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Found 1 result

  1. Like many, I just got my Kansas with the Golden Eagle camo today and tried it out...and of course, got quite disappointed as many of you as well. Besides the long reload and terrible max speed, here's something else I found unbearable: 1. Dispersion. As a USN BB, she doesn't have the regular dispersion mod on slot 3. With her1.5 sigma, the accuracy is far from being okay. 2. AP profile. The shell weight is around 900kg (10% less than that of her peers like Amagi, NC, or Vlad). This thing, coupled with the mediocre air drag, gives you the lowest penetration profile: 40-60mm less penetration at 15 km. 3. Worse-than average hull armor. 32 mm almost everywhere yields poor HE resistance, despite the fact that the torpedo belt absorbs some HE damage. She also gets a massive massive superstructure with almost 4000 modular HP. In comparison, Vlad has 1900 superstructure hp which quickly saturates. 4. Probably worst Engine power of her tier. Although her accelerating ability has been specially buffed, the overall propulsion is still terrible. There are more specs on this ship that are just average, like the DPM or concealment. The AA is nice though. So basically IMO the only good things in her are the alpha and the citadel protection, which is overwhelmed by these shortcomings...I really hope WG can give an instant buff before people lose interest as they did for British CAs.