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Found 402 results

  1. Messenger Bug

    I contacted support and they stated it's not banned because the suspension was lifted October 13th. So my only question is why am I getting Error code: 2C137/9 when I am in my messenger? I went to a few websites, turns out websites with this format or well, this type of forum layout, actually get a bug like this. https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/topic/312664-private-messenger/ This forum website is the exact same format as ours and layout. If you read on, it took a mod to actually re-enable the feature. I want to just be able to use my messenger. Before you ask support was a little confused that it could be just my browser, but that's been dismissed. It's just a rare bug.
  2. Win not recorded.

    This weekend I had a pretty great game in my Leander where I had at least one cap, 4 kills, and tons of damage. This would have been my 1st win of the day and should have profited me a nice 200% exp. Alas, it was not to be. Right at the end of the game it just kicked me back to port without recording the win, there was no end of battle report, and because I didn't record it there is no record of me even being in the game. Has anyone ever have this happen or heard of this?
  3. I don't have replays enabled unfortunaley but their is a bug with ohotnik dd or the Janwei as I was just sunk in Ohotnik by deepwater torpedoes this NEEDS to be looked at WG Just got the end of battle report was apparently a Fubuki I never saw, but they sure looked like they came from the Janwei.
  4. Bug Accept players in Clã

    I have 23/30 members in my clã, but cant accept one more invition.Any solution?!
  5. 我在店里买了HSF Graf spee,但我的船不是到达。为什么?
  6. In the Defense of Naval Station Newport, after you are dead, if you attempt to switch the view to another ship so you can watch them play, the game crashes immediately.
  7. what is missing?

    max range 18.1km, but when using binocular, only 16km even using the upgrade mod..
  8. I just wasnt aware if this was intentional because they weren't released yet or not but the module does not actually change the stat in game. Even though in port it will say 18.1km in game it only registers as a 16.6km range even with it fitted. Is this a bug?
  9. HI, I noticed this wierd shading issue in Epicenter match. Wanted to let you know. Love this game btw.
  10. I'm your average, typical gamer who doesn't know how to code. That's where my problem starts. In 2016 I used PlayonLinux to install WoWS. It worked perfectly. Two months later my game started to crash. I reinstalled, it worked fine. I started to have crashes again, not regularly but not enough to have another reinstall. I was getting tired of the grind so I got rid of WoWS and made way for a new game. I thought I'd come back later. Then 5.11 came out. I tried to reinstall because I missed WoWS and the game I had was pretty boring. But it said that it couldn't install because it had the wrong install file. I did some research and I found that in 5.11 Wargaming moved the files, so I was unable to access. I tried an alternative installer that had the right files but it didn't let me launch the game. Waste of 10 GB. I ended up getting a new hardrive because I ran out of space. If any of you would help me with this I'd really appreciate it, or if WG has the PlayonLinux devs fix it that'd be really helpful. I tried to run my own install using bash but like I said, I don't know how to code. I am a ten year Linux user, I'm not about to switch to Windows. Just to get that out of the way. In spite of that I don't know how to use bash. A special request to any Wargaming dev who reads this. I love your game, please fix this. There are quite a few people who would love to play your game but remain on the sidelines watching youtube because they don't know how to get the game working. Ways to fix. (1. Move the download files to the original location so PlayonLinux users can access it. (2. Provide a Linux WoWs installer like War Thunder. (3. Give the players an alternative linux installer. (4. Have the PoL devs fix the problem. If anyone knows an alternative for PoL let me know.
  11. Achievements Bug

    As you can see from the pic, the Chief Naval Architect achievement is bugged for me. It shows that I have to fully research 50 ships, and I have 62 of them, and it is showing in the progress bar... ... yet the achievement is not considered complete.
  12. Mouse sensitivity changes mid-match.

    Hello)))))))))))) So, last 2 weeks i have been getting an annoying "bug" that changes my vertical sensitivity mid-game, some times it happens when i change in and out of binocular mode or spectate my bullets/torps. saw it before the 0.7.0 patch too. It fixes it self when i go into another match. More specifically vertical sensitivity gets superlow(slow moving/difficult) and i think my horizontal changes too but it must be me. Thanks))))
  13. My WOWS client has been happily running for over two years, with minimal trouble, even after the last update. Today I played happily for a few games, then the computer hard locked with a blank screen and buzzing sound. This recurred every game thereafter, with seemingly increasing frequency until I was unable to spend more than about 30sec ingame. I tried installing the latest graphics driver, then uninstalled and reinstalled the game, to no avail. Then I switched from DX11 to DX9 and turned down all the graphics settings to minimum, and played two games without trouble. Then I tried turning all the settings to Maximum, except antialiasing, and the game ran well. Then I turned MSSA to 4x and the game crashed in the settings dialog. I turned it off and have not had trouble since. I have previously run 4x MSSA without trouble, and although my computer is old (6 years) it well exceeds the game requirements (3570K, 8GB, 390X). Definitely there seems to be something borked with the game at the moment. I have notice 2-3 AFK players per game lately. Hopefully this will help other people. I will continue to experiment with the graphics options to try to nail down a culprit setting, but DX9 and Low appears to be safe for me.
  14. This is truly the first time I've ever experienced this. I started a typical random battle in my Mahan, and roughly 10 seconds after I began accelerating and starting off the battle, my screen froze right where it was for about half a minute. After that, my ship disappeared, the HUD had odd disfigurements, and the center message said "Warship destroyed by ." So I am not quite sure what to make of this, it's certainly out of my intuition and understanding, any ideas as to what happened here?
  15. Horn Bug

    Anyone having an issue with the horn? I have noticed two times now that if the match ends while I have my horn sounding, the next match I get into the horn is perma on.
  16. After collecting 2 'try your luck' containers from normal XP gain, the 'xp earned' reset to 0 and got third container after just 2k more battle. DDG44 in public test
  17. Game Freeze Bug

    This is the worst glitch ever, and frankly it's very [edited]serious for any game to have anything like this. It's so bad that I can't even believe it exists and I'd rather believe I was hacked while playing. But obviously I wasn't hacked and the game just has a major design flaw somehow. As soon as I launched my airplane fighter, the game froze. My camera disconnected from my [edited]ship somehow? And just stayed where my ship was when this happened. My ship was still under my control until it was out of my camera sight and then i have no clue what happened to it. The plane was stuck where it launched with the plane sound looping. The Mini map was [edited]frozen. Most of my team got annihilated on top of it? coincidence? And if you pay close attention to my PC time and the game time at top left you can see the clock is frozen at 18:40 for the game, but the PC time keeps on ticking. The game chat worked just fine in real time with everyone talking and the game resuming as if I was still there somehow. Ships were dying, and i was getting their death reports, TAB was showing the outcome of the battle. When the game was over I got this [edited] black screen defeat screen. But not before I had a screen with scenery that was greyed out with nothing on it. When I went back to port All my ships were missing. Fix this, I don't feel like playing if this even has a 1% chance of happening.
  18. Not sure how this one happened as I've played at least 50 games since the latest update without seeing it before, but... I mean, I'm all for a clean interface but some controls would be nice. I just exited out of a battle immediately after it ended, as I normally do. EDIT: Disconnected from the server via the ESC key, and upon trying to reconnect got a fatal error from the game software. I have encountered a similar issue before when re-watching replay files, but this is the first time it happened in the game itself:
  19. Musashi Y118 camo is supposed to give 50% bonus exp for commander xp but it's currently not working. Basically I spent 5000 doubloons for worthless ugly camo. Please fix this WG. I attached screenshot. Bonus rate is exactly same as the type 10 regular prem camo.
  20. Winter Mystery Mission Bugged

    Anyone else having problems with the "Winter Mystery" mission? The personal Mission I mean? I've won 4 battles, and over those 4 battles I've killed 4 ships. However the mission is counting neither. Also on my current session record I've lost 3 battle, but across those three battles I've killed 2 ships. So I should have completed the part that says "Destroy 5 ships" but that's still showing as empty/no progress. What is going on? Anyone else having this problem? Thanks! Images of proof of kills and victories are as follows:
  21. So today im trying to finish both campaings but I just realice the campaings keep saying "Time till end 2 days" today is Jan 15 so that means it will finish at Jan 17, but in the main page of World of Warship the time was extended to Jan 19 because of the bugged missions, and some people are just keep rushing with all his soul to try to finish before 17. Give then a little rest and please fix the time before is to late. With love. Santa.
  22. So, idk if I'm somehow misreading something, but I thought the end date for the "Battle of North Cape" campaign was 1/19/2018, this Friday. However, the remaining time in-game shows that it will end tomorrow, 1/15/18? Is anyone else getting this?
  23. wth is this bug..

    So when I load the game, it just froze. So I quit the game with my task manager. When I rejoin the game it looks like this: So I quit it again, and redo everything again. It started to look like this: Just wanna know what the F*** is going on? (I just reboot my computer and redownload the game. 100% clear no mods)
  24. Hit escape to exit out of game and this screen came up. No way to dismiss, other than Task Manager.
  25. As the title suggests, this task is "also" bugged. To be honest i've lost all interest in completing these campaigns with so many bugs in them