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Found 4 results

  1. The Journey to the west containers should drop next week. During last year does anyone know if they offered just containers or the ships for purchase?
  2. SgtSpud

    Bang For The Buck!

    So this morning after much internal deliberation I pulled the trigger on the "Santa's big bundle" . I'm Canadian so that's $245.00 but It's Christmas so wth . I also have almost all premium ships in the game with the exception of those obtained through CB or steel. But in my books this mornings haul was Awesome and well worth it! 4 premium ships (including Gorizia). A whales perspective!
  3. hello, sailors I saw we got some free Florins with air supplies and with Daily missions but... ....Without buy any crates in the premium shop, is possible farm 2500 florins to get the bundle Nº3 only with missions inside game? Thx you guys
  4. anonym_JEJgAhN5LeMR

    What's In Your Wallet?

    I just got my Tachibana today and noticed I am up to 15 Premium ships now and that made me wonder just how many people are turning into collectors and what do they have? I wasn't much of a collector in WoT but this game seems to have more events and contests and except for the 3 ship pre-order bundle i bought last April, I haven't had to pay for any of my ships... one of the reasons i like this game! So... What's in your Wallet? Here's mine....