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Found 136 results

  1. This shows up when I click inventory, earlier it crashed the game and I had to restart my computer
  2. After several installs, reinstalls, changing of directories, making sure I am logged into wargaming, etc.....I still get the ModStation is unavailable screen. Am I the only one? Anything to try I haven't thought of yet? Thank you.
  3. Well, it happened to me already like 2 other times in the last month, only found 1 in my replays. If you see the replay you can see how the ship moves out of camera and the map and every other indicator just freezes or updates in weird ways. Also noticed that in the replays pausing/playing it moves the camera back to the ship. 20230413_180001_PGSB106-Bayern_46_Estuary.wowsreplay Any idea? My game is broken? Should i reinstall?
  4. I got disconnected during battle, and when I reconnect, all my squadrons are null with 0/0 planes. I could not launch planes and they would not appear even after see planes regeneration message (see second screenshot says +2 attack aircraft, but I never get them). can't do anything for rest of game since no planes
  5. I was playing my second game in Louisiana when all of a sudden I looked through the binoculars and the game freezes partially. I can only see the last thing I looked after before the freeze but couldn't move at all. I was still able to control the ship somewhat but I couldn't aim or launch the bombers because of the screen freeze. I could, however, open my map, and the scoreboard, see potential damage rising, and changes on the minimap, communicate, and use some abilities. I have a video clip of it but can't attach it due to the file size.
  6. I'm stuck at battle loading screen. Anyone else has same problem?
  7. Several of the commander voicelines don't seem to be triggering anymore. A few, such as activating and deactivating Defensive AA, smoke generator and engine boost are gone from the game with special commanders. (ARP, AL in particular) Pretty sure this wasn't the case up until 12.1. Does anyone else have this issue?
  8. After the 12.1 patch, commander voicelines arent consistently triggering. Might be a new bug, I remember thhe voiceline actoivation being wonky 2 years ago.
  9. Dalirio


    I downloaded the game 2 times already and it keeps giving the same problem I tried everything and nothing, it says that my version of the game is old compared to the server but I didn't do anything I just downloaded the game and everything is up to date
  10. I've tried it on all of my pan-asian ships. Yueyang is the only one with the problem. Yes, I turned on the broad pennant. Screenshots show Yueyang without pennant and Silliwangi with pennant.
  11. I've been noticing that Top Grade Gunner hasn't been properly working in operation Cherry Blossom. The op features a night mechanic that greatly decreases detection range but gradually returns to normal towards the end of the op as day breaks. While TGG triggers when there is a ship detected in your standard concealment range before external modifiers, in Cherry Blossom it only triggers when there is a ship that is spotted inside your new "night" concealment. However, the range at which TGG triggers is not expanded once concealment ranges start increasing in later stages of the op, instead remaining stuck at your night concealment range when it has increased back to its normal value. Here's a few screenshots with Bayard as an example: Baseline build with 13.7 km conceal. During the op, Bayard with my build has an 8.2 km night concealment range as indicated on the minimap Example of it working normally under night conditions as indicated, Hatsu within 8.2 km triggers TGG Another example of it working correctly under night conditions, but this time not triggering on a Myoko 12.8 km away, which would have triggered it under normal conditions Example of the bug. The night marker has gone and my concealment ring on the minimap has expanded to 13.7 km, but a Shira spotted at 12.8 km is not triggering TGG. Final example showing it working but only when a Shira has closed to 8.3 km. Here's the replay file for those that want to take a closer look. 20230202_230614_PFSC508-Bayard_s10_USS_CL.wowsreplay Not exactly game breaking but it is very much annoying towards the later half of the op where the initial engagement ranges are usually past 11-12 km.
  12. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared history, turned off firewalls, and default reset my computer but I still get stuck at this screen. Can someone explain to me why this happens every time it patches cause if I can find a fix it'll save me days of troubleshooting every update.
  13. All I get to see are Loading in progress screens. I can sometime hear battle actions, but I can't see anything. I've tried 3 battles already, submitted three tickets, but all you get from the ticket system is a message saying they may read it someday. I don't want my premium days wasted, I spent hours working up to level 29 in the dockyard, I want my ship. How can I be assured anythign is goign to happen?
  14. Island had me stuck at 14 minute countdown mark on game time. That wasn't fun at all.... 20221225_173815_PBSB208-Hawke_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  15. Look familiar to anyone? Crash After In Game crash, WGCheck generated. NOTE: AFTER .Net 2022 update. So, how was this fixed last time? Has anyone in Dev adjusted the launcher settings? It updated this morning. AFTER .Net 2022 installation. -Have not reinstalled the .Net packages since crash. -WGCheck Att. -Crashrpt Att. -IMG_ScreenCap09262022.png (renamed) Att. WoWS_report.wgc WorldOfWarships64-2022-09-26_22-41-10.crash
  16. @Konception Hello, yesterday I finished playing with my monthly mission counters progress at 51 out of 60 and 75. Today I have already played two games and got 2 daily mission progress, but the monthly missions stayed at 51, instead of updating to 53: EDIT: After one more game, daily is at 3/6, but monthlies still at 51/60 and 51/75:
  17. hi, i logged in today to find that I wasn't able to collect the daily reward because the game would flicker black and minimize itself, and ive just earned the first of the daily xp containers to find faced with a similar problem. Screen recording ends when the bug happens as well so currently can not upload footage of problem faced World of Warships 2022-10-16 23-50-16.mp4
  18. On all ships, I have played the last few days the Steering stops working sometimes and even starts going the opposite direction if you are turning. Thanks
  19. Just finished a coop game in my Forrest Sherman where I faced a U-2501. The bot submarine pinged me, then died shortly after. The ping expired after it ran out (I did not use my damage control) and about 30 seconds after the submarine had been sunk and 10 seconds after the ping expired, I spotted the torpedo. I was sailing in a pretty straight line and the torpedo was on course to hit me, so I turned to the starboard side and the torpedo followed me. Realizing the ping had expired, I figured I just misinterpreted the path of the torpedo or had a latency issue. So I changed course, this time turning hard to the port. Again, the torpedo changed course and followed me. I ended up getting sunk shortly after that by main battery fire, so the torpedo did not end up mattering in situation, but it got me curious about a few things. First, I am fairly certain this is not working as intended and I am not sure what the problem is exactly, but what I think is happening is that after a submarine dies, the torpedo stops checking for the submarine's input on whether or not it should be homing to a target or not. I am not sure how to fix this, maybe have a hard fix for the torpedoes to stop homing if the submarine dies, or maybe keep the torpedo checking for the ping even if the submarine is sinking. Second, I am not sure if this can be replicated or if it was a bug that is rare and only happens in really specific circumstances. Third, I wonder if I used my damage control if the seemingly permanent ping would have been hard stopped in the torpedoes code. Hope this helps, cheers.
  20. I am unsure what happened, I have no mods on here, I am playing vanilla. All of the sudden this starts happening after I bought some santa crates? Any ideas?
  21. Found a bug while playing some Ranked Battles in my Daring yesterday. I played 4 battles using "Battle On", consecutively (not returning to port). And on my 5th consecutive "Battle On" battle, I noticed that neither my square map pings, nor my single location map pings were working. These pings had been functioning in my first 4 battles and the two map settings for pings were indicating that they were selected. After a few minutes in battle, I de-selected both ping settings and was able to perform square map pings only. I went back to port, tried another Ranked Battle in Daring to confirm and was able to use both of my map pings again.
  22. Hey, I've noticed since the British BCs were able to be previewed that for previously owned ships, the upgrades for ships will not update the parameters on the sidebar.
  23. Me gustaria saber si alguien está teniendo el mismo problema que experimento yo al querer participar de este evento, pues al ingresar a él se queda en una imagen como de una conversación pero de ahí no avanza y no me deja ver el mapa de la campaña y me quedo sin poder acceder a las misiones para participar de la campaña, me dijeron que estaba bugueado dentro del juego así que lo intentara desde la página web, pero en mi caso sigue igual, la verdad no se que pasa. adjunto la imagen de lo que me sale tanto en el juego como en la página web
  24. I noticed when I'm in full-screen map (M button) and I try to chat, it types double characters lliikkee tthhiiss