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Found 152 results

  1. So, I do not have the Salem at this point. If you get the Salem through the Arsenal, does it come with the customary premium camo? If it does not come with that camo, if I get the Go Navy camo for it now, even though I do not have the ship, that will still work, once I do get the Salem, right?
  2. has anyone eles noticed a bug with special camo on their ships? i just found a nasty looking one on my Richelieu. the camo on the guns elevates and disappears into the casemate but the decorations on the guns stay at normal resting position. the bug is barely noticeable in port, but clearly evident in battle. just looks wierd.
  3. Is there a solution to this "Transaction Error"? I can't put on camo or signals.
  4. Sharing some experiences with dealing with inadequate torpedo syndrome DDs. Three ways of torpedo attacks for ships with bad camo and short torps. 1. Torpedo intercept Basically, dropping torpedoes into the intended target's line of travel. Certain map features, such as tips of islands in key areas are ship magnets and torpedoes can be pre fired at these locations. Important things to keep tracking during such maneuver are: self and target's camo values; relative speed and heading; if approaching head on; your own turning radius, acceleration, and TURN RATE; potential float plane/CV plane paths. Minimap is a great tool to judge enemies's headings as well as keeping track of sky cancers, enable target heading option in the minimap setting panel. (Kirov was then finished off with gun fire) 2. The Surprise Using Line of Sight blockers such as islands or smokes to get close with the target without being spotted. Then surprise them from close range. Important informations for the run: potential spotters that can see you en route or about to clear the LoS blocker; target's speed and heading (beg for radar, hydro, float, CV spotting); attacker's torpedo speed and relative speed with target (55 knots torps firing on a DD running away at 40 knots would rarely hit); target's turret facing, rotation, and loading status (obviously turret facing away and guns not loaded is the best, but many BBs or cruisers do not have enough turret rotation speed to follow their turning rate, they can be abused). If the target's is turning away while clearing the LoS obstacle, make sure the attacker's torpedoes can catch the target before she finishes turning. Otherwise the ship's cross section might be too small for the torpedoes to hit. Be aware of ships BEHIND the intended target. There might be unspotted enemy ships also behind the obstacle. Never do the close up run without map info. (Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya remained to be a thorn for the rest of the match) 3. The "Kamikaze A head on approach to close the distance as fast as possible, then launch torpdoes at an undodgable range. This method has to be the easiest and the hardest to pull off. Can easily resulting in death and throw the game as a result. The most difficult part is deciding when to turn broadside for the purpose of firing torpedoes. Using this tactic means accepting the possibility of sinking, never fire torpedoes early or in panic. Make sure to turn at very close range, but start the turn to give yourself enough distance for your ship's turning radius plus minimums torpedo arming distance. Try not to turn too perpendicular to the target, making their cross section small; or turn to their aft, some ships have amazing accelerations. Important things to keep track of: the enemy team's locations (unless your team has a 10 ships lead, never rush enemies with escorts in open water); make sure you have ENOUGH HP left to take a salvo; risk to reward ratio, the potential trade off (you don't want to die and throw the game); make sure to have enough torpedoes, or maximum damage out put to actually sink the target, otherwise things might get awkward; target's turret rotation rate (for example, approaching a Yamato from behind her guns is as safe as approaching an afk ship). Feel free to contribute.
  5. Prince of Wales

    I had an interesting experience with the Prince of Wales not too long ago. I'm in my Atlanta setting fire after fire on it. No matter how many fires PoW has the snow and ice never melt. Weird.
  6. Codigo bonus para activar mission personal en que ganas 5 camos Gamescom 2018. W0W54TG4M35C0M Mission: 5400 XP base, en cualquier numero de batallas (random, co-op, escenario o Clan), com buques alemanes de tier 5 +, valido hasta 10/09
  7. Perm camos for the lower tier ships

    I wish WG can bring reasonably priced lower tier permanent camos. Maybe not for everyone, but many people keep their lower tier boats and plays periodically. I saw some players played over 1000 battles in their tier 1/2/3/4/5 boats. Price can be... Tier 1: 100 Tier 2: 200 Tier 3: 300 Tier 4: 500 Tier 5: 700 Based on the Tier 6 perm camo price of 1000. I love the Hunter camo a lot!!
  8. Codigo bonus para activar mission personal en que ganas 10 camos revolucionarias. 1407B1ST7LL8D9Y Mission: acertar 1789 veces con la bateria principal, en cualquier numero de batallas (random, escenario o Clan), com buques franceses de tier 5 +, valido hasta 20/07
  9. You have to be logged in and click the Check button to get anything. I.e. even if you played during the event you have to opt in to claim the flags and camos.
  10. Codigo bonus de 5 camos Stars 'n Stripes del facebook de WoWS. WOWSFACEBOOKUNITED Valido en todos servers.
  11. Signals and (no) Camouflage

    Okay, why has Camouflage been removed from the Containers rewards? In the last 12 containers, not a single camouflage. Yes, there are some special camouflages given in random reward containers, but why are they conspicuously absent in the containers that say they do contain camouflages?
  12. I bought my Kongo gold camo but for some reason it is missing. Are gold camo permanent or only per battle? I also play World of Tanks but gold camo there is permanent. But not sure at World of Warships since I am missing the gold camo on my Kongo. Thank you.
  13. Taffee 3

    On October 25, 1944 off the island of Samur the 3 destroyers, 4 escort destroyers, and 6 escort carriers of Taffy 3 turned back the Japanese Southern Force which tried to enter Leyte Gulf through the Surigao Strait. In honor of the "Destroyers that fought like Battleships" nozoupforu recommended an email campaign to have WOW develop a camo for the USS Fletcher that would give her the name of the USS Johnston along with the Hull # 577. I totally agree with this idea and would also recommend the escort destroyer USS Simms have a camo developed honoring the USS Samual B. Roberts, DD 413. This would be far more expeditious than developing a new premium ship and would still pay homage to the brave destroyers of Taffy 3. - Reb - IM1OleSalt
  14. Helena camo contest results.

    So, based on the schedule laid out on the Helena camo contest link, the results and public voting should have begun quite a few hours ago. I realize that because it will be a vote going on all the servers at the same time, there will be some delays. Is it possible to get an ETA however? Link is up now to vote https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/camo-n-feel-the-noise/
  15. Helena camo contest - voting?

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/helena-bonham-camo/ Just wondering the status or whereabouts of the Helena camo contest poll, which was to start earlier today? I've looked on the Warships News page, facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, and so far, nothing. Does anyone know the status? Sorry to ask, I didn't see any other posts about this.
  16. In the Premium Shop there are 3 new camos for sale. Yet there is no indication what benefits these camos provide. Yes, I know I can look at the wiki (alas, I only found one of the camos there), but that's no way to sell a product. It's Merchandising 101, explain the benefit of the product where the product is sold.
  17. It's such a small thing but it does have an impact on the game. Used to be, there were but a few camo styles, so it rarely happened. Now however, there are so many camo styles that when you run out, you won't know until you are in-game. If you do not return to port after every battle, you won't know. I'd like you to spend one day, maybe two to add an option to the game. I'll call it the "You are nekked" warning. First as with most game check options, you give the user the option to turn it off. Some people like to battle nekked. It shows how good they are, right? All this option would do is determine if your ship has camo. If it does not have a camo selected, a prompt would appear, something to the effect of: "Warning - you are about to battle without camo. Return to port to install camo or continue on to battle?" It's not much but it sure would be appreciated. Thanks.
  18. Hello again to the WoWS Community NA!!! Like most of my post I again have a new idea for US battleships and more,but for this post I will try and mainly focus on US Battleships.Now If you do study history you have notice US. Battleship have had a long history of transformation through out the years in the US. Navy,using an example here lets focus on the USS. Texas from 1912-1948,in 1912 USS Texas din't like at all like its 1948 version.It had cage mast and a simple superstructure and less armor haul design.I propose for nostalgia reason why not bring Historical Camo paint jobs to World of Warships instead of using up grades in the ship's menu or using mods.I think Wargaming should add historical Camos to most Warships as they possible can too give players more choices to their ships in-game so they do not have to us mods or cheats.If some of you remember the New Mexico and Colorado had a cage mast look at the begin upgrades.So why not bring that nostalgia look back but this time as a paint job,so Wargaming the menu it already has but just add more historical looks too their ships and such.As for Wargamings favor it would maybe helps sales also gives player extra features to a ship's look.Since you have hear my idea I would love to hear yours in the comments below,Please debate and ask if this is a good or bad idea?
  19. Victorious Camo

    Anybody buying the victorious camo? I will preface this with that fact that I will surely buy at least 200 of these as I am a sucker for camo. That being said, I wonder why they think this is worth over $50 dollars with other camos (that I think had about the same value in benefits) only cost a little over $40... That's 25 cents per use! If they EVER sell the three special Asian camos, I will deplete my beer fund. https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/customizations/6378/
  20. This is just a spreadsheet exercise I wanted to try out. Basically for a given amount of base XP the spreadsheet will calculate how much you will earn (ship XP, commander XP, and base XP) with all the combinations of premium time, daily win bonus, clan bonus, economic and special signals and camouflage. There are two ways to use the spreadsheet: enter a base XP (1) then at the top of the screen, you will see how much ship XP, commander XP, and free XP, you will earn as you check the various combinations of flags and camo - if you're shooting for a specific amount of XP and you know about how much you can probably earn in base XP, allows you to determine what combination of signals, flags, and camouflage to run to get what you need without having to run any extra signals or camouflage, etc. (2) Just to the right of the list of camouflage, is the amount of ship XP, commander XP, and free XP you will earn with that specific camouflage with the combination of signals and factors checked. This will allow you to determine which camo is the better camo to run depending on what kind of XP you are trying to maximize. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12PQ5ysTuGoEsJPt82FeZ3fc_wpEYJQXC_cKV0cdvQsI/edit?usp=sharing Anyways, it was just a spreadsheet coding exercise, hope some of you might find it useful. Let me know if you find any errors. EDIT: The spreadsheet may be off by one or two XP due to rounding. But it should mesh pretty closely to what the battle result screens show. Sign into google and save a copy to your google account to play with it.
  21. For those interested, there is a Price Discount running for the weekend on Permanent Camos. For everyone's knowledge, at 50% discount for tiers 5 to 9, this is the approximate cost breakdowns and savings at a glance: EDITED with my more accurate price model (Tier 5 = Tier 6 as the camo price at those tiers are both 1000 gold)
  22. Space Camouflage Questions

    I have a couple of questions about the T10 Space Camouflage: 1. Does the Space Camo like Galaxy for the Des Moines come with special sound/visual effects or does it use the regular Des Moines sounds/shell effects? I've seen some conflicting statements about how special sound and visual effects maybe included in a future patch. 2. Do you have to own a specific ship to buy its Space Camo? I like the look of the Hellcarrier, but I'm a long way from unlocking the Hakuryu. If I go to the Hakuryu in the Tech Tree and click on the Exterior tab, it just takes me back to the port view for whatever ship I had selected. I just want to make sure I'm not missing out on something obvious. There have been special cases in the past where you could acquire a ship camo without owning the ship. Thanks in advance.
  23. Tier 10 Permanent Camo

    So I was just sitting here playing co-op and observed how dismally low the payout was with my Hindenburg and Minotaur, even when using the best temp camo I had that offered the most of everything. On a whim, I purchased the permanent camo for the Hindenburg and now I am a believer. The 5000 doubloons was well worth the investment because now I make money every game. Permacamo for high tiers; it works. Can confirm.