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Found 2 results

  1. Looking at the after-battle reports -- I've been seeing something very strange... No need to file a ticket... Nothing anyone will lose any sleep over.. Just some silly weirdness. Noticed a battleship (PEF) killed a Zuiho with a BOMB... I can understand fire, gunfire, ramming or flooding... but a bomb? Saw it a couple more times and again today. This time the Shokaku was destroyed by a bomb... and it wasn't even sunk ???? My curiosity was such that I took my PEF into a training room and sunk several Zuiho's... nothing. Couldn't force the error. Oh well... Here are some pictures... lol
  2. This game just gets sillier each time there is a change. No Japanese naval aircraft used unguided (or guided) missiles during WW2. None. Yet because American aircraft used them (the HVAR) from the middle of 1944 and on into the Pacific theatre until VJ-day we now see WG equip the Japanese carrier aircraft with some fictional missile. No doubt this will be for "balance". As I said....sillier and sillier.