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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! Since we're discussing French warships these last few days, I thought this would be an apt question...though I completely understand if I get no answers because French warships aren't that popular, especially during the war-era. I was looking at purchasing a ship gun covering / tompion for myself. The one I'm interested thus far belongs to the destroyer l'Audacieux - a member of the famous Le Fantasque-class and a vessel that fought for the Vichy French at Dakar (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Dakar) before being scuttled at Toulon. However, the seller and I are having trouble dating the item (I'm wondering if its war-era), mainly because of the manufacturer's mark: a mysterious RGJ. This is the back of the l'Audacieux tompion with the RGJ: I did some searching around and found that a lot of people (mostly French sellers) do not know of this RGJ. However, he seemingly is also on ships that are more modern. Below is one RGJ found on a ship built in the 1950s - the destroyer Cassard (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T_47-class_destroyer) I don't know if I can find the answer to my question on this forum since French warships - war-era and otherwise - aren't everybody's big topic, but more heads is better than just my lone head. I would appreciate it if somebody can find the identity of this mysterious person. Additionally, finding out if the first tompion (the one for the Vichy French destroyer) is actually war-era in manufacturing would be a big help to me and the seller. Thanks!
  2. Just want to say thanks to the organizers of Supremacy League, the donors, the refs, streamers, and of course the players and their teams. Another solid season, and exciting times watching teams joust for position. I think in many ways Supremacy League captures all of those critical parts that clan wars misses, and you really get a nice change during the week. As always learned a lot, found respect for a lot of clans, and made some friends along the way. Looking forward to what next season has in store.
  3. Bronze Division

    I have a couple teams still looking to play Supremacy that didn't make the registration for the Qualifier. If your still interested in playing Supremacy but you missed the sign up I'm willing to run a shortened Bronze Division Season. This would be a good way to get a taste of competitive play if your clan has been thinking about it. If your interested post your team here, if we get 5 teams I'll run Bronze Division.