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Found 14 results

  1. Something has to be done about these 3 and 4 subs per team. Matches with 3-4 subs and 2 CVs are very common any more. A hard limit of 1 sub and 1 cv needs to come into the game ASAP. Both class have little to no way to interact with them or to do damage to them at while they can inflect damage to your ship.
  2. Ok Wargaming... You have broken us. I think I would rather have CVs in Clan Battles then have to deal with the double Conde spam. There - I said it. Half my clan doesnt want to play this season. Nice work. When are you bringing in some restrictions so us mere mortals can stand half a chance?
  3. Contact lists are not saving changes. It will show that the changes were made in real time...but the changes are not committing to the DB and are not persisted when you come back later!
  4. ExoticEmerald

    Ranked Broken?

    is Ranked like broken? Or am I just lucky to get here first? haha. First time getting into silver and trying to get into gold so idk :/
  5. Since this week/cycle I have horrible disp on my ships, particularly Nurnberg. Just when Wg will be capable of actually fixing the game instead of shoveling down on our throat this crap called skill re....?!? Btw "enjoy" another bug added to the endless existing ones...
  6. Random Battles are broken. There are too many blowout games in the upper tiers. The blowout games are making the game boring no matter which team you are on. Another issue with the game is T9 and T10 ships are now way to overpowering to play T8 ship. The link is to a video from Sea Lord Mountbatten that explains the issue really well.
  7. devilman275

    Please rework Graf Zeppelin

    it is no secret that GZ is in a poor state with the new rocket plane reticule Gz has a second attack group that is unreliable after so much fiddling with GZ i say, WG needs to look at it again, it is the worse performing CV at tier 8, the main issue is dive bomber are highly unreliable, the reticule and rng allows for far too many drop where 90% of the ship is in the reticule and somehow the 2 bomb just sideway off to the small part of water in it for its trouble the DB damage have been highly cut down from 7000 to 5400 with a marginal improvement in aim speed, which doesn't mather since the RNG dont care if you dont win the drop lottery TB are the only reliable damage and they are not that great either, they are fine just, they cant just pick up the slack from DB with the new rocket plane reticule, they are acting more like the dive bomber on the reliable departement. i dont know what can be done to help this cv without making it Enterprise 2.0, it needs to be more reliable and at least on part with the competition
  8. The matchmaker has to be broken! I've played several battles tonight with my friends and we keep running into whole teams from the same clan. THERE ARE NO RANDOMS. Match making must be broken! WeeGee Pls nerf this. 0/10 unplayable.
  9. smolensk is broke as hell it can solo kill battleships from soo far away that range is crazy has a farther range than a GK with legendary on "legendary shortens the range cuz [edited] u thats why" Smolensk can fire over islands that are really high whilst siting directly next to them meaning no bb in game can retaliate ever, smolensk AA is god level if it is escorting a BB th AA field is way to strong to do much dmg. and i dont play cv much just noticing this stuff . soo and i know you peeps will say well good bye wont miss a player like you, but i dont hang out on forums complaining that my op ship isnt op enough like most forum warriors but [edited] it all i digress the nerf for smolensk needs to happen in november or im gone my money is gone and im never coming back so fire that one I.T. guy cuz u cant afford his [edited]nowadays. you guys wont listen to your players no matter what anyway we still have to play epicenter cuz u say it was hard to make so we gonna make u play the worst game mode ever conceived . so Thank you Wargaming for the good times [edited] russia and good night.
  10. I took the time to explain 1. Why some think CVs are so weak 2. Why some wreck havoc with them 3. Showing that the skill gap is alive and well, almost exactly like the old CV skill gap
  11. monpetitloup

    CVs broke modstation

    The « hotfix » broke modstation. what’s being done?
  12. Give me a list, it could be premium or tech tree. anything works.
  13. Anij

    MM at Tier 8

    Hi Has WG changed something in TIER 8 MM? Because something is wrong. Its 80% Tier 10 matches, 10% Tier 9 matches and 10% Tier 8 matches. In contrast at Tier 3-7 I get a nice spread of 30%-30% and 40%. When I signed up for Tier 8 I understand I need to play Tier 10..but since when has Tier 8 become Tier 9.5? Seriously out here on the West Coast u need to get your Tier 8 matches in by 600PM west coast time because after that its mostly Tier 10. Personally I hate tier 10 games, its slow , its boring and nothing happens for 16 minutes and then you lose. I don't care what tier its is so when a player is driving a Tier 5 you cant have 90% of your matches in Tier 7. Why cant it just be a hard cap? 40% of your matches are in your Tier, 30% are 1 Tier up and 30 % are 2 Tiers up..it cant be that hard to do
  14. So, you screwed up every single skin by requiring that files be newly saved. I have 1740+ files in my skins folder that I'd have to resave in order to get them working again. I'd appreciate if WG let us know if you intend to undo this mindblowingly awful decision...