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Found 1 result

  1. I have an idea on how to get us all out of this CV mess and still make WG and their precious CVs work...at least the spotting/concealment part which has led to DD pain and severe punishment to anyone that happens to wander off which has led to overall campy gameplay. Changes to concealment: CV planes detect ships as they do now but they only have the ability to transmit that information to a ship within 7km of the planes doing the spotting. Beyond 7km the only data that is passed on is a generic map marker (not an actual ship type icon) Example: CV rocket planes spot red Gearing 3.5km due north. CV can attack and so can the friendly Seattle that is located 7km south of the planes. The Zao that is 10km behind the planes only sees a dot appear on the minimap. All the friendly campy campersons and the rest of the gang on the other side of the map are oblivious to this engagement but they will also have a dot appear on their minimaps. If Gearing pulls the attack planes north a bit, Seattle loses surface contact but rocket planes can still attack at will or break off and go somewhere else if smoke is deployed. Why this is good: + from a spotting perspective this is closer to being back to pre-rework levels for surface ships. Unless there is a plane overhead and close enough to both detect and transmit the surface ships must spot and fight for themselves. + this skill would also be active to any fighters that the CV drops off as well. Might be nice as an area denial tool while the CV can attack elsewhere (until those fighters get shot down of course). + promotes aggression - the ships that want to hunt (Mino, some DDs, 2ndary build BBs) and take chances can stick close to the planes. DDs can get some of their aggression back knowing they may have to deal with rockets but they wont have to deal with the whole red team firing at them. + Might be some cool teamwork - A coordinated push by a group of surface ships with CV planes flying close air support and spotting a short distance ahead of them. + Solves the only real problem DDs face with post rework gameplay (quit crying about rockets) in that it is only at worst as bad as radar and at best it is a private fight between a single squadron and the DD. + CV play itself is pretty much unchanged while at the same time getting back toward pre-rework surface fighting. CV pilots weren't getting much XP reward for spotting anyway and constantly getting hassled for INTELLIGENCE DATA. With this they can be good team players while at the same time mainly focused on dealing their own damage. It's up to the surface ship to choose whether to keep up...not the CV player to feed them while they stay at the back. Other thoughts on current state of game: + Both sides seem to be equally unhappy about AA so it is probably just about right. I think the AA changes were perfect with DOT instead of flak bursts. Now the plane HP needs to be adjusted (slight buffs needed imo) + Plane attacks - buff aerial torp Alpha damage: Torp attacks are the riskiest/longest/highest skill attack of the three. Planes need to be better rewarded when they get a hit with a torp. DONT CHANGE THE AIM TIME/BLOOM ANYMORE (except maybe a tiny bit of a buff to American CV torp planes). Rockets seem to be about right - a bit of a buff wouldn't be terrible but it would need to come with some sort of aiming bloom that needs more skill than the current easy mode rocket attack model. Bombs seem to be the perfect balance between a skilled attack and good damage dealt. TO BE CLEAR, the above is with current .8.2 in mind. If planes or AA is monkeyed with to a level below/beyond where they are currently I would most likely have different opinions So...what do you all think?