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Found 2 results

  1. I have been away from game for months. I was grinding the Baltimore on the way to getting the Des Moines. Now I see the Buffalo. Is that a new impediment? Another ship I have to research? I'm still not back in (no comp yet) so I can't get info from my pages.
  2. Very interesting article WG. Thank you for that. I have a few questions though. Where did you get the information about the ship's projected performance characteristics being too optimistic? I'd be interested to know in the USN's later analysis of this design. I hadn't read about the resulting reduction in belt armor from 7.5" to 6" before. Also you make a pretty big deal about the quad torpedo launchers and the torpedo reloads facilitated for them. So why wasn't this included on the Buffalo in the game? Not that I particularly miss the lousy USN torpedoes, I'd have personally preferred the extra armor instead. That chart of new US cruiser designs 1940-41 shows two designs, Scheme 1 and 2, for what look to be new light cruisers. Yet the main armament of Scheme 2 isn't identified. What was it?