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Found 7 results

  1. Lord_Vakko

    (VIDEO) CVs are broken

    Trying my hardest to carry my team to a victory in Ranked. The enemy carrier is all over me wave after wave. When I finally get my chance to kill him at close range, he turns and sails away taking 0 damage.
  2. I took the time to explain 1. Why some think CVs are so weak 2. Why some wreck havoc with them 3. Showing that the skill gap is alive and well, almost exactly like the old CV skill gap
  3. monpetitloup

    CVs broke modstation

    The « hotfix » broke modstation. what’s being done?
  4. Give me a list, it could be premium or tech tree. anything works.
  5. Anij

    MM at Tier 8

    Hi Has WG changed something in TIER 8 MM? Because something is wrong. Its 80% Tier 10 matches, 10% Tier 9 matches and 10% Tier 8 matches. In contrast at Tier 3-7 I get a nice spread of 30%-30% and 40%. When I signed up for Tier 8 I understand I need to play Tier 10..but since when has Tier 8 become Tier 9.5? Seriously out here on the West Coast u need to get your Tier 8 matches in by 600PM west coast time because after that its mostly Tier 10. Personally I hate tier 10 games, its slow , its boring and nothing happens for 16 minutes and then you lose. I don't care what tier its is so when a player is driving a Tier 5 you cant have 90% of your matches in Tier 7. Why cant it just be a hard cap? 40% of your matches are in your Tier, 30% are 1 Tier up and 30 % are 2 Tiers up..it cant be that hard to do
  6. First I have to say.. ITS BROKEN. Being able to see the enemy IF' 1 of my/their team SEE's the other..IS STUPID.. You might add a Shadow, giving a suggestion of WHERE something is, but NOT A VISUAL TARGET. Iv seen it, Iv used it, Iv watched team mates DESTROYED BY IT... The Battleships has best view range, and Should not see everything that a Destroyer is seeing 4+ squares away.. Destroyers have small profiles and cant be seen by Battleships until they are reasonably Close..But Iv seen them shoot Long range and kill the destroyers. Iv seen 3 focus fire the last few destroyers..from the NEXT OVER Control point.. Radar/sonar...DO NOT tell you where and WHAT it is..they tell you SOMETHING is over there. and its not SUPER accurate, and does not show you the VISUAL TARGET.. you MIGHT get an average size of the ITEM on radar/sonar, but nothing more. Please fix this. Even the example you show...Shows that it shouldnt be happening.
  7. So, you screwed up every single skin by requiring that files be newly saved. I have 1740+ files in my skins folder that I'd have to resave in order to get them working again. I'd appreciate if WG let us know if you intend to undo this mindblowingly awful decision...