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Found 62 results

  1. With the San Diego being released this patch I decided to take a look in port at the special camo for it "1776". Without a doubt this is one of the best looking camos in the game and you can see all the details on it up close! Link for those who can't use embed
  2. so what's the arbitrage on the camos giving the upcoming economy change? does one take revolutionary or French riviera camos for left over French tokens? does the credit buff transfer into anything useful on the other side or is it better to take fxp buffs?
  3. OceanMaester

    Camo for planes?

    Can this be turned off, The planes went from having somewhat historical Liveries to the same camo as the ship which makes no sense. Some of them had really nice designs that are now covered up by the ship scheme. Please make this optional.
  4. There are some pretty neat camo's to choose from! https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/huron-camo-contest/ @Ahskance When I did the vote survey, I goof and had a closed bracket "]" at the end of my name when I submitted. Will it still be a valid vote? Also, NA-DmitriDaCablGuy11's camo won't load properly. At first it didn't show at all, now it's just a partial. Anyone else with this issue? I thought my net was going wonkey, but everything checks out on my end.
  5. Hello captains, got something hot off the spreadsheet for ya! So, I am currently grinding out the new Italian DDs (currently on the tier 7 Luca Tarigo), and I wanted to maximize my commander XP to get a 14-point captain. I looked at my variety of camos, picked one I thought would be good, and went about my business. Turns out, I made a poor choice. If you're like me, the variety of bonuses is slightly overwhelming and not entirely clear. Therefore, I've spent some time going through all of the camos I currently own* and made a list of all their bonuses and calculated the amount of experience one could earn per battle with them. I will list them below, in order of what you might want to earn (i.e. if you are grinding ship experience, free experience (FXP), or commander XP). This is to help all of you who may not want or care to take the time to do the math and figure out what each camouflage will get you. Please, keep in mind these values are for camouflage bonuses only and do not take signal flags and premium time into account. Those directly amplify the values listed below, so camo is the most important part of your ship's exterior. To make it easier to understand, please assume that your base XP will be a factor of 1. The values shown below are direct multipliers. So, if you earn 2,100 base XP and have the Type 59 camo mounted, you will earn 3 times that value (6,300 XP) in ship XP alone, not including FXP or commander XP. A more detailed example: I play Luca Tarigo in ranked, and have an average of 1368 XP per battle. If I was to mount the "Victory Salute" camouflage, per each game I would earn an average of: 1368 x 2 = 2736 ship XP 1368 x 0.2 = 274 FXP 1368 x 5 = 6840 commander XP Compare this to me playing with the "Bronze" camo: 1368 x 2 = 2736 ship XP 1368 x 0.3 = 410 FXP 1368 x 2 = 2736 commander XP (60% less than if I had been using the Victory Salute camo) If you want to maximize your ship XP: Best (x3): Spring Sky, Asian Lantern, Type 59 Very Good (x2.5): King of the Sea, Sirroco, Subscriber's camouflage Good (x2.25): Mars, Stars 'n' Stripes, Prime Gaming, Full Moon, Gold Okay (x2): gamescom Blue, St. Patrick's Day, Fields of Tuscany, KotS XIII Green, KotS XIII Red, Battle of Jutland, Bronze, Black, White, Red, Primordial Annihilator, Victory Salute, Int'l Women's Day, Summer, Regia Marina, WoWs Anniversary, Frosty Fir Tree, Victory, Union Jack, Sharks, Battle Hardened, Eternal Crusader, The Red Threat, Flying Dutchman, Brazillian, Autobot Ark, Protector of the Faith, Red Heart, Red Soul, Brilliant Ray, Crimson Tear, Sci-Fi Space, La Fheile Padraig, Valentine's Day, Type 3 - Ranked, Dragon Boat, European, Type 21, MS-21, Halloween, Ocean Soul, Type 3 - New Year, Winter Strand, In Remembrance of Heroes, Silver, Indian Tricolor, Decepticon Disguise, New Year Sky, French Riviera, Post-Apocolypse, New Year Streamer, Azure Lane - Siren, Eagles, Lunar Warrior, O.I.T.N.B Meh (x1.75): New Year, Shadow Lurker, Awarded, Storm Wind, WoWs: the Beautiful Game, Canada Day, Deserved, Revolutionary, Humble Bundle, Steam, Blue Lagoon Bad (x1.5): Triumphant, For Meritous Service, Fall Cornucopia, Hunter, Dazzling, Cartographic, Trophy, Linus Tech Tips Bruh (absolutely zero bonus): Stream Dream, Restless Fire, Pi Day, This is your day, Commander!, Back-2-School If you want to maximize your Free XP (FXP): Best (x1.32): Spring Sky Excellent (x0.75): King of the Sea Very Good (x0.4): gamescom Blue Slightly Better than Good (x0.3375): Gold Good (x0.3): St. Patrick's Day, Fields of Tuscany, KotS Green, KotS Red, Battle of Jutland, Bronze, Black White Red, Primordial Annihilator, Silver Okay (x0.2625-0.2): Triumphant, New Year, Subscriber's camouflage, Mars, Stars 'n' Stripes, Shadow Lurker, Pi Day, Victory Salute, Int'l Women's Day, Summer, Regia Marina, WoWs Anniversary, Winter Strand, New Year Sky, Post-Apocalypse, New Year Streamer Meh (x0.175-0.15): Awarded, Storm Wind, WoWs: the Beautiful Game, Canada Day, Humble Bundle, Steam, Frosty Fir Tree, Victory, Union Jack, Sharks, Type 59, Indian Tricolor, French Riviera, Eagles, Lunar Warrior Bad (x0.1125-0.1): Sirroco, For Meritous Service, Linus Tech Tips, Prime Gaming, Full Moon, Battle Hardened, Eternal Crusader, The Red Threat, Flying Dutchman, Brazillian, Autobot Ark, Protector of the Faith, Red Heart, Red Soul, Brilliant Ray, Crimson Tear, Sci-Fi Space, La Fheile Padraig, Valentine's Day, Type 3 – Ranked, Dragon Boat, European, Type 21, MS-21, Halloween, Ocean Soul, Type 3 - New Year, Stream Dream, In Remembrance of Heroes, Decepticon Disguise, Azure Lane - Siren, O.I.T.N.B Bruh (x0.0875-0.05): Deserved, Revolutionary, Blue Lagoon, Fall Cornucopia, Hunter, Dazzling, Cartographic, Trophy, This is your day, Commander!, Restless Fire, Back-2-School If you want to maximize your Commander XP: Best (x19.65): Asian Lantern (why on earth would you not mount this camo?) Excellent (x7): Battle Hardened Almost Excellent (x5): Victory Salute, New Year Sky, Post-Apocalypse, New Year Streamer Very Good (x4.5-4.14): Gold, New Year, Pi Day, Mars, Frosty Fir Tree, Linus Tech Tips, Deserved Good (x4-3.75): Silver, Int'l Women's Day, Stars 'n' Stripes, Awarded, Spring Sky, Eternal Crusader, The Red Threat, Flying Dutchman, Brazilian, Autobot Ark, Protector of the Faith, Red Heart, Red Soul, Brilliant Ray, Crimson Tear, Sci-Fi Space, La Fheile Padraig, Valentine's Say, Type 3 - Ranked, In Remembrance of Heroes, Decpeticon Disguise, O.I.T.N.B, Subscriber's camouflage Okay (x3.5-3): Shadow Lurker, Victory, Union Jack, Sharks, Restless Fire, Storm Wind, WoWs: the Beautiful Game; Summer, Regia Marina, KotS, Type 59, Hunter, Indian Tricolor, French Riviera, Eagles, Lunar Warrior, This is your day, Commander!, Humble Bundle, Steam, Azure Lane, Siren Meh (x2.625-2): Canada Day, Sirroco, For Meritous Service, gamescom Blue, Prime Gaming, Full Moon, Dazzling, Cartographic, Trophy, St. Patrick's Day, Fields of Tuscany, KotS XIII Green, KotS XIII Red, Battle of Jutland, Bronze, Black, White, Red, Primordial Annihilator, WoWs Anniversary, Dragon Boat, European, Type 21, MS-21, Halloween, Ocean Soul, Type 3 - New Year, Winter Strands, Blue Lagoon, Back-2-School Bad (x1.75-1.5): Revolutionary, Triumphant, Fall Cornucopia Bruh (no bonus whatsoever): Stream Dream (the ultimate fail camo; it's ugly and useless) Verdict: Stream Dream is a terrible camo. Use it only if you are either saving your better camos for something, or you like to make your enemies' eyes bleed. Frosty Fir Tree - ugly as it may be - is actually a decent camo in terms of its bonuses. If you liked this post, or found it useful, please consider leaving a rose... *I have a habit of saving 1 of every camo I collect (just cause), but I do not have all of them. If you have camos you may or may not have seen in my lists, please feel free to post them below. Thank you to all who have helped with corrections and camo stat pics!
  6. So as it says on the tin, not sure if this was brought up before, but I just recently found out that the Type 10 permacamo for Tier VIII Sanzang (NOT the "special" Tang Sanzang camo, mind you, that works fine) is bugged and CANNOT be equipped. I tried restarting the game, but sadly, a restart has not fixed this issue. See the bug here (the red circles I added to indicate what camo the Transaction error applies to): Edit: Tier IX Wujing also has the exact same error with her type 10 permacamo. See here:
  7. So, with a Dido class premium being added to the game per the Wows dev blog here, I figured that I should talk about it, seeing as how the Dido class is basically my whole MO for this game and I am getting what I wanted. And after I got over my first impressions, I'm quite pleased. The stats are really good. So good I don't wanna talk about them. But my first impressions, just on seeing it, was simple. Camo's wrong. So, I'm making this post to display the camo and visual model issues and passing it to @Boggzy in the hopes that they get adjusted before release. So, whats wrong with the camo? the dark blue paint should extend above the deck to about halfway up the first "layer" of the superstructure at the bow. The stern superstructure is all grey. The forward funnel should be the dark blue. And the fore and aft turrets should be dark blue. And if I am being a absolute stickler, the canvas around the twin 20mm mounts closest to the bow should be a similar dark blue, as opposed to the current white. Also, chill with the rust! I get it, some weathering is good, but it looks like she's about to fall apart! I know that some of these things (the different colored bow and stern turrets) may be hard, but the Camo on this ship is not complex, so every bit of attention to detail counts. Thanks!
  8. Hi Everyone, Not sure if this will be the right place for me to post this, but i have a question. By referring to the screenshot, the line " You can have an unlimited number of Epoch permanent camouflages." what does that mean? The camo, i assumed that is only for 1 ship once is use on that one ship is permanently assigned to that ship already. Kindly let me know if i'm right. Thanks.
  9. When you click camo, enabled, you click the resupply button. If you click over to signals and return to camo, the resupply check mark disappears. I did not notice if the verse does the same or not.
  10. captain_fearless

    North Carolina A hull camo

    I heard North Carolina was a unique ship because if you got the permanent camo equipped and you changed from A hull to B hull, the camo design would change. I was wondering if that was still a thing, because they removed the original A hull for North Carolina
  11. freggo

    Best camouflages

    I generally applaud the art department and their camos are quite creative. However, many serve as the exact opposite to what a camo should accomplish. Then there are the 'where is Waldo' type camos that actually do what you want them to do, make you difficult to find. Here is an example of a Kii (?) that I encountered where the camo actually worked in his favor. Please feel free to add your examples !
  12. brian31525

    Historic Camo?

    Why does the historic camo on the pc version suck so bad? Take Bayern for example. PC is Detect -3%, Enemy Disp. +4%, After action service -10%, XP +50%. Bayer in Blitz version. Ship HP +4%, MB Range +4%, MB Disp. -4%, Torp Reduction +6%, XP +30%, Silver +30%. I find myself playing Android version more than PC version because the ships are better. I have the T7 German BB on Android because you make more money. On PC I have her researched but can't afford her. The games need to be about the same and not have vast differences. Questions, suggestions, insults are all welcome.
  13. Hammer_n_Sickle

    Legion camo for... LEONE???

    Sooo I was looking at the offers and to my surprise noticed that Big Italian Bundle gives you LEGION camo for LEONE? Huh? That is the only place I see this info... and there isn't even a picture anywhere of what it would look like (at least as far as I was able to find)? Seems like it's one of the "big features" of the bundle. *whether Leone or the camo or the bundle in general is worth it is a separate thing that is not part of my query* TY Anyone who has Leone, are you able to see it offered in Camos section? If so perhaps you can post a preview screenshot of it? @Hapa_Fodder Any info you can give or point to?
  14. Do the bind able new year camo's expire? What are the best ships to put em on?
  15. As much as the devs of this game seem bugger stuff up, the art department really are on point time and time again. Looks perfect for a fight outside the Suez ;)
  16. I like the camo stuff, but I've noticed that some players have fire coming out of the smoke stacks, elect shooting and etc. Where can I get those type of mods? Thanks
  17. This was brought up on FB in the Admirals Locker. Please do this.
  18. lordholland4293

    Hapa's contests

    The screenshot contests that Hapa_Fodder does, do you get the camo from simplely participating and submitting a screenshot? @Hapa_Fodder
  19. Herr_Reitz

    Iron Cross Trade

    Think I know the answer here... butt let's see... regarding the Iron Cross perma camo: A) I have the RHEIN. I played all the missions, secured the Iron Cross camo. If I sell the ship, is the camo gone for good or will it be available should I repurchase the ship? B) Is there any way to trade up the Rhein's camo to another German CV? C) Are there any odds of the IC camo dropping in a container for a different German CV? If you know where WoWS/WG have explained these questions do put a link here. I looked, found nada.
  20. I got the last conquest skin for my Bismarck, but when I select it, it doesn't make the turrets yellow, and only adds the black and white stripes. For the battle damaged one it dosent even show any damage. any help?
  21. I did a sum assuming that I would completed the entire actual missions. Well... Its not enough to collect the 600 german tokens or iron crosses to get one permanent camo... Did I do the math well or there will be some misterious conteiners with german tokens or iron crosses? Anyway... with the actual missions that amount of german tokens available to get are not enough at less that the player has RHEN, WESER, A.PARSEVAL and GRAF ZEPPELIN... to achieve the final reward of 60 tokens... What I'm missing? Thanks for the answers!
  22. Premium Camos should add the name and Number to the ship. All the ships that have names and numbers are premiums, so why not add that extra feature when you spend money on a camo. For example, they could put 61 and say "Iowa" on the USS Iowa, or put "Edinburgh" on the back of the Edinburgh just like it did in WW2. The camos aren't really unique for each ship its just a camo. For example, the camos for the American heavy cruisers all look the same from t7 until t10. And the lights are the same from t6 to t10. The only exception is the USS Helena Rememberence night camo which at least says the number on it, but thats also double the price of a normal camo of that tier...
  23. Dear WG, I would like to use the coupon on perma-camos for ships i actually play alot, enjoy, and would like some of the cool camos they have/had it real life even. Off the top of my head: Bismarck skins, Kii, Roma, Hood, all the National Camoflages(i foget all those ships) Also, WG, i would probably still spend more dubloons over all, because i would buy so many camos each year. so the house still wins. lol.
  24. Is there a maximum number of signals, camos and flags you ccan have at one time? I ask because I am grinding low tiers and not using the camo, signals or flags yet. I just want to make sure they will just get stored and not lost when i win more of them.
  25. Hello all, I wanted to let you all know just how bad RNG can be for some people. So, I have completed all of the directives in the game and have collected every russian container made available to me, and have decided to get the riga early, so I used some dubs to get to the riga. Then thought how much more would it be to get the perma camo on the petro? It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to get. Numbers time!!!! I currently have the riga bundle unlocked in the armory, and have 135 tokens in my armory available to me for spending. For the bundle I am currently able to unlock 430 more tokens if I buy every bundle. This would bring my total tokens to 565 tokens available to me. Anyone know how much the petro perma camo cost? Thats right 600! So, my message to WG. If you want to keep having people that want to spend money in this game, you might want to make something physically achievable and not completely impossible to get. As make no mistake, if you are not blessed by RNG in the crates, the perma camo is impossible to achieve. Thanks for your time, -Nick