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Found 3 results

  1. Several times has this happened to me and several times it has caused me to lose matches due to of unfair advantages to the other team. Here's what would happen. 1. I load into the match then I sit there waiting to actually get into the match. 2. Realizing I can't and will have to restart the game, so I try to force close the game. This causes me to have to go back into the game to reassure it that I want to close the game. 3. The game freezes on the screen overlaying the desktop screen. I'm then unable to tab into other windows. 4. Cycling through the tabs I see a window saying the game crashed and I can report it then restart or terminate the program. The problem is I can't do either of those since the game froze and is overlaying the desktop screen. 5. So now I have to Ctrl+Alt+Delete to sign out and force close everything without actually being able to send the bug report. 6. The process takes too long to then get back into the match and actually load in like I should have in the first place only to find my team is losing terribly and I'm either dead or almost dead. This is very game breaking and super annoying. Please WG fix this!
  2. Testing out some new AA stuff. The DD DFAA consumable has a 2 minute consumable recharge for both the standard and premium instead of the 120s standard 80s premium. This is reflected in battle and is not a UI bug. Was this an intended change or do DDs just have something weird about their DFAA that was unintended. This is the same for Nicholas, Farragut, Mahan, Sims, Benson, Kidd, Fletcher, Black, Ognevoi, Udaloi, Grozovoi, Gearing, any DD with DFAA (I think that's all of them?) I did send a support ticket but have not received a reply yet. DD (Gearing) DFAA cooldown. Des Moines (Cruiser) DFAA cooldowns. (It is 114 and 76 seconds because of the -5% consumable cool-down flag)
  3. In the new PVE OP, I had just encountered a bug that prevents the team from completing the mission. After sinking the enemy forces attacking the Marine Regiments (1st Main Objective), the mission script in chat no longer appears. The CV support group doesn't spawned in, and the primary tasks do not update. Our team went forward towards the airfields, and the next wave of enemies has spawned in (Atago, DDs, CAs, etc.). Even after killing the ships, the mission task to destroy the airfield did not appear, and thus unable to win the operation. Attached are pictures of the battle as it went on (Take note of the primary task, where it has not been updated). As a result, I would like to please ask that you look into this to ensure that this situation doesn't occur again in the future. Thank you, Bone_Arrow