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Found 30 results

  1. Tigerspook

    flags and camo

    Just started playing. I seem to have a lot of flags and camos. Is this because WOWS gives beginners a lot, or is it because they are generally easy to earn? I ask because I don't know if I should use them (at tier 3 and 4) or hoard then to use later.
  2. This one looks like its gonna eat a DD any second: Or just strap a DD to your sides? I like them..what do ya'all think? Anyone buy them yet?
  3. xXxVicSavage


    I recently got the Acasta from a container mission. It is listed as a premium ship that comes with unique camo but there is no camo on my ship. What gives?
  4. SaltTrooper

    Acasta Premium no free camouflage

    Bonus mission from Royal Navy Crate. Should it have camo or not? Thanks.
  5. Ok. Here is what I would like to see WG/WOWS fix next. 1 - Clean camouflage. The rust and faded paint really stirs my grits. Have you EVER been onboard an active Navy vessel? You are doing a great disservice to any former Marine or sailor who has ever served aboard a Navy ship. I have painted more bulkheads and swabbed more decks than I would care to remember. NO active duty ship would EVER be allowed to get in the condition some of these pixelbotes are in. It is one of the main job responsibilities of the Bosun's mates. Not only that, every manjack one of us pitched in and kept our ship in tiptop shape. As a former Marine, she was only my ship for 6 months (USS Guam, pride of the Gator Fleet), but we took great pride in keeping her in fighting trim. That includes cleaning and painting. Please fix this "affront to human decency" that you call camo. If you need an example (trust me, you do), do a google search and see what a ship is SUPPOSED to look like. 2 - Combat audio. I would like for a representative of WG/WOWS to gain access to an active duty Naval vessel and listen to the audio that is broadcast over the 1-MC. THOSE are the kinds of voices I would like to hear when sailing my pixelbote. Yeah, yeah...too busy ruining co-op to take the time. I know. Best regards, CS ps - tongue firmly planted in cheek here, but I would like to see these added/fixed.
  6. Guys, if you did not buy the camos for both ships, you will not have another chance to do it. Look at this, from the patch notes of the Update 0.7.9: High School Fleet Due to the termination of the contract with the copyright holder, the High School Fleet camouflage for Musashi and Harekaze is to be removed from the game. This, however, does not affect items that are currently on the players' accounts. In addition, if the account has an incomplete HSF collection, it still can be completed, which will get you a camouflage for battleship Yamato.
  7. Is there a list of permanent Halloween camos for this year? I am hoping for a halloween camo for my Shima and Grozovoi, do we have any idea what the new halloween camos will be? Thanks!
  8. Heres the deal...I KNOW what resupply of the camo is - as long as its automatic it is rendered and charged onto your ship for each and every battle. okay..WHAT is PURCHASE & MOUNT mean then as I did purchase it and the next battle I see that particular camo is no rendered AND the camo menu says Click to Purchase when I just did the last battle? I mean if its going to do that would it not mean the SAME as RESUPPLY? This camo Type is TYPE 1
  9. I always loved USNA_76's painstakingly done USS Alabama skin, but I feel it's too bright and too high-contrast. Recently I played around with a few mods and came across a fantastic look by doing this: 1. Put USNA_76's Alabama skin (for simplicity, hull only) in the below folder, but change its name to "ASB025_Massachusetts_1946_a.dds" [...]\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\content\gameplay\usa\ship\battleship\textures\ 2. Install Smeggo's Chilled Special Camos mod, and here is how USS Massachusetts looks with WoWS Anniversary camo: Supposedly we can make any camo have the effect of Smeggo's WoWS Anniversary by copying the Anniversary camo's texture (.dds file) to that camo and change the name. For now I can't because I don't know which file under \common\camouflage\textures\ is the Anniversary camo's.
  10. ProfesssorRoadkill

    Azur Lane Camo Availability

    From the patch notes: "The following Azur Lane series camouflages have been added: Hipper, Cleveland, Hood, Nelson, and Enterprise. These camos will be available for purchase in the Premium Shop." While looking through my ships today, I noticed that Enterprise's Azur Lane camo is available for purchase for 5000 doubloons in the client. I didn't see any Azur Lane camos for Nelson, Hood, or Cleveland. I can't check Hipper since I don't have one at the moment. I'm not seeing anything related to Azur Lane in the Premium Shop at the moment. Is Enterprise's camo availability a mistake? I was expecting the camos to only be available in the Premium Shop.
  11. Codigo bonus para activar mission personal en que ganas 5 camos Gamescom 2018. W0W54TG4M35C0M Mission: 5400 XP base, en cualquier numero de batallas (random, co-op, escenario o Clan), com buques alemanes de tier 5 +, valido hasta 10/09
  12. Ok so i was one of those players expecting Tirpitz to have some of his plenty of historical camos. Now Im seeing that it has a new one resembling a ground alike that the real one had, but badly made and with wrong colors(different grades of gray instead of green and brown like it really was). Same with scharnhorst, while cool, it never existed and even the snowy should be having the wavy camo faintly seen under it, that it had on its last journey. Also other models like z23 having a wrong premium one. Why this lack of detail? Now, talking about the z23 as an example, there is anniversary camo with more XP and considerations than the premium doubloon-paid . Thing is, i know this is an arcade game and most players dont care about having a manga captain, clownish and childish camos, planes flying on cyclones, radars waving through ground, lack of short-underwater hits, fantasy fire ignition and disproportionate dmg, antigerman bias, OP US BBs, never bouncing US shells (like german ones, US chells and even the SH were good at penetrating at 60° angle...but damn), ships that never had radars equipped with, etc. But for some of us, who have been for years in serious forums about battleships and in between archives of the real stuff, would be awesome if we can apply certain camo or use the given bonus ones, but choosing to see another one like the premium or a serious one instead a colorful. I know i can install mods but considering im paying into this game, it´ll be a nice feature to count with that possibility. Cheers to all Sebastian.
  13. Wargaming, why is there no special AL Belfast and Aurora ship camouflages to match the number of captains that were released? Don't you want more money? It can't be that hard, you've just given Atago an extra 3 permanent camos now. 5 AL camos and 7 AL captains just feel incomplete. Gotta catch 'em all and my Belfast tbh could just a new look after so long now. But you got to give something to catch. Go on and consider it WG, my wallet wants more!
  14. Is there a bug with the Norwegian Tirpitz Camo? The Port side seems to be "unfinished." Starboard Side: Port Side: I was expecting some type of design to appear on the Port side.
  15. This Richi 'camo' is very nice. It's just that the underlying metal shows rust and whatnot. I am terrible with Paintshop, etc. But I pictured this with the metal parts being mostly white. I think that would bring out the gold accents, but some other color might work better. The point being, this camo is supposed to be elegant and right now it looks more like a Buick Regal up on blocks. (I'm from Texas, so cars on blocks is a redneck thing :) )
  16. So, I do not have the Salem at this point. If you get the Salem through the Arsenal, does it come with the customary premium camo? If it does not come with that camo, if I get the Go Navy camo for it now, even though I do not have the ship, that will still work, once I do get the Salem, right?
  17. Is there a solution to this "Transaction Error"? I can't put on camo or signals.
  18. Sharing some experiences with dealing with inadequate torpedo syndrome DDs. Three ways of torpedo attacks for ships with bad camo and short torps. 1. Torpedo intercept Basically, dropping torpedoes into the intended target's line of travel. Certain map features, such as tips of islands in key areas are ship magnets and torpedoes can be pre fired at these locations. Important things to keep tracking during such maneuver are: self and target's camo values; relative speed and heading; if approaching head on; your own turning radius, acceleration, and TURN RATE; potential float plane/CV plane paths. Minimap is a great tool to judge enemies's headings as well as keeping track of sky cancers, enable target heading option in the minimap setting panel. (Kirov was then finished off with gun fire) 2. The Surprise Using Line of Sight blockers such as islands or smokes to get close with the target without being spotted. Then surprise them from close range. Important informations for the run: potential spotters that can see you en route or about to clear the LoS blocker; target's speed and heading (beg for radar, hydro, float, CV spotting); attacker's torpedo speed and relative speed with target (55 knots torps firing on a DD running away at 40 knots would rarely hit); target's turret facing, rotation, and loading status (obviously turret facing away and guns not loaded is the best, but many BBs or cruisers do not have enough turret rotation speed to follow their turning rate, they can be abused). If the target's is turning away while clearing the LoS obstacle, make sure the attacker's torpedoes can catch the target before she finishes turning. Otherwise the ship's cross section might be too small for the torpedoes to hit. Be aware of ships BEHIND the intended target. There might be unspotted enemy ships also behind the obstacle. Never do the close up run without map info. (Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya remained to be a thorn for the rest of the match) 3. The "Kamikaze A head on approach to close the distance as fast as possible, then launch torpdoes at an undodgable range. This method has to be the easiest and the hardest to pull off. Can easily resulting in death and throw the game as a result. The most difficult part is deciding when to turn broadside for the purpose of firing torpedoes. Using this tactic means accepting the possibility of sinking, never fire torpedoes early or in panic. Make sure to turn at very close range, but start the turn to give yourself enough distance for your ship's turning radius plus minimums torpedo arming distance. Try not to turn too perpendicular to the target, making their cross section small; or turn to their aft, some ships have amazing accelerations. Important things to keep track of: the enemy team's locations (unless your team has a 10 ships lead, never rush enemies with escorts in open water); make sure you have ENOUGH HP left to take a salvo; risk to reward ratio, the potential trade off (you don't want to die and throw the game); make sure to have enough torpedoes, or maximum damage out put to actually sink the target, otherwise things might get awkward; target's turret rotation rate (for example, approaching a Yamato from behind her guns is as safe as approaching an afk ship). Feel free to contribute.
  19. TheGreatBlasto

    Prince of Wales

    I had an interesting experience with the Prince of Wales not too long ago. I'm in my Atlanta setting fire after fire on it. No matter how many fires PoW has the snow and ice never melt. Weird.
  20. I wish WG can bring reasonably priced lower tier permanent camos. Maybe not for everyone, but many people keep their lower tier boats and plays periodically. I saw some players played over 1000 battles in their tier 1/2/3/4/5 boats. Price can be... Tier 1: 100 Tier 2: 200 Tier 3: 300 Tier 4: 500 Tier 5: 700 Based on the Tier 6 perm camo price of 1000. I love the Hunter camo a lot!!
  21. Codigo bonus para activar mission personal en que ganas 10 camos revolucionarias. 1407B1ST7LL8D9Y Mission: acertar 1789 veces con la bateria principal, en cualquier numero de batallas (random, escenario o Clan), com buques franceses de tier 5 +, valido hasta 20/07
  22. You have to be logged in and click the Check button to get anything. I.e. even if you played during the event you have to opt in to claim the flags and camos.
  23. Codigo bonus de 5 camos Stars 'n Stripes del facebook de WoWS. WOWSFACEBOOKUNITED Valido en todos servers.