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Found 19 results

  1. I'm wondering what people think the best build for a USN T8 Baltimore is these days for Random Battles. I'm no expert at this sort of thing nor do I pretend to be. So what do you guys recommend I go with exactly? Goal: To make a build for the T8 Baltimore with its captain that optimizes its abilities for Random Battles. What I'm Considering: Ship Modules: Module Icon: Module Name: Main Armaments Modification 1 Because this ship only has turrets. Losing one or more of them could mean the different between this ship being capable of helping the team and being a kill in the making. Damage Control System Modification 1 Because if you take Last Stand as a captain skill then it makes the other two basically pointless. or AA Guns Modification 2 or Aiming Systems Modification 1 Anti-Aircraft is one of the things that USN ships seem to do very well in general. Since it adds 11 points to the score and broadens the AA range so much it seems like taking this really capitalizes on one of the major strengths of the USN line. Since this ship relies solely on its guns, I also feel like this might be a good choice too. Since most games don't seem to have many aircraft these days. That said, if you want good guns I feel like you shouldn't be in the American Cruiser tech tree. I feel like, at best, this upgrade helps the ship catch up to its peers but that it won't put it ahead of them. Still not sure though or Damage Control System Modification 2 or Steering Gears Modification 2 The first one mitigates damage. The second one helps me avoid damage. Which do you think? I'm really not sure. or Target Acquisition System Modification 1 or Concealment System Modification 1 This one I honestly have no idea which to go with. On the one hand the Baltimore has a lot more armor in some places (6 - 203mm) than an Admiral Hipper (13 - 160mm), Mogami (6 - 140mm), Edinburgh (6 - 114mm), or a Charles Martel (6 - 140mm). Which would imply that it would be better at surviving being detected more than usual and might imply that a good choice would be the Target Acquisition System Modification 1. However, thicker armor or no the fact remains that you don't want to be a target for battleships no matter what. Especially since T8 seems to be bottom tier most of the time. So with that in mind I'm thinking of going with Concealment System Modification 1 because the less visible my ship the less people will fire at it. But I'm still not sure. Captain Skills : I really have no idea what to go with for this. What do you guys suggest?
  2. I heard occasionally that a Bayern with no AA skill investment is an easy target for CVs. However, when equipped with AA skills, the ship becomes a no-fly zone. Is going for AA Bayern really worth the investment of points? Are the stories true? And if so, what skills should I use? I have a capt. with 10 points and since the Bayern doesn't get much playtime, I would like to mess around with her. Thanks!
  3. Prinz Eugen build?

    I'm thinking about buying the Eugen bundle currently 4 sale in the shop. She comes with a 6pt captain. What do you recommend taking for her?
  4. German BB build?

    Is this a decent build for high-tier German BB's? What is better to take rather than what I have? Thanks! http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000100010010010001000100019
  5. 6.12 56% WR Battleship Captain Build- Yamato

    Hi a little self introduction first. I'm Shadows_Unrest, and I have been playing WOWs since the start of Closed Beta and been playing on and off over the years. I have a 54% overall win rate, with 1078 overall WTR, not all that great but I have improved recently, and I have 57% win rate and 1100 WTR for the past 190 days. I have 116 battles in my Yamato, captained by a 19 skill point captain with a 56% win rate, 89600 average damage, 1827 average exp per battle, 1.3KDR, and 40% survival rate. I'm here to share my captain build with the community in hopes to help out the new players who just got the Yamato, or plan on renting one for clan wars, or better yet, is trying to settle on a perk build for Clan Wars. Whatever it might be, I offer my humble build to those of you who are in need. Strengths of the Yamato: ~9x 460mm cannons with 3 cannons per turret located in 2 facing forwarding turrets, and 1 rear facing turrets with 1 turret super-firing the other. These launch shells at a speed of 780m/s over 26.6km every 30seconds with a maximum AP damage of 14,800. These can citadel most of the ships you face with ease, save for the German tier X battleship, G. Kurfurst. With a maximum dispersion of 275m, you can still get a couple shells on target despite the range. ~84,300 HP pool, 2nd highest HP pool in the game ~27% Torpedo damage reduction ~200mm-410mm of citadel armor that is placed relatively low in the water and is well angled from the front Weaknesses ~Tall super structure that can be spammed by HE slinging DDs, CLs and CAs. ~27.2 knots max stock speed. Slow, you won't get anywhere in a hurry. ~Large size, huge spotting distance at 18km surface. ~Long rudder shift time of 22.1seconds ~poor turret traverse rates with a stock speed of 2.5 degrees per second. Simple glossing over of basics in the Yamato. Preplanning, based on your experience of the map and the layout of the team spawn, predict where your team will go, and where you should be so you can offer your support, and not be so invested that you arn't able to relocate should you need to. Communication with your team is vital, as an Yamato, you will be a magnet for HE shells from all over the map, ask nearby destroyers for smokes when you need to get fires or flooding under control. With the new smoke update, you will no longer be able to hide in smokes while firing your guns as you can be detected from 19.3km away even in smoke. Ask for smokes to buy time for your repair party or damage control party to come off cool down, and to move to cover. Now, here is my 19 point captain build Tier 1- Aircraft Servicing Expert: As an Yamato, you will be targeted heavily by enemy CV players, to prevent this, you need your float plane fighter up and running whenever danger decides to swing by and drop off a couple presents. ~Dog Fighting Expert: Heavy buff to your Float Plane fighter, it will eat enemy torpedo bomber and dive bombers like cake. ~Evasive Manuvers: Ensure that your precious Float Plane Fighter can safely land to arm and refuel as it is vital to your survival. Tier 2 ~Torpedo Acceleration: Ask a fellow teammate destroyer player to borrow their torpedo launchers and you will be a terror on the battlefield. ~Smoke Screen Expert: You will need to procure smoke screen generators from your fellow friendly destroyers. You are more important. You need to survive. With this you can safely retreat from danger so you have a chance to repair damages from peashooters. ~Expert Rear Gunner: Major buff to your Float Plane Fighter, ensuring that it will have .50 cal guns on its rear, allowing it to engage enemy bombers from both directions. Tier 3 ~Torpedo Armament Expertise Allows you to reload the torpedo tubes that you stole, -borrowed, from your friendly Destroyers. ~Emergency Take off: ENEMY BOMBERS INBOUND! In the middle of rearming and refueling your Float plane? No fear! Your Float Plane will launch into the air and solve all your problems. Tier 4 ~Air Supremacy. I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was! With this you can ensure your lone float plane fighter can fight off hordes of enemy planes and bring tears to the enemy CV players who just tried to take advantage of your size. Keep in mind that incoming fire always, always, have the right of way. Good luck and see you out there in the seas, at the bottom of the ocean, rusting peacefully.
  6. Preparing for Nürnberg grind

    So from my understanding of Nürnberg, it is basically and upgraded Konigsberg. I'm thinking the best way to play it would be as a support ship riding alongside a BB preferably with it between you and the enemy. Basically providing DD control, ap rounds into cruisers, and setting fires on BBs while also providing AA support. So I was thinking of doing an AA specked ships. Going with hull C, main armament 1, aa mod 2, steering gears, rudder shift. Commander skills: PT,EM,DE,AF As a basis what do y'all think?
  7. All right, British BB's are coming and the tier 7 and up ships are going to have very very good surface detection numbers and the possibility of being ambushed by Brit BB's is going to be a very real thing to deal with. The British BB's are going to be able to move into position unseen before getting those big guns into play. Combines with the massive self heal they'll be able to do is going to have to result in a rethinking of how we "not In a Brit BB" players are going to counter that advantage. Many a North Carolina captain has gone for a stealth build usually with some fairly noticeable results against those unprepared to deal with it. The players that take their stealthy BB and move up with the DD are going to have a serious advantage against cruiser operating in the anti DD screening role. I am all ready moving into running RPF regularly on my DD and Cruiser commanders to deal with opposing DD's. Radar is all well and good but RPF is always on. Yes there are players that say RPF is "useless" in my experience boy are they wrong! I've been running the HSF Harekaze (I've nick named mine "Bun Bun"... you may need to do a google search to know the reference) with a full on concealment build RPF, and the TRB instead of smoke. I also have the upgrade module for the 50% extended time on the engine boost. It's worked very well for me. With RPF I've found myself able to work around a flank or find a hole to punch past the forward ships while keeping my self in concealment.. Of course its not perfect. I get tossed into tier X matches constantly. one hail mary torp spread will utterly ruin your day as generally the Harakaze isn't going to survive sucking up a torpedo. toss in aircraft, Radar.. ships that are stealthier then you are, 10 k torpedo range against ships with 12 K secondary's ( I think I'd pay real money to have torps that'll go 12 K even if they're slower!) It's rough being a IJN type DD in higher tiers these days! (Caveat: assuming the opposition knows what they're about!) But at the same time sneaky IJN DD's are going to be a primary anti Brit BB ship. I do run the 4-10 hull with the 3x2 100mm guns but that's mostly to discourage american DD's (the Russian DD can shoot me from out side my range..all I can really do against them is run like hell and scream for help! Oh and they're faster then me too!) I've wandered a field a bit so lets get back on subject here. Reconsider RPF for a lot of reasons.. knowing there is something you don't see out there allows you, and your team if you inform them of it) to react and adjust to the threat hopefully before it's to late (and yes I've gone bombing off to find that RPF contact onto run into a lot more then a single DD stodging around on the flank.. and it usually gets me sunk! Them's the breaks) In a higher tier Russian DD I would absolutely run RPF as that's the only way your going to know about a high concealment ship running about where you don't want it to be. The high speed of the Russian DD's allows them to run away if they find they are facing more then they can handle. Even if you don't now where the bad guys are exactly, knowing there IS something there is more then you knew before. This game is constantly evolving and changing. Tactics, and builds need to evolve with those changes. Most of the people playing here likely remember the G.I. Joe cartoon series and perhapes the signiture line from that series that was pumped at you every single show.. "Information is Ammunition" RPF gives you a significant increase in information if you can deduce what your seeing correctly.. That only comes with the experience of being WRONG. It's painful, but ti's really the only way to learn it. I have been learning it, and it has been painful, but I'm a much better and far more dangerous DD player today then I was even 2-3 moths ago because my situational awareness is that much greater. I've gone from a low of a 42% WR up a 50% win rate over the last 3 weeks (and that is climbing!) in my Harakaze because of it. Capping becomes much safer if I can force the opposing players away from a cap with threat of my torpedo's. I don't have to hit (it's nice when it happens) I just need to get them close.. RPF lets me get them close because you have a general idea of what direction someone going to approach a cap from from the initial starting positions..and suddenly having to dodge a spread of torps just as you enter a cap to start taking can put you off your game for an entire match. Sure you can take a WAG as to where they are as the capture starts.. even though you cannot see them, but with RPF you know the directions they're at from you.. then it's just a matter of using your brain and experience. And this is just ONE of the ways RPF is a very useful tool in your bag of tricks. Victory is as much getting inside the other player head and messing with what the professional military types call the "decision loop" as shooting, sinking, and capping. If you monkey wrench their decision loop you take the initiative away and force them to dance to your tune, not their own. Forcing them to react in-advantageously puts you in a position of control. And once you control the fight, the rest is just a matter of maneuver and gunnery. Warlord sends
  8. Cleveland build for ranked

    So for T6 ranked I have Arizona and a recently re-purchased Cleveland, and while Arizona is a straightforward tank build, I'm somewhat conflicted on where to go with my Cleveland. An AA build is the easy route, obviously (AA perks, AA survivability module, DF consumable), but with all the posts I've seen predicting smoke for this meta, I'm curious about a gunboat/DD killer build for the Cleveland in ranked. So that would mean packing the Hydro consumable instead of DF, for starters. Then IFHE, or DE? Or are they better off used together, so that you get the increased penetration and keep a decent fire chance? And then turret rotation, adrenaline expert? So basically: gunboat or AA Cleveland for ranked?
  9. Three Farragut Builds

    With the re-spec/re-train discount and all the talk about Tier 6 Ranked, I decided to play with different Farragut builds. The following are just my ideas and what works for me. Your mileage will vary. Random: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000000001000011110000000119 First two rows self-explanatory, as is Superintendent. BFT cuz killing red DDs always good.Vigilance cuz adding 25% to detection range helps you and your teammates, increasing your available reaction time. And Demo Expert because raising your fire chance per shell from 5% to 7% is a 40% increase. Try it... you'll like it! Competitive Build: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000000001010011010000000119 Almost the same except Survivability Expert in place of Demo Expert. You're not supposed to be setting capital ships on fire. You're supposed to be spotting and smoking for the team, and you can't do that if you're dead. Also helps in DD vs. DD battles. Ranked Build: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000000011010001000000001119 I found Radio Location (aka RPF) very useful in the last Ranked season. It provides additional info for you and your teammates. Now it's not as helpful with short-range 6.4km torps IMO, but with 7 vs. 7 knowing which direction the enemy is coming from so you can get in that first salvo makes a big difference.
  10. Japanese Cruiser Build

    So I have decided to go up the IJN cruiser line, my question is, what builds do you recommend for them? I may go stealth but, is this a good set up for IJN cruisers or should I change something?
  11. This is my current build: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000000010000010000010100019 I am conflicted whether I should take: 2 Point -Jack of All Trades or Expert Marksman 3 Point -Superintendent or Demolition Expert I am saving up for when I have a 19 point captain.
  12. The Nurnberg

    So, from my understanding and knowledge, Nurnberg is a bit of a middle child that Is generally not thought well of. A large citadel, smallest gun caliber at T6, and being considerably longer feeling and less agile, it's really outclassed by competition and statistics generally confirm it. Combine the stigma of weak German HE and being exactly the same as the Konigsberg, minus the 360 turrets....it's easy to learn to hate it. But I've found a way the Nurnberg plays well in is basically a counterpart of how RU CL play. Rather than an HE focus (though RU AP is still godly..), you can literally shoot AP 90% of the time in the Nurn and still get good damage rolls. I honestly feel it's more reliable than the Stalinium. Rather than ruddershift, go for the engine modification and gun accuracy. Now you can quickly accelerate and decel, and having 33% firepower on the rear means you become great at poking out of islands and ducking back in after raining some shells. Simply sitting in cover and firing out full salvos of AP every six seconds adds up fast, and I think it's also taken for granted the trajectory of the shells too. RU 152mm guns are lauded as railguns with their 950m/s velocity, but the KM 150mm actually pack in at 960m/s, and have an easier time getting reliable AP salvos on all battleships. So on this particular match, it was full T6 MM, no fires set at all, and 173 hits for 74k damage, plus confederate. On this one now, it was actually T8 MM with some T6/7 mixed in. A single fire, 263 hits for 93k damage on Estuary. The reason for my high damage, is that I hung around the D cap, hiding just behind the island edge to help defend against anything pushing in, and afterwards moving slightly forward so I can shoot through the gap undetected. If the ship was 9km away, my arcs cleared the rocks and I simply rained AP on unexpecting battleships. I never got kill credits, because I simply picked and chose the most appealing targets. Getting 4-5k volleys on a Bismarck every 6 seconds adds up fast, and I forced that to move away from teammates before I knocked it out. This trend continues, and my damage is made up of many many ships that each took 10-15k damage, many of them battleships and high tier cruisers which is why I was denied Confederate here, but got it with less damage on the full T6 match. Having switched to this artillery support ship assisting in chipping away large ships that can't exactly react to you, makes life on fellow BBs easier, and the fast reload means HE damage and Hydro has allowed me to actually stick near the BBs and defend them from DDs like they so wish all cruisers would. If you go C hull, you can also take the AA route instead. Ships from the USN and KMS take the most hearty damage however, I find the AP struggles to do much on IJN ships like Fuso. Next problem is, people often over rely on torpedoes and being picky or simply not firing unless it's perfect or something. I rarely see cruisers taking advantage of their DPM and pumping out salvo after salvo, which is exactly what Nurnberg relies on. If you're not constantly firing, you're not playing her right. On the game where I made 93k damage on for 263 hits, I actually fired over 600+ rounds. Just take the shot. It's a problem Flamu also speaks of, where people put themselves in a position where they run out of targets or don't bother shooting, and effectively waste time traveling and milling about. It's easy to think of the Nurn as a T6 Minotaur, sans the smoke. Use cover instead or simply angle carefully and pay attention to wether BBs are targeting you, and you can survive pretty easily. Great front and rear firing arcs means you can close distance with full salvos, aswell as runaway with full salvos or straight away for distance, while still having the rear guns. The Engine modification comes into play in that rapidly speeding up and slowing down throws off BB aim and allows you to quickly stop behind cover and peel out to keep up with a push. Simply keeping active tab on what ships are where negates the point of rudder shift, especially if you make use of your range. The new commander skill that tells you how many are targeting you grants extra leniency when sailing in a group.
  13. Both AFT and BFT provide bonuses to "...main battery guns with a caliber up to and including 139mm and secondary battery guns." So my question is this: do these bonuses apply to all secondary battery guns, or just the secondaries that are within that 139mm caliber range?
  14. VMF DDs T8+

    I just recently bought the Tashkent. I set it up with MAM1,ASM1,PM1,SGM2, and CSM1. I use the captain I have been using up the line so far (and on my Leningrad). Captain skills: BFT, EM, SI, DE, plus 4 points. I am close to the 15th point and had planned to go with CE. While this Captain set up seems be great with the Leni, I am not so sure its worthwhile for the Tash. I plan on taking this captain all the way up to T10. So my first question is probably the simplest. Should I keep the concealment mod or switch to the other rudder shift? Second question is more debatable. Is my current captain set up going to be beneficial to the Tash and on up the line? Or is it time to respec? Maybe forget a 5th level skill and take AFT+LS? What are y'alls thoughts? Third, If I do pass on CE with this captain, should I start a new captain for the Leni? One that will take CE. Keep in mind I plan on (eventually) going all the way up to the Khab. Thank in advance and look forward to reading what y'all have to think on the subject.
  15. Cruiser Builds - Guidance Requested

    Hey all - First post, new WoWS player, old WoT player and longtime WoWP masochist. I'm looking for some general guidance on cruiser builds, either a link to some high quality existing information or anything else you want to throw at me. So far I've managed to hit tier 5 in both CA and DD, and I'm finding that I enjoy playing cruisers quite a bit. My selection of captain skills and equipment has been based mostly on guesswork to date, so I won't go over how I've managed to ruin my setup so far. There are two specific types of builds I'm interested in: AA Cruiser -Are AA cruisers viable above tier 5, or in general? I'm commonly seeing 1-2 carriers in each battle I play in my Furutaka. -If an AA cruiser is useful, which country has the best cruisers to work with? -Which skills/equipment would be recommended? Battlecruiser I'm looking to build a cruiser that is primarily tasked with destroying other cruisers and assisting with the destruction of BB's. While I understand that cruisers in this game are often supposed to stick close to the fleet and protect it from destroyers, I would consider this a secondary role for this particular build. -From the little reading I've done, it looks as if the German cruisers might be a good starting point for this? -Which skills/equipment would be recommended? I assume anything to do with the main batteries or gunnery. Looking forward to everyone's input!
  16. First off, apologies there's a thread on this already. Didn't see one and didn't come up in search, I'm also not quite sure this subforum is the place for this, but with the minecraft builds being here, thought this might go here. Feel free to move to off-topic if need be. Right, so this is the place to share what you've built in Space Engineers. Preferably Warships, warships of all shapes and sizes. I'll start with what I've started just now. None other than Maya, (Surprise surprise) I have a 1.25:1 scale Maya already, but I felt it lacked the detail I couldn't quite put in. Therefore, I supersized it! Still a very rough mockup, but it's beginning to take shape. To cleanse my brains before I get too frustrated over the geometric limitations of the game, I also built a mockup of one of the reasons I love her so, the Type-96 25mm triple barrel AT/AA guns ~<3 PS: Which sites can I link images from? Can't get pics to work for some odd reason :/
  17. Update on build

    Its already built to see it and the pictures click this link: Link OK so for all you who remember that post I made way back in August saying "I'm going to build the USS Enterprise and have it done by September early October" well obviously that was a complete and utter lie SORRY! Life and college classes came and they take precedence over playing a video game. I can say that exams are just around the corner so this build (cross your fingers) will be finished sometime in December so long as nothing in life occurs that should stop me. As for all those who are new to the forum or just haven't seen my work and don't know what the heck I'm talking about here is the synopsis: Basically I play Minecraft in creative mode and build ships seems easy right? WRONG!!! First off I don't use any mods (excluding ethos shaders mod, got to make it look pretty) and Secondly do everything by hand so no MC Edit. Yes I know would make my life so much easier and faster to build these but wheres the fun in that? What I do is terraform the land I need to build these ships (by hand) that means removing all blocks to a certain depth and filling it in with water. Then I either build a dry dock and then the ships hull or just build the ships hull and remove the water inside the ship (pain in the butt before they added sponges sucking up water Thank You Mojang ) I then use pictures or videos to help guide me the rest of the way to building these ships. As of this moment I have completed two ships and built the hull of the third. The ships I have built are as follows: USS Missouri- "Mighty Mo" as I call her probably my favorite so far. CVN 117 Kilroy- Not an actual ship, but still one of my most proud builds even if it looks somewhat crappy compared to the rest. USS Enterprise- Currently underway of being built Here are the links to both my USS Missouri build and a sneak peak as to what the USS Enterprise will look like USS Missouri: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/10286-uss-missouri/ USS Enterprise: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/10339-sneak-peak/ Hope you enjoy this and look to the horizon for the rest of the ship (quite literally in some sense). -Powerkilroy
  18. Sneak Peak

    It is already built. To see it and the pictures click this link: Link So I'm going to be nice and give you guys a quick little sneak peak at what my next build will consist of. For clarification aside from the hull of the ship this will all be my building. No influences or guides. The only thing I will be using is pictures from the Internet and they will be real life pictures not minecraft pictures. As for the hull part I am using Jagthunder1 hull to build off of, but I am making modifications to it so it will fit the criteria I have set for the ship. And now without further ado here are the sneak peaks. I won't tell you what the ship will be so to make it interesting you will have to guess what ship it is. Trust me all you need to figure it out is in the two pictures and some of you will probably be like I already know what ship this is. You can expect this ship to be finished sometime next month hopefully so long as school isn't too rough on me. Also the pictures are not final and are subject to change. They will also be built in my other world so don't expect grass, but some nice water and shaders on it. -Powerkilroy
  19. USS. Missouri

    Hey everybody! After about two weeks of building her I have finally completed building the USS MIssouri in Minecraft. Here are a few pictures of what she looks like. I used a Shaders Mod to get these awesome looking pictures since Minecraft doesn't have the best looks when it comes to lighting even with a texture pack. My next work will hopefully be the Yamato or the USS Enterprise since both have a special place in my heart. Hope you Enjoy this! So a little information about the USS. Missouri (although there's probably a ton out there already) Displacement- 45,000 tons length- 887.3 feet beam- 108.2 feet draft- 28.11 feet speed- 33 knots complement- 1,921 armament- nine 16 inch guns twenty 5 inch guns eighty 40 millimeter guns forty nine 20 millimeter guns Nicknames- "Mighty Mo" or "Big Mo" Class- Iowa Awards- 11 battle stars, Navy Unit Commendation, Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation, Navy E Ribbon w/ Wreathed Battle E Device, China Service Medal, American Campaign Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign medal w/ 3 service stars, World War II Victory Medal, Navy Occupation Service Medal, National Defense Service Medal w/ 1 service star, Korean Service Medal w/ 5 service stars, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal w/ 2 service stars, Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon w/ 2 service stars, Korean Presidential Unit Citation, United Nations Korea Medal, and Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia) The USS Missouri keel was laid down on January 6, 1941 and was commissioned on June 11, 1944 just in time to enter World War II. She was the last battleship that the United States ever built and has seen action in three wars: World War II, Korean War, and Gulf War. She sees action throughout the Pacific during 1945 by supporting air strikes, and land invasions on Iwo Jima and Okinawa. She is struck by a Kamikaze on April 11 with minimal damage and the pilots body is found intact. On April 12 they bury the pilot with a military burial at sea. (And who says we aren't nice to our enemies? Even if they are trying to kill us). She is present in Tokyo Bay and is the ship that Japan signs on to issue the formal surrender of the Japanese military ending World War II. Post World War II-Korean War she is sent out to sea for numerous training exercises and celebration tours. She is accidentally run aground on January 17, 1950 and from February-April of 1950 she is dry docked and repaired. In September of 1950 she provides shore bombardment for the landing invasion of Korea at Inchon, and in December of 1950 she provides shore bombardment for UN evacuation at Hungnam. January-March of 1951 she patrols the Korean waters providing shore bombardment when needed. The rest of 1951 is used for training of midshipman in Europe and the Caribbean. From January to August of 1952 she conducts more training with here crew until September 11, 1952 when she is sent out on her second tour of duty in Korea. From October 1952 till March of 1953 she is patrolling the waters of Korea offering shore bombardment for UN forces. On March 26 1953 as USS Missouri is entering port at Saebo, Japan after her final mission in Korea her Captain Warner R Edsall dies of a heart attack. On February 26 1955 she is decommissioned and placed in mothballs in Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Washington. She remains decommissioned until 1984 when brought back to life and modernized and was recommissioned on May 10 1986. During her modernization her 20mm, 40mm and four of her 5 inch guns were removed. These would be replaced with four Mk 141 quad cell launchers for 16 AGM-84 harpoons anti ship missiles, eight Armored Box Launchers for 32 BGM-109 Tomahawk missiles, and a quartet of Phalanx Close In Weapon System Gatling Guns for enemy anti missile and aircraft defense. She was given upgrades to radar, fire control system, and improved electronic warfare capabilities. After these upgrades she was sent on a world tour the first since Theodore Roosevelt's "Great White Fleet" which included the first battleship USS Missouri. In 1991 she is sent to the Persian Gulf in support of Operation Desert Storm. On January 17, 1991 she is the first Battleship to fire a Tomahawk missile at an enemy target as Operation Desert Storm begins. On January 29, 1991 she lets her big 16 inch guns do the talking for the first time since March of 1953 as she fires against Iraqi military command and control bunkers. She continues to provide shore bombardment throughout most of February, and on February 23, 1991 she is fired upon by two Iraqi HY-2 Silkworm missiles one of which misses, and the second one which is brought down by a GWS-30 Sea Dart Missile fired by British Air Defense Destroyer HMS Gloucester. The Silkworm missile lands in the water roughly 700 yards in front of USS Missouri. On February 25 USS Missouri was involved in a friendly fire situation, when USS Jarrett, a frigate class ship, Phalanx fired upon the chaff of USS Missouri causing minor damage as one penetrated through the bulkhead embedding itself in an interior passageway of the ship while another round penetrated the forward funnel passing clean through. Only one casualty occurred with one sailor being struck in the neck by flying shrapnel he suffered minor injuries. Whether or not Jarrett intentionally fired upon USS Missouri is still undetermined seeing as how Phalanx are not suppose to engage chaff and fire upon it. Many believe that this accident was due to a Phalanx Operator on board Jarrett manually fired a few round, but there is no evidence to support this and nobody has been charged. She continued to patrol the Persian Gulf until March 21, 1991 when she was finally sent back state side. On December 7, 1991 she was present in Pearl Harbor for remembrance of that infamous day 50 years ago. She hosted the then President of the United States George H. W. Bush throughout the remembrance ceremony this was the first time she hosted a President since Harry Truman in 1947. USS Missouri was decommissioned for the second and final time on March 31, 1992. "Her last commanding officer, Captain Albert L. Kaiss, wrote in the ship's final Plan of the Day: She remained in Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Washington until January 12, 1995 when she was stricken from the Naval Ship registry. On May 4, 1998 Secretary of the Navy John H. Dalton signs the donation contract that transferred the USS Missouri to the nonprofit USS Missouri Memorial in Honolulu, Hawaii. She was towed from Puget Sound to Pearl Harbor and was moored off of Ford Island less than 500 yards from the USS Arizona memorial with her bow facing USS Arizona to convey the feeling of USS Missouri watching over the remains of USS Arizona and those interred in USS Arizona's hull may rest in peace. She was turned into a floating museum on January 29, 1999. On October 14, 2009 she was removed from Battleship row to Pearl Harbor Dry Dock to have extensive repairs done to her. She received new anti-corrosion system, repainting of the hull, and upgrades to the internal mechanisms. She was returned to Battleship row on January 7, 2010 to continue watching over those who still lay inside USS Arizona's hull. She is used in the movie Battleship where she does serious damage to the alien mothership and uses her last round to destroy the alien communication array which also controls the force field surrounding the island of Oahu. With the USS Missouri defenseless and battered the force field is downed and just when all hope seems lost and the ship will sink F-18 fighters arrive and save the ship from being totally destroyed. She was actually used for filming of the third act in the movie Battleship but was not under her own power but that of a tug boat which was carefully off screen when the ship was filmed. All the damage that is dealt to her in the movie is CGI and that the likelihood of the circumstances seen in the movie happening is slim, but it is stated that if she was needed to be brought back to fighting condition she would only need a crew (preferably a modern one not made up of World War II and Korean Veterans), fresh fuel, and ammo, but other than that she is still capable of fighting. 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