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Found 2 results

  1. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    High Tier USN DD Captain Builds

    Okay, a lot of ships in the game have certain skills that seem like no brainers and help really guide you in your choices, like knowing you need to get concealment and IFHE on USN CLs, or Advanced Firing Training and Manual Secondaries on German BBs. My dilemma is the USN DDs are rather comfortable now that I’m in well into Benson. Good concealment, Lightning turret traverse, respectable torpedo range and damage, stupid high rate of fire. After the essential DD skills, I’m puzzling over what to take as I work towards another 19 point captain. currently running 1. Priority target 2. Last stand (duh) 3. Survivability Expert, Demolition expert 4. Concealment Expert for 13 points invested. I don’t think IFHE is on the table as it won’t let me pen BB extremities going further into high tier anyway, so I’m thinking maybe Torpedo Armament Expertise and Basic Firing Training to help with the slow torp reload and get an always-on little RoF boost with an AA damage boost. So if I’m not trading hitpoints I still get full benefit to my reloads. But I could also swap BFT for Adrenaline Rush and Preventavie Maintenance for better gun and torpedo reload when I take hits, which would be really nice when really low on health and just being a sneaky torpedo boat for the rest of a game. Thoughts on the build, or have alternatives to suggest for other readers?
  2. So asking the community for a bit of help. trying to build a captain for my Belfast, but the fun part is I am trying to see if I can Jack Dunkirk and all of his bonus perks. I honestly don't have a better place to put him at the moment so I figured I would as your fine folks out to see if we can make a build that gets the most of the Jack here. Looking forward to seeing what we can come up with.