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Found 5 results

  1. Another full genius move from WG. I.... just don't get it. I stay away from T 10 specifically because of Cv's. And.....they want me to play at T10...in a 5v5 format... with Cv's?!?! ..............
  2. TopGear764

    Brawl CVs

    I really want to like this game but its getting harder. I like the idea of the brawl and its a great mode but I just had a game against a CV and never saw him once. Never capped. all I did was tank damage as much as possible and it didnt matter because CVs in this game right now are crapand ruin the game. How the hell is that fair. The brawl mode is good but needs to be refined aka remove CVs from it until they find a way to balance this crap. Honestly [edited] you wargaming [edited] you, [edited] you, [edited] you, and [edited] YOU PS. [edited] you
  3. michael_zahnle

    Ranked/Brawl Schedule

    So I logged into the game this morning to grind me some rewards in Brawl and lo and behold... brawl is inactive. Took a look at Ranked, thinking that maybe, just maybe I can advance a notch and lo and behold... ranked is inactive. BOTH of them won't start up for 5 hours and I do work for a living. How about alternating the dead time, or does the spreadsheet think having both inactive AT THE SAME TIME is a good idea?
  4. 1vs1 Brawls are fun, I really enjoyed it last year and look forward again to it later in this patch, I was thinking about it this morning and came up with an idea How about a variation of Brawls, what about Duels? Where two players could meet and challenge each other? Players could choose one another like being invited to join a division using the same tier ships, what do you think?
  5. I discuss the many reasons to be in a clan regardless of how competitive you are. The bonuses are too good to pass up. Any solid clan, PvP OR PvE will make your gaming experience far more rewarding in World of Warships.