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Found 448 results

  1. Forum bug

    Ignored players who quote or mention you still show up in your notifications, even if you specifically have Quotes and Mentions checked as things to ignore. I've seen other posters refer to this, so it seems to be a rather widespread problem.
  2. The Des Moines shows up on the minimap but not the interface?
  3. Hello, everybody! I am having an issue with the game. For some reason, when I play my user music in world of warships, it has a tendency to constantly crash. Sometimes it crashes after 1 minute, sometimes it crashes after 15, but it crashes nonetheless. It's very infuriating. I've verified file integrity and there's nothing wrong there. My audio files are the MP3 format. System specs: Intel i7 4790K Quad core clocked to 4.0 GHz 12GB DDR3 RAM nVidia GTX 780 Ti 3-4GB Windows 8.1 OS Below are all of my crash logs and my dump files related to the user music crashes. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!! worldofwarships-2018-06-01_12-02-29.crash worldofwarships-2018-06-01_12-02-29.dmp worldofwarships-2018-06-01_17-52-21.crash worldofwarships-2018-06-01_17-52-21.dmp worldofwarships-2018-06-01_21-19-14.crash worldofwarships-2018-06-01_21-19-14.dmp worldofwarships-2018-06-03_00-59-54.crash worldofwarships-2018-06-03_00-59-54.dmp worldofwarships-2018-06-03_01-59-50.crash worldofwarships-2018-06-03_01-59-50.dmp worldofwarships-2018-06-03_02-26-21.crash worldofwarships-2018-06-03_02-26-22.dmp worldofwarships-2018-06-08_00-54-00.crash worldofwarships-2018-06-08_00-54-00.dmp worldofwarships-2018-06-12_14-39-25.crash worldofwarships-2018-06-12_14-39-25.dmp
  4. Hello everyone. I'm playing through the Honorable Service Campaign and am having an issue with Mission 4 - task 6. It states in a t8-t10 you need to win, survive, and be in the top 3xp earners. I thought it was taking a while when I realized achieving that goal in my fletcher is not counting towards the mission. I realize this is an old campaign and I'd find it hard to believe I'm the first to find this. I don't see any ship type restrictions. Is this a typo of some sort?
  5. Camera Bug - 0.7.6 PTS

    Found a camera bug in PTS. P.S Not the place to tell you this but i will because you broke the game with hilariously long radar duration and the sheer number of ships with radars. World of Warships Camera Bug.mp4
  6. So I just won the D-Day flag and I noticed there's a translation error. the discription says ""recalling the Normandy landing. Let's remember those who was brave!" shouldn't it read ""recalling the Normandy landing. Let's remember those who were brave!" ? I don't know if this mistake was intentional, but I thought I might point this out in case it was a legit error. that's all for now. C'ya on the seas!
  7. Hello Colleagues, I would like to report an error In the Moscow, when you use the Aurora SpaceWarship camouflage, the fire of the chimneys remains on the commemorative flags as you will see in the pictures below Excuse my bad english Best regards
  8. Hi, I am uploading a set of pics showing the issue Pic 1 - CV is about to drop me with torps Pic 2 - The torp drop. Pic 3 - Note, three torps show up. And I assume the island ate the left most torp Pic 4 - Cue 'Torp beats' Pic 5 - I'm in the clear, now im dodging dive bombers and shell from New mexico down south Pic 6 - Dodged the Dive bombers. but got hit by shells from NM Pic 7 - And there you can see, a torp kills me. from that zuiho. Pic 8 - You can still see the 3 torp trails still in the water but not the fourth one which killed me. Pic 9 - Infact i claim the same in the battle chat being shocked. Now that i had this experience. I kind off remember a number of situations that this happened. And i chalked it up to my stupidity of not paying attention to avoiding the torp in the heat of the battle. Infact i have heard enemy team players say the same thing that i thought they were making up excuses for not dodging properly. This is extreme of being unacceptable, unfun and unplayable.. Thanks WG
  9. The current Memory of Midway mission is stated in the June Mission Briefing to require "win 3 battles etc.." to achieve. In game the requirement is "win 15 battles etc.." Someone got something wrong somewhere.
  10. lost priority target

    I have lost priority target on all captain in all main line ship that i have before the update expect pan-asian line, the fench lines, the britsh lines, aoba and gnevey . I have also lost priority target on blyskawia captain. I take this first level skill for all ship unless it is a carrier. However any commander from those ships up above have the priority target skill switch to preventive maintenance skill. Preventive maintenance is good and all but priority target just better due to the information it gives. Now I do mess up from time to time a click on the wrong skill but this is just to much even for me. So can someone check to see what is going on. Also since I have one ship of each line that is 11 captain that have been screw up. I have put the picture of the affected captain down below sorry for the size but that what it look like when I set it to a window screen to let me use the snip tool.
  11. I received the congratulatory reward premium camo for the new orleans when the new orleans was moved to t7 this camo is still registering as belonging to a t8 new orleans as a premium instead of moving to t7 to continue with the ship?
  12. 0.7.5 Bug report

    First bug: cant mount camo on Pensy or Award camo on NOLA. restarted client, bug remains.
  13. I first thought it was my imagination. Next time it happened I thought perhaps I hit the R repair key and didn't remember but the third and fourth time I made sure to pay attention. Each time I'm in a BB and I get hit by multiple torps. In the past I would allow all torps that will hit me do so before activating the repair. Now after I click the R key nothing happens, my ship flood and I sink. I know the R key works because it does so under other situations. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing. It's now very annoying because I don't if WG changed something that if you are hit by multiple torps and receive more than "x" damage your ship doesn't repair.
  14. BigWorld Error

    Hi, After getting the Windows Update, I could not launch any games, including WoWs. I got this error message while trying to launch WoWs: https://www.scribd.com/document/379906284/WorldOfWarships-Error. I have tried restarting my computer and reinstalling drivers.
  15. Two of the fire directors on the Alabama appear to have the top cylinder part disconnected from the rest of the ship. I have no idea if this is just a glitch for me, seeing as my computer is a potato, or if this has happened to other people. I checked the other USN fast battleships they appear to have a similar problem.
  16. So, twice now I have attempted to enter a ranked game only for the game to fail to load in. Restarting the game does not fix the issue (have tried a minimum of 3 times during both failures). During the more recent one I noticed that the game stated that "waiting for additional players". Is there something I can do to fix this?
  17. Issue: Two players on the top of a losing team with same exp earned in ranked battles, one player loses a star and the other doesn't. Expected Result: Both players should not lose a star since they have an equal amount of exp. How to replicate: Two players on a losing team in ranked battles with the same amount of exp earned. So in the post screen scoreboard, it is clearly indicated that I have the equal amount of the exp and that I have also not lost a star. The only problem is that when the battle ended, it showed the animation of losing a star (unfortunately I don't have screen shot of that) and up until now (five days later) there still has been no indication of where that star went. I know there are issues with the interface and that there is a visual bug going around where it doesn't show the amount of stars accurately, but I believe this may be a separate issue as it has persisted over several client restarts and (probably some server restarts too) and the fact that it is from a fringe case of equal top exps. I don't run modifications and run a vanilla client. I have already submitted a bug report. I am just making a forum post to inform others in case some other people may also have experienced this bug. So far, I've found one other person who also experienced this alleged issue. @alphadog007 20180510_233226_PASC020-Des-Moines-1948_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplay
  18. WG is it possible to implement a system where if a player commits suicide the enemy player who has done the majority of the damage or responsible for them currently flooding/burning is awarded credit for destroying them? I was playing and had a lit an enemy cruiser on fire terminally and he proceeded to commit suicide (Rage quit), robbing me of the kill. Normally this would only be moderately irritating, but it robbed me of a kraken. Aside from the poor sportsmanship, I am sure I am not the only one to be robbed of a kraken, arsonist, liquidator, etc. because of these folks
  19. Didn't Receive Star From Ranked Battle

    I'm a player in WOWS NA, and I seemed didn't get a star when wining a ranked battle. I remembered I started with Rank 10, and won 5 battles in total. When I won the fourth battle, I jumped into Rank 9 with 4 empty stars. However, when I won the next battle, none of those 4 stars was gained. I think there might be some issue that needs to be fixed.
  20. I received my rewards for playing Pt.1. I did not receive my rewards for playing Pt.2. Support has spend the past week or so dodging the issue. On the forum, several other PT testers have reported the same problem. Where to turn from here?
  21. Battle type bug

    There is a bug that will dump you into random battles with other games modes selected. Happened to me when using the co-op battle and the scenario. What happens is, when you have a game mode selected and exit the game, upon re-launching the game it defaults to the last battle type that was selected. The bug is that it still shows the last battle type played but the game is dumping into random battle instead. So I am not sure if the battle type symbol should always default to random battle or if there is something else going on.
  22. Bug o algo mas?

    Buenos dias comunidad de wows. Como todos sabemos existe un nuevo sistema de penalizacion a quien "rompa" las reglas algo que puede ser bueno en cierta forma pero.. Hace unos dias estaba jugando con normalidad, pero en una batalla mi barco detono solo y me sale una penalizacion por matarme a mi mismo... quede muy impresionado pues no le encontre logica a eso. Hoy tambien me ocurrio lo mismo con un barco distinto, estaba atacando a un cleveland y ya casi conseguia destruilo y de la nada mi barco detona de nuevo y me marca otra penalizacion por matarme a mi mismo. Si les ha pasado comenten por favor, quizas no lei bien las reglas porque no entiendo porque los barcos detonan como si tuvieran un temporizador. Por su atencion gracias.
  23. Hey Wargaming.... I noticed in my in-game profile that I have not been properly credited with several "Torpedoman" achievements that I have earned. Could you guys please correct the glitch and get my four (4) achievemnts (and rewards) credited to my account? (screenshots are below) Thanks! Nocona Capt, CO Tactical Strike Group 4 "A Family of Friends: One Team, One Fight!" http://www.tsg4.org/

    Hey Wargaming.... I noticed in my in-game profile that I have not been properly credited with several "Torpedoman" achievements that I have earned. Could you guys please correct the glitch and get my four (4) achievemnts (and rewards) credited to my account? (screenshots are below) Thanks! Nocona Capt, CO Tactical Strike Group 4 "A Family of Friends: One Team, One Fight!" http://www.tsg4.org/
  25. Seems like the Klingons had to do something with this? Maybe the Romulans? It was difficult to aim at him but I didn't had too much of a problem with this. Is this a bug relating to my computer, or the game? (Enemy was a Tirpitz)