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Found 135 results

  1. In the Premium Shop there are 3 new camos for sale. Yet there is no indication what benefits these camos provide. Yes, I know I can look at the wiki (alas, I only found one of the camos there), but that's no way to sell a product. It's Merchandising 101, explain the benefit of the product where the product is sold.
  2. It's such a small thing but it does have an impact on the game. Used to be, there were but a few camo styles, so it rarely happened. Now however, there are so many camo styles that when you run out, you won't know until you are in-game. If you do not return to port after every battle, you won't know. I'd like you to spend one day, maybe two to add an option to the game. I'll call it the "You are nekked" warning. First as with most game check options, you give the user the option to turn it off. Some people like to battle nekked. It shows how good they are, right? All this option would do is determine if your ship has camo. If it does not have a camo selected, a prompt would appear, something to the effect of: "Warning - you are about to battle without camo. Return to port to install camo or continue on to battle?" It's not much but it sure would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hello again to the WoWS Community NA!!! Like most of my post I again have a new idea for US battleships and more,but for this post I will try and mainly focus on US Battleships.Now If you do study history you have notice US. Battleship have had a long history of transformation through out the years in the US. Navy,using an example here lets focus on the USS. Texas from 1912-1948,in 1912 USS Texas din't like at all like its 1948 version.It had cage mast and a simple superstructure and less armor haul design.I propose for nostalgia reason why not bring Historical Camo paint jobs to World of Warships instead of using up grades in the ship's menu or using mods.I think Wargaming should add historical Camos to most Warships as they possible can too give players more choices to their ships in-game so they do not have to us mods or cheats.If some of you remember the New Mexico and Colorado had a cage mast look at the begin upgrades.So why not bring that nostalgia look back but this time as a paint job,so Wargaming the menu it already has but just add more historical looks too their ships and such.As for Wargamings favor it would maybe helps sales also gives player extra features to a ship's look.Since you have hear my idea I would love to hear yours in the comments below,Please debate and ask if this is a good or bad idea?
  4. Victorious Camo

    Anybody buying the victorious camo? I will preface this with that fact that I will surely buy at least 200 of these as I am a sucker for camo. That being said, I wonder why they think this is worth over $50 dollars with other camos (that I think had about the same value in benefits) only cost a little over $40... That's 25 cents per use! If they EVER sell the three special Asian camos, I will deplete my beer fund. https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/customizations/6378/
  5. This is just a spreadsheet exercise I wanted to try out. Basically for a given amount of base XP the spreadsheet will calculate how much you will earn (ship XP, commander XP, and base XP) with all the combinations of premium time, daily win bonus, clan bonus, economic and special signals and camouflage. There are two ways to use the spreadsheet: enter a base XP (1) then at the top of the screen, you will see how much ship XP, commander XP, and free XP, you will earn as you check the various combinations of flags and camo - if you're shooting for a specific amount of XP and you know about how much you can probably earn in base XP, allows you to determine what combination of signals, flags, and camouflage to run to get what you need without having to run any extra signals or camouflage, etc. (2) Just to the right of the list of camouflage, is the amount of ship XP, commander XP, and free XP you will earn with that specific camouflage with the combination of signals and factors checked. This will allow you to determine which camo is the better camo to run depending on what kind of XP you are trying to maximize. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12PQ5ysTuGoEsJPt82FeZ3fc_wpEYJQXC_cKV0cdvQsI/edit?usp=sharing Anyways, it was just a spreadsheet coding exercise, hope some of you might find it useful. Let me know if you find any errors. EDIT: The spreadsheet may be off by one or two XP due to rounding. But it should mesh pretty closely to what the battle result screens show. Sign into google and save a copy to your google account to play with it.
  6. For those interested, there is a Price Discount running for the weekend on Permanent Camos. For everyone's knowledge, at 50% discount for tiers 5 to 9, this is the approximate cost breakdowns and savings at a glance: EDITED with my more accurate price model (Tier 5 = Tier 6 as the camo price at those tiers are both 1000 gold)
  7. Space Camouflage Questions

    I have a couple of questions about the T10 Space Camouflage: 1. Does the Space Camo like Galaxy for the Des Moines come with special sound/visual effects or does it use the regular Des Moines sounds/shell effects? I've seen some conflicting statements about how special sound and visual effects maybe included in a future patch. 2. Do you have to own a specific ship to buy its Space Camo? I like the look of the Hellcarrier, but I'm a long way from unlocking the Hakuryu. If I go to the Hakuryu in the Tech Tree and click on the Exterior tab, it just takes me back to the port view for whatever ship I had selected. I just want to make sure I'm not missing out on something obvious. There have been special cases in the past where you could acquire a ship camo without owning the ship. Thanks in advance.
  8. Tier 10 Permanent Camo

    So I was just sitting here playing co-op and observed how dismally low the payout was with my Hindenburg and Minotaur, even when using the best temp camo I had that offered the most of everything. On a whim, I purchased the permanent camo for the Hindenburg and now I am a believer. The 5000 doubloons was well worth the investment because now I make money every game. Permacamo for high tiers; it works. Can confirm.
  9. Question about the space camo

    I got my T10 Gearing space camo, and I ran out of XP to convert. I need sometimes to farm up the German destroyer line. How much time do I have left for getting the space camo?
  10. Now i Must first start out by saying that i love this game, and all the cool events that WG does For Free on our part. And these space battles and Space ships are really, Really cool. My only issue is (You probably guessed it by now) That 8000 doubloon cost for the permanent camos. Now i personally think that's pricy, but mostly worth it. If it wasn't for one, little bitty issue. The Type 20 Camoflage i have for my Des Moine and Minotaur. Because those were both 5000 doubloons. And once i click buy on those fancy 8000 doubloon Camos, my previously spent 5000 doubloons are 100% absolutely useless. Now i understand that WG is a business and needs to make money, but please WG, let us either sell our type 20 camos for even a reduced payback, or let us trade them in and pay the difference to get the Sci-Fi camos. Because while i love this game, and I Adore my Des Moine, spending 13000 doubloons total for camos really bites
  11. I have to confess that gameplay isn't always the bestest reason I'm playing World of Warships. I really like naval ships and naval history. Finding a game that models ships as well as this game does was a real joy for me. Getting to play with them is great and just admiring my growing collection in port makes me happy. One thing that I don't like, however, are some of the camouflage schemes. I like what they do, don't get me wrong, and I use them, but at the same time I have to wince and wish I could get the same bonuses with either a historically accurate scheme, or maybe... I mean, the camo I've been using most often lately is the Holiday Fir Tree, which has pretty good effects, but man that hurts not only my eyes, but my sense of naval history as well. It looks cartoonish, as a lot of camo does, but there are some awesome ones too. I especially like the "sunken" Bismarck and Hood schemes, and the snow shrouded Scharnhorst is a thing of beauty. It makes me wish for a "Great White Fleet" camo. But mostly when I think of camo, I think of false bow waves and shadows to trick the eye into seeing the wrong aspect, even the wrong ship. Maybe I'm sort of a purist, but I do give props to the people tasked with coming up with new camo for the game. I'm sure it's a challenge and I'd be hard pressed to come up with anything truly original. And now, what I'd really like to ask: Is there any way to get a "naked" camo? Something that give the basic detection and dispersion bonuses, nothing more than that, just for the one or two people like me who once in awhile do enjoy seeing just the ship sail into battle without all the weird shapes and colors and beer cans on top? I'd even pay 22.5k for the pleasure, if someone could be troubled to design the invisible camo. Heck, even I could do that! Please, in all seriousness, think about it Wargaming, where is the downside? Shoot, you could even put them in April Fools Crates! Mahalo!
  12. [] HSF Cat Skin

    I saw someone made their HSF camo for shima, but I don't see the cat camo for it, so I just made a HSF Cat Skin for my Shimakaze. I use only Moded the Type93 12km trops, so I only moded that. To install, just drop it to the mod folder. I also have the premium type20 skin, I moded the camouflages.xml file so it works with it also. HSF Cat Skin.zip
  13. Container Contents

    Regarding Container contents, is there a container choice that rewards port slots more than any other? Im trying to save doubloons for more important purchases ie: converting free exp, emergency captain re-training, possible ships. ect ect. Thanks for replies.
  14. What was your Pie Day ride?

    I've been saving this camo for today (duh) Some RN CL action...
  15. I love the time and effort that WG staff puts into this game and i know they like having fun making stuff. What would you say if we asked WG to design a special Halloween camo for the Vampire hull that gave it a unique "vampireish" look. preferably a dark black and red type camo with the usual Steampunk aesthetics of the other Halloween ships. I am asking this now because we know how long it takes to design a single ship from the bottom up, but a camo could be prepared by Halloween. Just a thought.
  16. camouflage premiums from RICHELIEU

    I was looking at 2 camouflages of the battleship richelieu which are very expensive in doubloons equivalent to the camouflage of T10 with 100% XP, but these camouflage are simple as XP 50%, if you are going to pay 5000 doubloons that grant the same characteristics of camo T10. camo T10 yamato 5000 doublums camo T8 richelieu 5000 doublums camo T8 richelieu 5000 doublums
  17. What are the benefits of the two new camos (Pi Day, Women's Day)? Neither are in the wiki. WG - Why don't you list these benefits in the Premium Shop?
  18. Murderous chicken camo support thread

    I wasn't planning on buying the crazy camo for any of the French BBs...but my kids saw it, and demanded that daddy have a least one "chicken boat." Little did I know what awaited...everything started out fine...but then I got into a blowout game...and a voice said: "Ram something..." I ignored it...but then it happened again...and a Lyon got T-boned... Once is once...but then again...and I went head to head with Big Fred..now bots in Hermes...please help me...should I send in a ticket? I mean look at him, its like he is talking to my soul..
  19. Tier X Camofluage

    Hello! I have 6,000 doubloons ive recently reached from French crates, Clan Battles, and the Hermes Operation and Im looking to spend it on premium camo for one of my tier Xs that doesnt have it yet. These are my options: Shimakaze, Zao, Des Moines, Montana, Grozovoi, Khabarovsk, Hindenburg, Großer Kurfürst, Minotaur, Henri, or Z-52. Is there a ship type that is easier to farm with in the meta? Any economic advantage to pick a ship I do best at or go with one I have the most fun with? Any additional information or suggestions are appreciated.
  20. I don't get to use premium time very often in a year and it coincides with a 200% daily bonus (actually, I got one extra day from Planes and another seven from a supercontainer) so I decided to just use all the 88888EXP paint up in this weekend...I still got two FEXP paint to go, and all my Mosaic use ended in defeat, what a jinxed paint! Now I'm on the last 300k before I can start accumulate elite CEXP...what a worse ship to do it in for all the others? Post yours best battles in those paint here...if you had already used them...
  21. The Missouri camos are not visually switching for me. It shows my type 10 Missouri camo being mounted, even when no camo or another camo is mounted. i do get the buffs from the camo, but i cannot see it. i have looked at another friends camo in battle and it shows his ship having a type 10 Missouri when he has another camo selected. do you know whats going on? is it a setting i have messed up?(it visually switches for other ships, just not the missouri)
  22. Saudações, Até dia 19/02, os jogadores de WoWS poderão ganhar 05 camuflagens grátis e participar do sorteio de 10 superconteiners via canal oficial do WoWS no Youtube. No seguinte link: Com sua conta do youtube, se inscreva no canal, e clique no link logo abaixo do vídeo: http://surveys.wargaming.net/s3/nicknames-NA No formulário direcionado, no item 1 confirme sua inscrição no canal, no item 2 coloque seu nome de usuário do jogo, e no item 3 seu nome de usuário do YouTube. Cumpridas as 3 etapas, clique no botão vermelho "I'm in!". Envie somente uma vez. Todas as entradas válidas receberão 5 camuflagens "Mar do Caribe", e entre estes serão sorteados 10 superconteiners. Os sorteados serão divulgados em 23/02. Agradecimentos a @ELDIFERENTE do fórum espanhol: Mais informações no link oficial: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/moar-dasha/
  23. Prinz Eugen aft end citadel?

    Yesterday i played my Prinz Eugen, and it was a tough battle. In that game, i was hit by an enemy BB's shell. He hit me at very end of tail, and i lose a lot of HP, so i am sure it was a citadel hit. however, as i know, PE has no citadel at that location, and the armor layout didn't show any clue about this,(no citadel armor at aft end). So, i guess it may be a armor layout bug? plus: i attach my replay file, it should be around after battle start 5min and 10s. plus plus: Why the Bismarck's premium camo super structure has no painting like Eugen? 20180212_213354_PGSC508-Prinz-Eugen_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay first, thanks all of you response my question. and you guys just let me noticed that the citadel of Eugen is longer than Hipper at the aft end, which is amazing! second, the question come! why the citadel of Eugen longer then Hipper? they should be same class ship and the only different is Eugen be modified, and used different fore end right?
  24. Since I started playing this game I have always enjoyed the custom skins made by all of you here, so I decided to follow in your footsteps. Before we get started, here is how to install the custom ship skins I have here: 1. Skins are downloaded in a .zipx file that must to be extracted (You will need an application like Winzip to unzip the files) to the resmods folder in the World of Warships root directory on your computer. On my system the location for the curremt version of the game is: C:\Games\World_of_Warships_NA\res_mods\ 2. The next step is to hide the in-game camo by modifying the camouflages.xml file and placing it in the resmods folder. This is a subject that is way to complex to cover here. Additional information on this subject can be found by searching on the the words "World of Warships hidden camo mod", but many of the posts on that subject are getting a bit dated. Aslain has a hidden camo mod; his latest version may be found here. I use it exclusively, now, as errors in the camouflages.xml file are a common cause of game crashes. United Kingdom HMAS Vampire I68 Download Gallant Download HMS Orion and HMS Iron Duke, Interwar Period - These two ship's appearance is matched to several period photos of British battleships, that were taken in the 1930's. Because of the large number of shared files these two ships should always be modified as a pair, so I am offering them as a dual download. Be advised, there are great many misc and gun files in this download that could be incompatible with other artists work so back-up your existing textures and tread carefully. The good news is they do match Tanz's Orion, to the best of my ability and differing artistic styles. Download Prince of Wales - This skin is based on HMS Prince of Wales' appearance in November-December 1941, during convoy escort duty in the Mediterranean and the last time she was photographed in Colombo Sri Lanka, shortly before her destruction and tragic loss. I really enjoyed doing this historic ship and I think you will be happy with the way she looks. I chose the KGV texture as my starting point, so make sure you back-up any KGV skins you want to keep. Turrets are shared with HMS York so I tried to use coloration that should not conflict too much with skins you might have for her, but still match hull I created for Prince of Wales. Open to ideas if you have them. Download HMS Queen Elizabeth, 1943, with matching gun turrets. These turrets are shared with HMS Warspite and align well with most versions of the skins available for download. This skin is based on an actual photo of the ship taken shortly after her upgrades completed at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Download HMS Malaya - This is a Semi - Fictitious skin that assumes HMS Malaya received the pilothouse upgrades that she actually never received. The hull paint scheme is historically correct. Download HMS Belfast Download HMS Jamaica (44), 1943 - a Crown Colony-class cruiser represented by HMS Fiji, in-game. Download HMS Edinburgh 1942 Download HMS Neptune 1947 Download HMS Danae (D 44), 1943 - This skin's starboard side is historical and is based on a period photograph. I was never able to find a period photo of the port side so I used a pattern worn by another Danae Class CA. Download HMS Emerald (D 66) - 1944 Download HMS Ajax (Leander class), Mid 1941 - I updated it to get the turrets to match better. Secondaries are available if you download from zFireWyvern's Iron Duke. Download HMS Leander Download