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Found 6 results

  1. The +7.5% damage increase for Super Heavy AP shells on battleships shows up in port, and then in battle it shows up double. Forgive me if I missed it, I searched, google and skimmed the known issues, possibly it's in there and I missed it.
  2. So I noticed that when firing my Marco Polo, my detection goes out (Like it should) but to 21.1km when the firing range is 19km. Is this a bug or what?
  3. In port, in the EQUIPMENT interface tab, in the Modules section, the displayed research cost of unresearched Gun Fire control System (GFCS) modules is frequently incorrect due to being "sticky" when switching between ships on the bottom carousel while remaining in the EQUIPMENT interface. The research cost displayed on-mouseover, the cost displayed in the modal dialog after clicking the RESEARCH button, and the cost actually charged all appear to always be correct. However, while in the EQUIPMENT interface tab, if you click around between ships (especially between ships set to "Primary") using the bottom carousel, the displayed research cost for the GFCS module is frequently not updated (i.e. it shows the research cost for the GFCS module of a previously viewed ship). Screenshot of DD VIII Akizuki with GFCS module shown as 30 000 instead of as 8 000; I previously viewed DD IX Ostergotland whose GFCS module costs 30 000.
  4. Had to exit and restart several times,Failure to and or slow to respond both in battle and in port,Very slow to exit battle after battle has ended
  5. Vallad_invader

    Critical error

    was playing my Furious and hard crashed twice in the same match. I think the auto-pilot map was connected to the crashes cause both happened when i tried to use it. 20200713_145357_PBSA106-Furious_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay 20200713_144541_PBSA106-Furious_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay
  6. In the new PVE OP, I had just encountered a bug that prevents the team from completing the mission. After sinking the enemy forces attacking the Marine Regiments (1st Main Objective), the mission script in chat no longer appears. The CV support group doesn't spawned in, and the primary tasks do not update. Our team went forward towards the airfields, and the next wave of enemies has spawned in (Atago, DDs, CAs, etc.). Even after killing the ships, the mission task to destroy the airfield did not appear, and thus unable to win the operation. Attached are pictures of the battle as it went on (Take note of the primary task, where it has not been updated). As a result, I would like to please ask that you look into this to ensure that this situation doesn't occur again in the future. Thank you, Bone_Arrow