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Found 6 results

  1. Normally I don't get ships in Early Access, but I saw a review on HMS Queen Mary & thought I'd go for it. I also wanted to one-up the resident teaboo in my Discord server. So I used some Community Tokens to buy enough British Tokens to buy HMS I-keep-forgetting-this-thing-has-torpedoes. I love her already, and so far I haven't even hit anything with the torps. And then Wargaming gave me a shocker: a doubloon supercontainer! That put me past 4125 dubs, enough to get the OTHER battlecruiser I had on my wishlist: MN Dunkerque. Not only did that happen on the same day I got Queen Mary, but it was my 2nd supercontainer out of my last 3 Try Your Luck rolls. The other was coal, now closing in on Lutjens. Sadly I didn't win either the supercontainer or coal bids, so I won't finish my coal grind this week. Can't wait till Raptor Rescue comes into rotation! ♦
  2. black_hull4

    Error 404: Citadel Not Found

    Now, there are a couple of ships which are notorious for having their citadel in another dimension. Yeah, these are the 2 big ones. So rare to hit the interdimensional weakness that it's extremely satisfying when you do. *insert Daniel Rusev shocked face* Then there's the cruisers have straight up don't have citadels, like Elbing, Felix Schultz, Attilio Regolo, Adriatico, Paolo Emilio, and I think Eritrea. You can still do chunk damage, they react explosively when you catch them broadside, and you can still detonate them. But for some reason, no citadels. But then there's THIS one: And I swear that HMS Weymouth NEVER gets citadeled. I've shot at this ship with the heaviest AP shells in its normal MM, WHILE IT IS GIVING BROADSIDE, and I only get full pens. It's not like Smolensk's auto-BB overpen, because I've also hit this thing with 152mm & 165 mm AP to the same effect. The armor is certainly thick enough to arm a battleship fuse but the citadel never gets hit. The only way for Weymouth to see AP bombs is to fail division into Tier 4. And I've done hit and got hit by AP bombs from Hosho, which still fail to pen the citadel. And I've never seen one detonate either. Is Weymouth's citadel stupidly well protected? (Oh yeah, and she gets a heal) Or did Wargaming forget to even model it?
  3. Hello fellow captains, Im currently grinding the Tier 4 Danae and I'm still trying to decide whether to go for heavy cruisers or light cruisers. I thought this could spark a discussable topic so I decided to post this. My only problem with the light cruisers is that they don't have HE but they are more maneuverable than the heavy cruisers. Does anyone have any opinions on both lines?
  4. anonym_bleJN7gXeLqd

    The tiger and the dragon: HMS Surrey

    She is slow....but she is a small little thing...and she bites HARD. I am in love with HMS Surrey!
  5. In this short video, I run through the details of Update 0.9.0, including how to earn British Tokens, Review the directives, Detail the 2 different random bundle offerings, clan battles season 8, game balance changes and more... Thanks for watching!