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Found 104 results

  1. Michael_MM_

    Hornet Bug?

    I purchased the CV Hornet yesterday it lets me get 4-6 sorties off the deck and then the planes do a familiar "spinning around in circles" and you get the notice that you have been disconnected from the server. Click reconnect and it won't reconnect you until the ship is back in port. Some times 10 minutes go by saying it's logging on before it connects. You find your self back at port dressed in pink (you already know what I think about that) 3 out of 4 times I been pink. The last time it did the same thing but no pink. The question is Does anyone else have this problem? Pretty gun shy about setting sail in her again. I mean 4 out of 4 disconnects doesn't seem to be a coincidence.
  2. PapaOoooPowPow

    The Curse Of Center Spawn!

    In Co-Op I have been perpetually plagued by Center Spawn for over a week (well over 50 matches with about 80% Center, at best)... it's really beyond the "normal" distribution I've experienced so I posted. Theoretically there's a 33.3rep chance of getting any of the 3 Spawn Positions but I have literally been plagued by Center, meaning Flanked by Teamates (little chance for damage) and/or Flanked by Bots (more difficult to evade and not give broadside unless low-damage/reward Bowtanking) and little chance of getting a Cap as you're spotted by everything and reset until match-end. Co-Op is essentially a (hopefully) polite race against teammates for damage/XP opportunities, with the current Meta having DD's and High DPM CL's usually eating the buffet and leaving the mint. So, if one spawns Center it's even harder to rack-up XP/Creds (at least it is for me). Having chatted with a few teammates experiencing the same phenomenon I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue... hope it didn't have anything to do with my unfavourable post on CV's/Subs though it did correspond. (lol I hope)
  3. Hi all, I looked through past posts regarding game freezes and crashes, and didn't find anything similar enough. Freezes occur at any time, in port, in loading screen for game, in game, and in after-game reports. These freezes make the game unclosable within the client, I cannot alt-tab to another application (like task manager for instance), without moving to a different desktop in windows 10. if I hit the close button, sometimes if it recovers from the freeze, it sticks at the "do you want to quit?" screen with yes or no, and no amount of clicks of either button does anything. These freezes last at least one minute, and at most, never stop (longest I've waited to close was 15 minutes). What I've done to try and find a fix, in loosely the chronological order: Updated GPU drivers check game files set graphics to lowest settings, frame capped at 75fps reset GPU overclock to 0% over stock close all background apps (malwarebytes, ccleaner, icue, spotify, etc.) close all browser applications reset CPU overclock to stock none of these have helped, unfortunately, has anyone had a similar issue, and had a fix? any other ideas? Thanks in advance
  4. Triumphant_Klaireon

    Fail to load Islands of Ice

    I have encountered this bug twice now when trying to load into the map "Islands of Ice" I try using the link listed in the error window, but it takes me to the Wargaming website in Russian, and when I change the language to English it gives me a 404 page. It seems like I can still control my ship (at least able to move it forward as I saw it moving in the map window of the above screenshot). Additionally, nothing is in my reports folder to upload. I don't run any mods.
  5. Issue: This is where you should explain the problem that you're having. CV fighter planes can spot submarines at maximum depth when spawning if the drop point is placed above the sub. Expected Result: Tell us what should be happening. As per https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/submarines-again/, submarines are undetectable at maximum depth by air. Patrol fighters shouldn't be spotting submarines at maximum depth when spawning. How to Replicate: Give us examples on how to reproduce this bug. Sit at max depth with a submarine and have a CV drop their fighters on you. Screenshots/Replay/Supporting Info: Screenshots and Replays go a long way, so having this ready to go will really help. Replay is attached, see 11:17. Note, the fighters show up after the torpedo planes that drop them leave. My camera wiggles in confusion at this point. 20220326_202049_PGSS108-U190_18_NE_ice_islands.wowsreplay

    Aiming bug

    WOWs is literally altering aiming .... This ain't no bug Salem on Salem ... I was shooting at his broadside, nose in 7kms away, estimate he was moving 15kts. I Missed 3/4 salvo's 1st shot was stupidly short. 2nd was Stupid overshot. 3rd Every shell scattered like buck shot from a sawed off shot- gun. 4th... 1 shell hit and he died. he had 800hp Done with this [edited]........This happens way to often to be a "Bug"
  7. CV e quase IMPOSIVEL DE USAR OS MISSEIS... Apos a atualizacao! 0.10.5 16/06/2021 Aeronaves de Ataque dos porta avioes, percebi tambem a piora da velocidade, ficou 50% mais lento ao mover.... E quase impossivel em acerta um navio, o tempo de disparo e muito lento.. temos que imaginar 4 a 5 sec antes? Jogo esta com Bug... 4 a 5 sec para disparar...???? Vao consertar o jogo.. Alem disto os avioes firam lentos, muito lentos, .... ficaram muito lentos! Alguem tem ideia como se usa agora os avioes de ataque? meu nivel e 20... virei noob do jogo ? O para de usar os CV.... so da pra usar os torpedos que 60% falham se soltar muito proximo do alvo, e do bombareiro nem se fala cai fora do alvo 50%. Ateciosamente Boss
  8. The Disconnect from Server button is missing - intentional or a bug?
  9. Hello: In playing Pan Asian ships I noticed that although the Repair Party consumable appears and can be activated it does not do anything . There is no shading in the HP bar and no increase in HP when it is activated. All damage is irreversible. Other nations function normally. Is this an intended issue with Pan Asian ships or a bug or ...? Thanks
  10. Following the last update the usual buggy (they beta-test on live players in-game) nonsense occurred. The first crash resulted in a "Leaving a match early" Pink Condition (3 Match), the second resulted in a Pink Condition (10 Match) so I contacted WG Support and asked them to remove the Pink Condition as it was their program and not my behaviour. Their response was that this was an automated process and that everything should be ok... after the third crash I ran a Check and Repair and rebooted. When I logged back on the Orange Penalty condition remained. I just contacted Support again in hopes that THIS TIME they'll REMOVE the Penalty and not just send me a cut-and-paste description of their Automated Penalty system... is my hope misplaced?
  11. The Upgrade "Secondary Battery Modification 1" gives "-20% Maximum dispersion of secondary battery shells" -- but I fail to see anywhere, including on the Wiki and in the API where secondary dispersion is mentioned, let alone listed. Also, the Commander skill "Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament" lists "Maximum dispersion of shells for the secondary armament of Tier A-B ships: -15% or -60%". Wargaming: how can this stat for the upgrade be applied if there's nothing to apply it to? Either the stats is not being applied to anything and it's meaningless, or you've forgotten to show that stat in the game (ship inspector -> Artillery -> Secondary Armament / Secondary battery), on the Wiki (eg <https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Arkansas_Beta> -> Arkansas Beta (right panel) -> Secondary Armament #1, and in the API (same as the Wiki, because this is where you're pulling the Wiki data from). You do list the dispersion for the Main Battery (again, for the AB: "Maximum Dispersion: 203 m.") - so... what's going on here?
  12. Bug: Naval Battle shows incorrect bar passed, and stars awarded. Went to Naval Battle turned on Tries. Entered Random Battle with IV Langley, scored over 26,000 damage. Score says Bar is not passed, and in the info it says that I scored 26,000+ and was awarded 1 star. UK CVs have 2X bonus, so I should have recieved 2. I did not look at the number of stars that we had before I entered the battle so I don't know how many stars we actually recieved. See screenshots.
  13. Could it be there is a new bug in Killer Whale? In my last 8 Killer Whale battles since the update I got 8 South exit finals. Statistically possible of course but with only a 0.4% chance. and an OLD BUG... We used to see a RED CIRCLE over the enemy ships that where part of the mission for stars. That circle has been missing for some time.
  14. Recently in the past 48 hours I have noticed I am not receiving XP bonuses from my flags. I used to play a t10 game and get up to 10k XP per game if I performed well but now I get around 500-1000 XP per game with camos and flags active. I looked at the post game XP and credits screen and it doesn't even show the flags but yet they're still being consumed. I have tried restarting the game, reinstalling, trying different ships, etc. Nothing has worked. If anyone can help me out that would be much appreciated! in the game shown I had 75k damage and assisted in captures etc. I used to get more for less damage before this issue. I also lost multiple flags due to me not noticing the issue at first, such as ouroboros and leviathan.
  15. MidnightPhoenix07

    Armory Audio Bug

    There appears to be an audio bug in the snowflake section of the armory. For most sections, switching between tabs results in a smooth fade out and fade in for the music (if it's different). But switching to the snowflake section has six audible volume jumps rather than a continuous fade. It's happening in both the in-game browser as well as the armory page in external browsers.
  16. So I just got my new EVGA 3090 FTW3 hybrid in on RMA to replace my old one that was bricked by a power spike in wold of warships port after there latest bug update. Took the old card out put the new card in played some total war warhammer 2 just fine to make sure it works . Booted up world of warships just out of curiosity because “ I wouldn’t get a card with bad internals on a 1500$+ GPU a second time right” Nope as soon as the game loads into the port power spike. the game fried my second 3090 this is not a coincidence something it’s terribly wrong with the current build of the game
  17. So far I've tried to counter subs on my dds to not great result. I've noticed once a sub goes deep enough, rpf stops tracking it. Is this a bug or a feature? For instance I know a sub is torping my bbs so I head over to spot it. its spotted and dives too deep for my charges to hit. Then rpf jumps from the sub to a enemy bb some 10 km away. About 1 minute later it jumps to the sub again, assume because the battery forced it to go back up.
  18. I got near an Island and ship became stuck, it jumped into the air rolled over onto its side, stood out of the water onto its [edited]very erect and at attention. Don't remember the map name but at the southern most cap included the replay file as well as a screenshot. 20211008_161753_PHSC508-De-Zeven-Provincien_23_Shards.wowsreplay
  19. Lord_PrettyBeard

    Kitakaze fire chance

    I unlocked Kita around a moth ago. Since then, it has consistently felt weaker than the Akatsuki. I've noticed before that it doesn't start all that many fires, but kind of shrugged it off as bad luck. But hey I finally survived to the end of a match with it and got a sizable sample set of hits in. So, in this match I got 168 HE shell hits, and ONE fire; this works out to about a 0.6% chance of starting a fire. Given that it is supposed to have a 6% fire chance, is it possible that a decimal point is misplaced in the code?
  20. freggo

    Armory GUI Bug

    The Armory has a minor bug since last update. Sometimes the ESC button in the top right corner is missing. Hitting ESC on keyboard restores it and makes it work as expected. No big deal but new players may get stuck in the armory and get even more frustrated :-)
  21. So i played 3 battles in a row: first 1 coop in Impacable(win, of course), then 1 random in Bourgonde(lost) and finally 1 random in a Benham(win). The notification only showed the first one which is the coop with Impaceable. I did not quit the game, or even roll out to other apps. Internet connection was stable since I did not lost connection and I have a youtube music playing at the background with no pausing. PC spec i5+2070(2K resulution)+20G DDR4. 3 Mods are added(angle indicator, HP generation indicator, detected countdown), all from official Mod Station. All the xp, rewards are counted, but I cannot check it back since there are no histories. Screenshots and replays are saved and can be posted if needed. Thanks BeckOvO
  22. Issue: battle stuck loading and camra is not following ship , can only move the ship forward and back (not mods issue happens without the mods too)Expected Result: be able to play the battleHow to Replicate: idk, it just happens randomly 8mb.video-Uxy-3Az370UW.mp4
  23. It seems Killer Whale comes with a GUI bug. Destroying forts and land based installation does not remove them from the mini map or the main viewport. Also the Red Circle that points out mission critical targets is gone.
  24. As the title says, I started a game and this happened, I made it into a video cause why not. https://youtu.be/jYdG07dcWLU https://replayswows.com/replay/139471#teams 20210831_102711_PASB509-Missouri_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay