rememberence night camo which at least says the number on it, but thats also double the price of a normal camo of that tier...
  22. Dear WG, I would like to use the coupon on perma-camos for ships i actually play alot, enjoy, and would like some of the cool camos they have/had it real life even. Off the top of my head: Bismarck skins, Kii, Roma, Hood, all the National Camoflages(i foget all those ships) Also, WG, i would probably still spend more dubloons over all, because i would buy so many camos each year. so the house still wins. lol.
  23. Is there a maximum number of signals, camos and flags you ccan have at one time? I ask because I am grinding low tiers and not using the camo, signals or flags yet. I just want to make sure they will just get stored and not lost when i win more of them.
  24. Hello all, I wanted to let you all know just how bad RNG can be for some people. So, I have completed all of the directives in the game and have collected every russian container made available to me, and have decided to get the riga early, so I used some dubs to get to the riga. Then thought how much more would it be to get the perma camo on the petro? It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to get. Numbers time!!!! I currently have the riga bundle unlocked in the armory, and have 135 tokens in my armory available to me for spending. For the bundle I am currently able to unlock 430 more tokens if I buy every bundle. This would bring my total tokens to 565 tokens available to me. Anyone know how much the petro perma camo cost? Thats right 600! So, my message to WG. If you want to keep having people that want to spend money in this game, you might want to make something physically achievable and not completely impossible to get. As make no mistake, if you are not blessed by RNG in the crates, the perma camo is impossible to achieve. Thanks for your time, -Nick
  25. In the 0.9.5 release the Moskva camo people paid for with real dollars will be given out free. I will not be spending money on camo anymore. If I cannot rely on something maintaining it's value to me I am not going to buy it.