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Found 485 results

  1. I was not able to see carrier direkt in front of me. And he is realy close! Secondaries open fire... I shot blind and was able to sink him. https://www.dropbox.com/s/v0dl4myorcgiv1y/20180920_231115_PRSC105-Kirov_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay?dl=0 The replay looks fine... very strange.
  2. HI guys- I have noticed most recently in my Yamato that when i am trying to shoot over the foreground target to the background target which are both sailing broadside to me if i line up the cursor target line on the background target it misses entirely and often either 1) - sprays the foreground target or 2)- shoots somewhere in-between. IT IS NO WHERE NEAR WHERE MY TARGET LINE IS.. This happens more frequently than i think it should considering the Yammy is usually very accurate. Shooting AP - have you guys seen this? Is this a known bug?
  3. Note: this is supposedly a game problem, as I was told by the OBS support, hence why I post here and not to OBS So when I use OBS streamlabs the game does not record and the screen is static when the game is fullscreen, but when I record in windowed all is fine. This hinders gameplay massively however, so neither option is very viable. So I wish to inform WG about this and hope they can work out this bug.
  4. So I logged in this evening and found I have a personal mission I don't recall signing up for. I don't mind but what I am concerned about is the possible bug the mission has (or two of them). First off a screenshot of the mission. Please take note that the valid ships for the mission are all rentals that are in my port, but only the Mass seems to be counting towards the mission. So I don't know if this is just a visual bug or the mission actually won't count the Kidd and Prinz Eugen which the mission also gave to me as rentals. The second and more glaring bug and concern I have is the fact that the mission ends on the 8th of October, but here's the thing. The rentals only last for the next 6 days. Seen here: And here: This is rather frustrating as I personally feel like I am being strong armed into paying for the full Prem ships unless I want to grind the hell out of the game for 40 wins. This is a team game after all and just because you do really well, doesn't mean your team will. Which is fair but 40 wins in less then a full week is just...absurd. I can't afford to pay for ships that range from $40-$60 as I am a student and paying for school is rough enough. I'd rather spend smaller amounts on containers then a large lump sum for a ship that I may or may not like or do well with. I now know there have been visual bugs with Personal Missions within the game but I really doubt this is one of those. Unless Visual Bugs grant you Rentals that you can use in a match (just did with the Prinz Eugen and ran a match just fine. No game errors). So unless those 6 days get reset to another 6 days one the initial one is up this is a pretty bad tactic to use on players. Or that it's another visual bug that I am not aware of. Some clarification with this would really be appreciated. From someone at WGing would be preferable. I've never had this Personal Mission before so if this is another known bug then I don't know about it. @Radar_X Would you be willing to weigh in on this? Thanks!
  5. Not sure if anyone is having this happen or if it has been posted already. I am using Dasha in my New Mexico, well during Operation:Aegis while using her, there is no voice for any of the NPCs, the Allied BoTs, I still see the messages in chat and on screen but no voice. When I use any other Commander, even with Thea Kreutzer this does not happen, has anyone else notice this?
  6. Issue: When loading into the game with the setting set to above maximum (as in custom) the client fails to load in and crashes with a fatal error. It crashes in such a fashion that the client load in screen is stuck permanently as the main image and i cant see what the fatal error is. This often requires me to restart the PC to clear. Expected results: Client should load in graphic settings without issue and run the game. Reproduction: In the graphics setting of the game set the resolution to 'Maximum' and hit apply. Close the client Launch the client Client should launch normally Next set the graphic settings and change the aliasing settings to 8x, note that the setting title changes to custom, hit apply Close the client Launch the client Client should load into login in information window, but when the client tries to launch it will experience a fatal error and crash Suporting informatiom: Systems: Intel Core i7 8 core 16 thread, X99, 64Gb DDR4 3200, Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080, Windows 10 64bit, Nvidia Geforce Driver 399.XX. Cleared old client out and reinstalled, issue was not resolved Installed new Nvidia Driver, issue was not resolved Reinstalled the game and use default graphic setting: game launched with no issues Swapped out to maximum setting: game launched with no issues Swapped out Antialiasing from 4x to 8x: game failed to launch and had a fatal error In all cases no mods were running on the game client
  7. I didn't want my first forum post to be me complaining but it has come to my attention that there is a bug currently that has come up as of recent. for some reason when I play battles I don't gain any credits or XP. Furthermore upon more inspection I didn't lose any signals, credits, Camos, or any free premium consumables. It was like the battle never happened, not even showing up in the "Battle notifications" menu. I started realizing this early on as I was trying to get credits to further push my pan asian DD line, I just got premium account time so I was playing 5 or so games before it got fishy. So i documented and took screen shots of me in battle and after the fact. So I did a test and sure enough I was right this is happening, I documented and took screenshots. My ship pre battle, note all of the circles: (time says 16:06) I go into a ranked match with the DD: The game got pretty heated and we ended up winning, though I don't have the screen for the post battle report because it didn't show, I did however get a screenshot of right at the end: So... What did I get for this? Absolutely nothing: (time says 16:24) It was like the battle never happened at all, And I'm not the only one experiencing this as there are people In chats talking about it. I have no idea what happened or how to fix this But I hope it get patched soon because this is really annoying. It's not Just ranked either, Its all battles from what I can tell.
  8. I've played two games in my Nicholas. Both games I've won but as the victory music plays the screen does not display the end battle results. Instead, it jumps to the main menu and I receive nothing. I have not gained any experience or credits from the last two games and I still have the first win bonus available to me on the ship. I don't have a screen shot of it since it simply doesn't show anything. It just skips from the game to the lobby screen and nothing has changed.
  9. No match reward given

    The last 2 co-op matches I played I never saw a summary screen and received no rewards. The game is acting as if the matches never happened. When the match ends I just get kicked out to the menu and my money and the cumulative experience for daily containers are the same as when I went in. I played 11 matches that worked fine then suddenly the last 2 are broken. The last match I played that worked was on an Indianapolis. The first broken match on a Baltimore and the second broken match on a Dallas. I had even played the Dallas successfully earlier in the same session. The Baltimore came out of a victory with its +50% experience daily victory buff still there.
  10. Cherry Blossom is quite interesting when The night never ends. 4 stars. 20180829_001336_PRSC508-Kutuzov-1952_s10_USS_CL.wowsreplay I didn't get the screen shots but one of the team is going to post them later. To play the replay download the file and open it with World of Warships.
  11. I've recently begun trying to play warships again, and after a few hours of playing, I noticed my framerate had tanked, sitting at a solid 6-8 FPS. I decided to run a test and redownloaded the game and upon loading into my first game I was sitting at about 100 FPS at medium settings (kept at medium as to not change any variables). I only played the mission of this week, "Defense of Naval Station Newport". Over the course of about 4 hours, my framerate slowly declined, following a standard f(x)=(1/x) standard curve where f(0)=100, that sort of thing. By the end of the 4 hours I was back down at about 8. I should mention a few things. My CPU utilization was at about 20% My GPU utilization was at about 10% I had about 4GB of unused RAM I don't really know where else to put this outside of the bug forums. It seems to be that my game just doesn't rightly care to use the resources it has available though I can't fathom why. Also, for anyone else curious, GeForce GTX 950 AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Quad Core 8GB DDR4 RAM 1TB HDD(~700GB left) Look, I don't know what's the matter and hopefully someone who knows what they're talking about does, but outside of that I've got no clue what is the problem. Cheers, will post any additional info if people need it.
  12. Display of Anniversary Crate Still Bugged

    I reported this bug on the PTS too. Minor issue, does not interfere with interface or gameplay.
  13. Game updated. Went to play a game by clicking on the red 'BATTLE' button. Splash screen opened but didn't go into battle - just stayed at the splash screen. I could see the progress of my teams ships in the Battle splash screen (mission tab)! Restarted the game a few times hoping it would fix it. Nope. Restarted Game. Dialogue Box > Settings > Check Game Integrity, which started a 4GB download. Restart game to find I have a 6 game penalty for leaving the game. There was no game!
  14. has anyone eles noticed a bug with special camo on their ships? i just found a nasty looking one on my Richelieu. the camo on the guns elevates and disappears into the casemate but the decorations on the guns stay at normal resting position. the bug is barely noticeable in port, but clearly evident in battle. just looks wierd.
  15. 'Loop' Map Bug or 'Seattle' Ship Bug

    So that I run into an island in my 'Seattle' on the map 'Loop' at around 6 mins into the battle. And my ship literally refuses to reverse from the island. You can see that i play with the throttle repeatedly to make the ship reverse. At one point it just stuck on -0.1 Knts for couple of seconds (02:31). And maximum moves till -1.4 Knots then goes back to 0. My propeller was not knocked out or perma damaged. Overall this resulted in me getting torped by that Shima even after knowing that torps were incoming.
  16. World of Warships Crashing entire PC

    Ok, So this has been going on for a very long time ( about 4 or 5 updates back) and I am at my wits end by now. I have everything on SSD's and there is no shortage of ram in the system. I have just done a complete Windows 10 re-install to see if it would help the crashes. I sometimes can play 1 game or sometimes i can play 10 but eventually it is going to Hard restart my PC. No errors, no warnings, no crash report Just a hard stop.. I can tell its going to happen cause the game will freeze, I can still hear in headset then, restart. I am on a 980TI Hybrid video card. Every driver is up to date along with Bios on a MSI X99 REVA Gaming 7 Mobo. I have repaired WoW's files and completely reinstalled the game, still no no avail. There in no temp issues as I have monitored that as well - CPU < 42C. The weird thing is, that after a hard restart from the crash it will normally run an infinite amount of games with no crash, but if I perform a restart on the PC or update causes a restart or power failure, the next restart it will crash out at some point. Just wondered if anyone else has seen this issue. i am now running in borderless windowed mode instead of fullscreen as that was recommended on another forum post. No help at all.
  17. Clan battle win... lose points?

    We won a clan battle, and it shows we lost points. (edit) our total number of points reflects the total shown.
  18. I don't know if it was doing this yesterday but I definitely noticed it today. After a battle when you go to the results screen the Detailed Report section is just blank until you click on something else and then click back. It's a minor but weird thing. Just wondering if I'm alone.
  19. Yamamoto Daily Container Bug?

    So I've looked on the forums and I've looked on reddit and I can't seem to find information on this. Here's my issue: I have the Yamamoto Collection selected, so that I get items in my daily containers. Everything has been going ok until a month or so ago. I will collect daily containers (credits, camos and flags, TYL) and... no collection items. Rarely, I'll get a "duplicate" item, I'd guess at about the same rate as duplicates drop. I've switched collections (american cruisers) and the same glitch happens, but less frequently; most days I'll get an item but some days there's no collection items in the daily containers. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I've un-installed/re-installed and still happens. I've switched off collections, switched them back on. I've made sure there's only one collection active... nothing. Help?
  20. Issue: client appears to have automatic timezone detection, but it is incorrect. Expected Result: Should pick up my time zone properly. How to Replicate: Select battle type, mouse over "Clan Battles". Screenshots/Replay/Supporting Info See screenshot below. I'm in EDT (PDT+3) and my computer's time is set as such, but the client says my time zone is CDT (PDT+2).
  21. For the past few days, I've been entering Battles and all of a sudden I can't even drop into the match. It will load but I'll sit there and I cant do anything to help my team and I get penalized for afk. Anyone know why this happens or has dealt with this before?
  22. Arsenal Bug

    Hello WG, I have recently run into a problem with my arsenal (and my news page). Every time I click on the Arsenal button, it shows the Arsenal, but it keeps flashing in and out of sight. Furthermore, when I try to purchase something, the Arsenal just shows nothing. Thank you for your time, and I hope you can fix my issue.
  23. WOW crashes on my computer which itself is a problem, but after it crashes and I reload the game, I get the team kill penalty for leaving a game early. THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO TO NOT HAVE THIS HAPPEN.
  24. Bug Op.Narai

    Saludos, Puesto que mi tiempo es limitado tratare de ser breve, pero lo mas entendible posible. Estaba yo jugando la operacion narai en el Public test con el ranger (CV usa t7) y luego de 2-3 ataques con los bombarderos se me bugeo la interfaz de juego .-Me aparecia el cursor en el modo de bombardeo al seleccionar los aviones, lo que no me permitia moverlos por el mapa ni realizar ataques manuales. Para lograr desplazarlos me veia obligado a presionar alt+click para llevarlos a cualquier parte del mapa. .- el bug no afecto a los cazas ni a los torpederos. .-no podia desplazar el barco en modo automatico (cuando fijas rutas en el mapa), solo podia hacerlo de modo manual (WASD). Pd: saque una captura pero no se ve el cursor del mouse
  25. Gamebreaking Bug

    I recently just got back into WoWS a few days ago, it was working fine. I installed it on a different computer, One that i have previously installed and uninstalled the game, and never had any issues with. The first match i played, my game was horribly glitched. The round started, and I went to max throttle. My speed indicator said I was moving at ~30 knots, And the water effects were piling around my ship in a weird way. But compared to the islands and waves, It was clear I was not moving. Turning my rudder did nothing. Several seconds in, I started to drift to the right, but in a way that made no sense. I was moving sideways at about 20 knots. I tried to fire my guns to see what would happen, but it wouldn't let me fire, despite the obvious fact that my cannons were loaded and aimed at my crosshare. It finally let me fire, and nothing happened. I fired another volly, and the shells came out of my guns at a snails pace, so slow where I could see the shape of the shell from the 3rd person camera. After about a second, the shells hit the water and splashes appeared several kilometers away, even though the shells impacted the water maybe 300 meters from my ship. A friendly BB that was right next to me exploded, and his remains flew to the middle of the map at hypersonic speeds. Still moving sideways, I was about to ram into an island, but I just phased through it. After about a minute, I started to take damage, but no shells were hitting me, and no torpedoes for miles. Eventually I died, And my remains then flew to the side of the map at impossible speeds. I quit, then went into another match, same thing. I died, and stayed around with the spectator cam for a few minutes. Ships were firing with no shells exiting the barrels, things were randomly exploding and flying to random places, and ships were phasing though mountains randomly. I went into chat, and nobody had any issues apart from me. I restarted the game, no changes. Restarted my computer, nothing. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game, Same thing. I have no issue with the port. No ping problems. I'm in North America, And I'm playing the north American version of the game. This glitch makes the game literally unplayable, and I need help. Ill try to add a video later if I can.