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Found 8 results

  1. I am not exaggerating when I say Brawls are unplayable. I keep getting penalized because you can't program Brawls correctly. I try to join a brawl match, the team lists load, and then the game shuts off. I get back in & I have a penalty for leaving a match I never even joined, plus service costs for a ship I didn't play. This ONLY happens to me in Brawls.
  2. So me and a clan mate div'd up. Schlieffen and Hindy. I played 2 prior in a Kleber. All told 2 solo wins, and 9 for 11 in div... ..... A mode to play with friends. A mode to have fun. A mode to test your skill... .... PLEASE MAKE BRAWLS PERMANENT. Just rotate tiers, ship numbers....
  3. MiniHannibal65

    Ships for Tier 10 1v1 Brawls

    Here's some recommendations if you are looking for ship to play in brawls! (Don't forget to like and subscribe!) Link for those who can't use embed
  4. Two Brothers is an obnoxious map to have for Brawls, if there ever was criticism to be laid upon the devs, having this map on Epicenter version should Rank on the Top 10. Last night I dropped on this map along a Cruiser/BB Div (Schors and Gneis iirc), I was playing Jervis. We where facing a Haida/Belfast/Nelson comp. After expressing my mandatory cuzz at the map, I proceeded into my cell in the inner Cap, Aft first... after a couple of minutes I see my team Div pushing in force into the reds, it was a good play as the worst you could expect was Haida torps, they only took 2 of the 4 and then we quickly focused and dispatched the Haida and the Belfast, in no time the game was down to a 3 v 1 against the red Nelson with my team mates both still over half HP, I lined a perfect conga line of torps against a static-soon to be reversing BB at only 4-5 kms, the game was in the bag... not really Things started to go the wrong way the moment I saw my CL turn full 90° to cross the T on the Nelson, blocking all but 2 of my torps while giving her full broadside to the Nelson... Meanwhile her BB brother also gave her full broadside to the Nelson and proceeded to get deleted in one salvo, next salvo found the CL still sailing broadside just right into Nelson's guns, he barely needed to turn his guns to line up the CL... in the lapse of 40 seconds the game was down to me desperately maneuvering to get back into the channel, without ready torps, against an angry half life Nelson at 5 km. At this moment we had control over the inner and middle rings, but were somewhat behind on points, clocking faster but with the Nelson just a step from blocking the middle ring. That's when the first cry of "DD run came"... by the moment the Nelson stepped into the middle ring, we were barely ahead on points. If I let the Nelson cap, we lose... so I fire for resets. Queue angry curses for me firing and not running and staying alive, with a long tirade of insults... clock marks still more than 2-3 long minutes until we win on points, more shots, more resets, more insults as more nasty RN 406 mm HE splashes my DD... I juke, smoke, and manage to stay alive and reset once more, leaving some torps to delay Nelson from entering inner cap, finally I´m forced to turn tail and hide... Nelson secures the middle cap and boldly moves for the inner cap, I need to stop him as they are now ticking 2 caps vs 1, if they stop our cap they can over come the point difference and win... I need to risk one more salvo to drop a nasty conga line on his intended path... the insults are now of fantastic proportion, the poor guys have no idea about what is happening and why I'm doing what I do... no time to explain anyway. Nelson is forced to beach to avoid the incoming deletion, our cap keeps ticking and we win over just a handful of points. TBH it was quite a thrilling experience, tho it is kinda sad to see people not even understanding what's happening on the match... Hope it helps, see you next time.
  5. It has been less than a week since the Commander Skill Rework went live, and I'm already missing battleship duels and brawls. This one here was my last before Update 0.10.0 arrived. When this ended, a lot of questions lingered on my mind. Will this rework permanently remove the fun? Will this allow me to get a Kraken once more? Only a dead eye can tell.