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Found 3 results

  1. I'm rather surprised at how good the Edinburgh performed in Ranked, I had a very smooth ride after bumping my head against the wall, running radar for a couple of matches. Once I settled for smoke, it work really fine, finishing yesterday with a flawless performance to rank out (only 1 defeat but saved my star for a wide margin). Last night: Overall sprint: Let me start saying I don't like this ship very much. It handles like a fat cow, for being a CL is way too clumsy but at least she has a very decent concealment. I tried playing Radar version but it wasn't working for me, team mates are too unreliable, engagement opportunities become much more limited and imo the trade off isn't worth when the enemy is not really that good. Playing it with smoke I found it becomes much more flexible and you can impact the game more reliably, becoming a credible threat to any BB caught out within your range. Radar is very limited and easy to account for so smoke farming is relatively safe to pull. Playing close support to DDs while providing AA cover proved a very successful initial plan, usually guaranteeing winning the contested cap. There's not much an enemy DD can do against a smoked CL parked near the cap, providing gun support to their DDs. Carrying your own smoke makes you are fairly independent of team and terrain, coupled with the awesome concealment it allows you to deploy on unexpected angles to farm juicy broadsides. The insane heal will keep you in the fight as long as you manage to not get Devstruck (being close twice, this ship has an awesome ability to go from full health to nada in one volley). Overall and interesting and very flexible ship to play, tho I wouldn't call her "good" as her clumsiness compromises her survival to a great extent, making reactive dodging a very risky business.
  2. In Bronze League it is expected to witness a lot "peculiar" plays and wth moments, all in good sport and without salt, in the understanding we are all there "for fun" and/or easy rewards. I had this match and it kinda left me puzzled and thinking about my Seattle team mate, he spent the whole match behind the island at C5, for 7 minutes he contributed absolutly nothing to the team... he just sat there waiting ... until the enemy Aki moved towards B cap, then he efficiently ambushed and killed it then he moved back to cover... like a trap door spider. For the rest of the match he remained over there, at least gave me some support against the red Alaska and helped to sink it. Fortunately he didn't engaged the Georgia and just crawled back to cover and kept safe. I managed to keep the Georgia under control and won on points. During the match I remember feeling that Seattle was near useless, but the guy was very aware of what was happening, at least in chat. Thinking about him after the match, I realized he was instrumental to our victory, he was useless for about 75% of the time, but by design or by chance was in the right spot when it was needed. He ended securing 2 kills, kept B safe and managed to not die, all while not moving outside of a 2x2 grid square zone. In his uselessness he was a lot more useful than our other Yolo DD and our 3 battleships who between them all managed to only sink a red Bismarck by ramming. So, big brain play?, lucky amateur?, a guy with enough sense to know his limitations and playing his part as best as he could? Feel free to comment and post your own wondrous moments at Bronze League.
  3. I can't believe that Tier 9 ships are now allowed to populate both the Bronze League and the Silver League (where they belong). Whose cornflakes did WG pee in? Is this some joke played on CV players? Friesland cannot even be approached by T 8 planes. Period. And it's not alone! Did the T 10 bunch who were losing too much decide they needed cannon fodder to pick on again so they could feel good about themselves? Who's going to bring a Bismarck into a T 9 match, which is what the Bronze League is now? Six T9's and one T8 CV. The only thing worse than power creep is clique creep.