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Found 1 result

  1. Luna_Tatakai


    I am writing this to complain about how weak the CVs are right now. As a super unicum CV player, I have played CVs for more than a thousand games. I would say that CVs are too weak now and most of the Tier 8, Tier 10 CVs are unplayable, and players are STILL COMPLAINING about them in game. First, compare to most of the CA/BB, CV has a much less expected DPM. In the whole game, it takes CV at least 1 - 1.5 min to complete one round of strike. A full group of bombers cannot attack one ship more than twice due to the AA, and which means the expected damage for that round of strike is usually about 20k or less due to the accurate of the bombs and the angle of the target, and the CV will likely to lose most of the planes if a group of bomber attacks twice. In the later game, the CV will be able to only attack once for 1 - 1.5 min with less than 10k dmg with bombers. With rockets, usually less. In addition, although torpedo bombers are likely to do more dmg, the target ship usually can evade some of them, thus the torpedoes are usually only efficient against BBs. Thus, after the CV keeps getting punished by the WG, I can only do about 120k or even less average dmg with my Midway now (before was about 160k). Obviously, for now, playing Midway to do same amount of dmg as ships like Conqr, Smolensk, and Yoshino requires much more skillful (my average dmg on Yoshino is more than 150k right now and my PR much less than my Midway).Hakuryu is still playable but needs to be buffed. The bombers are really essential to this ship, but many times even with perfect chance, I see much more 8500 or 17000 instead of 25500. With the same kind of perfect chance, any BB using AP can earn a devastating strike achievement. Second, most players are complaining about CVs are too good agains DDs. COME ON! WHAT A JOKE! A Midway/Hakuryu needs to spend adoun 5 mins (2 - 3 rounds with attack planes depends on how stupid the dd is) to kill a DD with rockets after the changes they put on the Midway's bombers. Sometimes it takes me more than 8 mins to kill a DD if the DD uses smokes smartly and turns off the AA. Compare to other ships, a Smolensk can delete a DD in 10 km in less than 1 min, and Kleber can do it faster. If you can run away from a Kleber 7 km behind by using smoke, why can't you do the same thing to the rocket planes from 9 km ? In fact, the situation is worse in real plays. Teammates keep complaining about CVs are not hunting DDs, but they don't even know how hard it would be for a CV to find a DD with air detecting range less than 3 km. Indeed, it is more efficient of a CV to focus on big ships, but again, just like I have mentioned, Conqr, Smolen, and Yoshino and even Yamato are better ships with higher DPM against big ships. In addition, AA makes the DPM of a CV worse these days. At the beginning of the game, due to the concentration of ships, the high AA will make a CV lose all the planes and can only attack once with a group of planes. In the later game, the CV is likely out of some kind of planes so she can't really do much dmg as expected. Hence, a CV in a game usually does much less dmg than she is expected to do. My conclusion is, except few CVs like Enterprise, Hakuryu and may be Graf Z, most of the CVs are unplayable now. Those playable CVs are indeed not as good as many ships that I have mentioned. Then why should CV be in this game? Spotting? that is DD's job, and DD can also capture. DMG farming? sorry I would like to drive a Yoshino or Smolensk instead of a Midway/Hakuryu/Audacious. Hunting DDs? CAs and gun boats, and even secondary build BBs can do a better job than a CV. Thus I just suggest the WG delete the CVs and give back the money, or may be buff them by increase their DPM. As a well experienced CV players, I believe the best way to buff the CV is to increase the speed of every plane by 15%-20%. Then the CVs will be able to do more dmg, and will not affect the balance of the game.