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Found 36 results

  1. SteelShadow105

    Custom Camos?

    Just a quick little thread. Why can't we ever make permanent custom camos? Like they won't give you any benifits or anything, just a cosmetic plus. I hate that if I want my ship to look cool or unique I have to use a limited amount of camos just for cosmetic purposes. I understand that WG uses it as another way to make money, but it could be like any other company and charge doubloons for certain decals, patterns, emblems, etc. I know WG tries to make camos for us to buy that we'll like, but honestly out of everything I'd spend my money on, camos would be the last thing I'd buy. So you might as well make them customizable and charge players for unique add-ons. (Plus what better way is there to show off your clan other than having it in bold paint on the side of your ship :D) Just wondering why this was never implemented
  2. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Blyskawica Szarza camo

    Here's the Blyskawica Szarza camo. Only 20 daily missions and it's yours!
  3. @Kami@Radar_X Just thought I'd pose a suggestion for something players might like, either as purchasable items or rewards: Classic national camo schemes, usable on any ship of that nation. Some of these might include: USN Measure 1 (the Arizona scheme). Would be awesome on WV'41, Texas, NY, Pensacola, Omaha, etc. DKM Baltic. Would love to see it on any German ship. IJN Sasebo: The dark blueish-gray (Sasebo gray) with the white canvas trim is a classic Japanese look. RN Mediterranean: Handsome light-gray overall used prior to 1939 in the Med and the North/South American Station. I'm sure there are others that escape me at the moment, but you get the idea.
  4. So, for a while I've been wondering, how do people modify the files in the folder called "shaders". it's the folder that contains the files that allow the normal ships to glow like the ARP ones when given custom skins. the reason I want to know how to modify this is that I love having my ARP Midway, but there isn't a skin for Belfast and she's left being a glowing "ghost" ship or using a dull gray hull. I don't want that, what I'd like to have is Midway with her ARP skin and Belfast in her camo, along with all the other ships that do not have skins of their own. the last version of the game (6.14), I discovered which 10 files control the camos and using the camouflage file, I was able to enable the ones I wanted and disable the camos for the ARP ships. the file names look something like this. PBS_ship.00.dx9.fxo so yeah, what program do I need to be able to edit those fxo files?
  5. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Leningrad Defense Camo

    Here's the Leningrad Defense camo that you receive after completing 20 daily missions. This is for the DD Leningrad, you will also receive one for the Minsk after 30 missions.
  6. MrThorp

    Degrasse camo question

    Ive noticed it a while now, but never bothered to ask.. On the port side of the ship, under the rear gun, there seems to be a section of camo missing. Is this on purpose? is this to pay homage to some thing that happened to the ship? Just some sort of skin error that was never corrected?
  7. A quick question, these camos didn't make it into the game, right? I love that Yamato and Shimikaze camo. Yes I know, immersion killing, they still look epic though.
  8. StormSurgeAlpha

    Why all the New Camouflages?

    It would appear WG is rewarding us with a lot of new camos in onesie-twosies for completing combat missions and such. A lot of them are really nice looking. I'm a particular fan of the Shadow Lurker. I hope to get a lot more of that. Did I miss some formal explanation why they are rolling all these out now? Are they wanting feedback, is this for a limited time only? In any case, it's nice to see more camo variety. Thank you, WG.
  9. Over the years I've managed to accumulate quite a large number of various different types of single-use camoflages - some really pretty, interesting and clever, and some downright awful, ugly and rubbish. I was wondering what people's favourite camoflages are - not in a stats sense, but aesthetically. The entire list can be found on the WoWS Wiki. My favouritesare (with screenshots in the Spoilers below): Team Water Team Fire Valentine's Day Hunter Stars and Stripes (definitely better than the UK variant!); and Type 6 Honourable mentions include: Sharks (but not Eagles?!) Type 3 Ranked Type 59 (starting to grow on me) International Womens' Day (clever design) NY 2017; and NY Streamer (which I didnt initially like, but is growing on me). In addition to these, I like the special camos available for: Texas (Lone Star variant) Tirpitz (Tarnanstrich); and Leander et al (2016 NY Variant) Many of the camo designs are, however, god-awful in an aesthetic sense - even if they have good stats (here's looking at you, Ocean Soul). Pretty much all that arent on the list above i find distateful to look at, including: Ocean Soul, FTW Back to School Anything based on those 'basketball' types, including Siroccu etc Gamescom 2018 Type 3 - New Year; and Frosty Fir Tree. And this is even before the Beer-Can Roma. So, what are your favourite, and hated camos? Interestingly, in taking screenshots of various camos outlines above, I found that the nature of the camo changes based on what ship you are applying it to. For instance, Hunter didnt look any good on the Mino, but looks great on the Flint. Something I didnt know - might be worth checking out! Spoilers below includes screenshots of the good camos mentioned above. Favourite Camos Special Camos
  10. While checking out the alternate colors of British ships, I noticed Leander does not have a color change option with the perma camo. Was there a particular reason?
  11. So War Gaming, would it be possible for you to give clans the ability to have there own custom camo?? Maybe give us multiple patterns and then allow us to select the one we like and then apply the colors we choose also?? I must say it would be pretty impressive to see an entire clan in a clan camo for clan wars.
  12. thebigblue

    Permanent camo idea for premium ships

    We’ve all seen beer can camo, school bus camo, space camo, gigantic chicken and shark camo. What we really need is corporate camo. Give it a fun name like “fine print” or “greasy lawyer” camo. Here is the concept: It’s like gift wrapping boat in newspaper but instead of the sports page use the comic section. For our purposes... ITS THE EULA!! Anybody who sees them in match will be constantly reminded that it can be tier bumped, cuz reasons, and even real money investments and the trust it represents can be thrown away.
  13. The turrets elevated instead of the barrels, only occurs when zoomed in on the ship World of Warships 2_9_2019 4_25_16 AM.mp4
  14. Has anyone received the reward for the New Year's Dress-Up: Camo Marathon Event?
  15. _RC1138

    Tirpitz B Question

    Can anyone who bought/got a Tirpitz B answer this question: Do past event Permanent Camos for the normal Tirpitz also work on the Tirpitz B? For example the Halloween or the 2016 New Years Perm camo? I assume that it doesn't, but I am curious.
  16. Tigerspook

    flags and camo

    Just started playing. I seem to have a lot of flags and camos. Is this because WOWS gives beginners a lot, or is it because they are generally easy to earn? I ask because I don't know if I should use them (at tier 3 and 4) or hoard then to use later.
  17. This one looks like its gonna eat a DD any second: Or just strap a DD to your sides? I like them..what do ya'all think? Anyone buy them yet?
  18. xXxVicSavage


    I recently got the Acasta from a container mission. It is listed as a premium ship that comes with unique camo but there is no camo on my ship. What gives?
  19. Guys, if you did not buy the camos for both ships, you will not have another chance to do it. Look at this, from the patch notes of the Update 0.7.9: High School Fleet Due to the termination of the contract with the copyright holder, the High School Fleet camouflage for Musashi and Harekaze is to be removed from the game. This, however, does not affect items that are currently on the players' accounts. In addition, if the account has an incomplete HSF collection, it still can be completed, which will get you a camouflage for battleship Yamato.
  20. I always loved USNA_76's painstakingly done USS Alabama skin, but I feel it's too bright and too high-contrast. Recently I played around with a few mods and came across a fantastic look by doing this: 1. Put USNA_76's Alabama skin (for simplicity, hull only) in the below folder, but change its name to "ASB025_Massachusetts_1946_a.dds" [...]\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\content\gameplay\usa\ship\battleship\textures\ 2. Install Smeggo's Chilled Special Camos mod, and here is how USS Massachusetts looks with WoWS Anniversary camo: Supposedly we can make any camo have the effect of Smeggo's WoWS Anniversary by copying the Anniversary camo's texture (.dds file) to that camo and change the name. For now I can't because I don't know which file under \common\camouflage\textures\ is the Anniversary camo's.
  21. ProfesssorRoadkill

    Azur Lane Camo Availability

    From the patch notes: "The following Azur Lane series camouflages have been added: Hipper, Cleveland, Hood, Nelson, and Enterprise. These camos will be available for purchase in the Premium Shop." While looking through my ships today, I noticed that Enterprise's Azur Lane camo is available for purchase for 5000 doubloons in the client. I didn't see any Azur Lane camos for Nelson, Hood, or Cleveland. I can't check Hipper since I don't have one at the moment. I'm not seeing anything related to Azur Lane in the Premium Shop at the moment. Is Enterprise's camo availability a mistake? I was expecting the camos to only be available in the Premium Shop.
  22. Is there a bug with the Norwegian Tirpitz Camo? The Port side seems to be "unfinished." Starboard Side: Port Side: I was expecting some type of design to appear on the Port side.
  23. This Richi 'camo' is very nice. It's just that the underlying metal shows rust and whatnot. I am terrible with Paintshop, etc. But I pictured this with the metal parts being mostly white. I think that would bring out the gold accents, but some other color might work better. The point being, this camo is supposed to be elegant and right now it looks more like a Buick Regal up on blocks. (I'm from Texas, so cars on blocks is a redneck thing :) )
  24. So, I do not have the Salem at this point. If you get the Salem through the Arsenal, does it come with the customary premium camo? If it does not come with that camo, if I get the Go Navy camo for it now, even though I do not have the ship, that will still work, once I do get the Salem, right?