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Found 1 result

  1. Friendly fire needs to be buffed so that certain players in the game can be informed of their poor decision making lack of play lack of courage lack of risk taking lack of participation improper use of equipment Not scouting in DD Activating Radar at useless times Not spotting DDS as CV Camping as a BB Sniping with a German BB from A line Sniping with a German BB from E line Sniping with a German BB at all Bow camping with a Yamato or any TIER9-10 BB from the back 3 lines Suiciding your cv cause you don't know how to play in a Tier 8-10 AA environment For playing a CV at all For playing a Smolensk, Colbert, Harugumo, Minotaur and Worcester Asking continually CVs for AA support Asking for support while your on the back 3 lines Driving your DD behind a BB or Driving your BB behind a CV Activating your radar and telling everyone to shoot the DD while you hide behind a rock. CV Not being able to launch full airstrikes after 5 minutes of game play in Tier 6 CV Attacking Tier 8-10 BBs and CAs at the start of the game and than whining they have no planes DDs whining about CVs For driving any French ship and than complaining you lost the battle For driving any Italian ship and getting upset you got 1 shot For driving any Russian ship and wonder why no one wants to fight you..or just rams you Complaining about being rammed