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Found 350 results

  1. I was near the end of a battle and all of a sudden my monitor made a click sound and went completely back. I used ctrl+alt+del to get to my Task Manager which. At this point my second screen (not primary where the game is played) came back but the main screen seem to stay black. I It showed that the game stopped responding. The only way to shut it down was via task manager "end task"
  2. When I hit launch, the process shows up in my Task manager, but I never actually see the game client itself. Did it break?
  3. Just gunna show you my new ship in port.
  4. Since the last update everything goes smoothly until i connect to the NA server. The little anchor spins and it loads... A completely black screen. I have to force quit WoWS and once i do, i get this message: (please note that i am on mac)
  5. Exactly as it sounds, two days ago whilst playing my Mahan, I was sailing around southeast on Estuary, off to the bottom right of the D cap. Torpedoes had been fired from northwest of the D cap, and were headed my way towards that island in the southeast that looks like a shark tooth, the biggest of those three islands in the southeast. Now, I was preparing to turn back around the side of that island since the torpedoes hit the island, but they kinda did and they didn't. One of the torpedoes went through the island, glided straight through it, and then proceeded out the other side, continuing to it's maximum range before dying out. What's up with that? No, I don't have any screenshots because I was in the middle of a battle. I use the prnt scrn application to take my screenshots, so at the time I was too busy playing to really take a screenshot. SO. I'm hoping that there are some other people who have good information on this to explain if this is a real thing or not, because I don't have any proof of my own, as you can see. Without any proof I can't file a support ticket, so...
  6. I just had a battle where I could not zoom or move my weapons. It was not a lock on bearing as I check that off and on and it would not let me control my guns. I also could not zoom in. I have 0 mods installed.
  7. Greetings Captains! Have you noticed any issues in game with the new update? Please let us know here. Remember, if you are having issues or game crashes and you have mods installed, please uninstall them and try again. On top of that, we have a handy WG Check Tool to help out, so please check that out here: You can also check out my little guide on how to report a bug here:
  8. I thought that the game was having issues because of the Comcast outages. That's not it. Ship will freeze and then jump forward. Controls do not respond. Events happen in the game out of synch with the visuals. 20171107_174546_PXSB004-Tirpiz-1942-H2017_e02_Halloween_2017.wowsreplay 20171107_165003_PXSB004-Tirpiz-1942-H2017_e02_Halloween_2017.wowsreplay
  9. During today's Clan Battle session our clan made it to the Typhoon league, though following this we quickly made it back on to a demotion series pretty quickly. We won this without issue but almost immediately were booted back to a 2nd demotion series after just a single game (we had 2 divs running, both had queued up during the promo series but because the team that won finished first our loss put us straight back). This made me curious to check WG's CB system announcement again as I thought there was a system in place to allow you some kind of breathing room and not be on a 2nd demotion series within 5 minutes of just having won our last, where I found that is specifically stated that "Alternatively, if your Clan loses enough points to fall to the bottom of their current League, they must win three out of five Relegation Battles to keep from getting kicked down to the league below with a 35-point penalty. However, they get a 35-point bonus if they succeed." which is where my issue arose, we didn't get that 35 points, we didn't even get half of that amount. Instead we got 15. I searched through the patch notes for any mention of changes, but couldn't find any mention of changes to it, so as far as I can tell this is a broken feature.
  10. I dont know why this is still not fixed or if WG is even aware of it. The best example to observe the buggy rangefinding is either the right center Land Turret in the Operation where u have to invade the Harbour or in the 1st part of Halloween mission with the catapults. You fail to target these emplacements properly at the max range of your guns . You have to zoom in manually elevate your guns and you will be able to shoot them at max range of your guns without targetting only. To me this qualifies as a bug cant think of any reason why this should be by design.
  11. Just wanted to let y'all know that I am not receiving credit for completing the combat missions. I was rewarded the items but the mission didn't update.
  12. I have it equipped but alas I'm not seeing my fancy camo at all. Is there a mission or a bug or something? Just confused. Sorry for the terrible phone quality. So it's clearly applied, just not on the actual ship herself. Strange.
  13. I have it equipped but alas I'm not seeing my fancy camo at all. Is there a mission or a bug or something? Just confused. Sorry for the terrible phone quality.
  14. I finish a battle with 1697 base XP (no daily bonus) with VII YORCK. But the The first stage of the activity revolution is my name did not finish. which only require IV or higher ship and 1600 base XP. hope somebody can fix it. My game ID is Elizabeth_tiger. thank you.
  15. Hello there, Problem is as follows: I unlocked the yamamoto captain a few days ago. As we all know the yamamoto captain has the ability to shoot red tracer ammunition. I put him into my Myoko where everything was working as intended. After unlocking the Mogami though the HE tracers stopped working (they where shown as normal HE shells). The strange thing is that the AP shells (same ship same battle) still have the red tracers. I am aware that you can toggle the tracers on and off in port (already did that a few times). I can see the HE tracers of other people just fine btw. Oh and yes, the commander is fully retrained as well. Question: Am I the only one having this Problem, or is there another possible reason or fix for this? I am aware it is a minor bug/problem and there are more important things to fix in the game right now. I am just curious if the problem is on my end or not. Switch
  16. After down loading the new patch I cannot start any new campaign missions. I can continue the ones I have but the game refuses to let me start new ones. Anybody else experience the same thing?
  17. Greetings Captains! Have you noticed any issues in game with the new update? Please let us know here. Remember, if you are having issues or game crashes and you have mods installed, please uninstall them and try again. On top of that, we have a handy WG Check Tool to help out, so please check that out here: You can also check out my little guide on how to report a bug here:
  18. I was playing 2 Hosho v Hosho games where our fighters engaged with no AA around, I have aircraft servicing expert on my captain (the only ability that affects this fight in a major way) +5% HP and Airgroup Modifications 1 +10% AVG DMG and none of the fights had Aireal Superiority on the commander so it should be a close and even fight, but both fights ended up in a 0-4 or 0-3 in their favor, is one of the modifications or commander abilities bugged and if not the aircraft need to be reworked to include less RNG especially if being a CV means being tactical.
  19. Como pueden ver complete de manera "Completa" (valgame la rebundancia) y la mision no me da los "beneficios" de este reto completado hace ya más de 1 semana Se supone que deberia darme el Petroleo + 5.000 Exp Libre De verdad me sirve esa experiencia para subir de Tier
  20. The screenshots/replay speak for themselves. One of the kills was right as the battle ended and that's probably the bug. 20170930_104507_PJSB010-Nagato-1944_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay
  21. Okay so I got an in-game message about obtaining a special Graf Spee flag for my Graf Spee for FREE. Yup. Free. I clicked on the link, it opened a browser window. I copy/pasted the link into a text editor to review it, to ensure I wasn't getting spoofed. It looked legit. Took me less than a minute. I sign in via the browser window, go to the premium shop and I'm told "This item is no longer available." What?! I immediately went to my account control and changed my password. I doubt anyone can hack into the game and put a message up like that to obtain a userid/password but ya just never know. If this was/is legit - explain yourself WoWS/WG. What's the big deal taking me to a browser window, having me sign in only to tell me it's not available? tia fyc.
  22. There is an error in the combat missions. Cant get to the third level of the Earn Oil, it shows the second level complete but not the first and the missions objectives are showing the objectives of level 1. Also, all of the back to the basics missions have appeared again.
  23. I had 3 client crashes this evening. All were relatively close together in time in the 2200 hour US Eastern Daylight Time. All occurred in port. One happened as I hit the Battle button All generated a Windows message over the client, then the client exited (or was halted by Windows) back to the Desktop. I'm running Windows 10 Home (64-bit), Version 1607, OS Build 14393.1715 CPU is AMD Ryzen 1600 @ 3.69 GHz GPU NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB RAM is 16 GB This is the first time I have gotten a message and had the client crash. I have had disconnects, but those can be blamed on local network issues that were fixed a over a month ago.
  24. Fixed bug where ship visibility when firing secondary guns increased to the detectability displayed when firing their main armament Since no particular ship was mentioned... I take it this was happening for all ships having secondaries? Wow. Now the real question... Did you notice this bug? tiafyc
  25. So I have been trying to get my game to load the ingame premium shop and the inventory since the last major patch that implemented the in game premium shop and since then I cannot open either overlay. I have added the game to the firewall, I have repaired it numerous times but can still not get access to either. Considering I have bought numerous ships in the last few weeks it's becoming increasingly irritating that I cannot sell old modules or look at any specials on the premium shop. All I see is this: Even waiting for upwards of 10 minutes doesn't allow it to load when opening inventory used to load almost instantly before you all decided to add the premium shop into the game... Need a fix because I need to sell old ship modules.