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Found 2 results

  1. USmisterT

    Who's in a division?

    In the clan message board, it would be helpful to put a designator for which players are in a division and which division. Maybe an "A" or "B" next to the name. The crossed swords already tell who is in battle but not where and with what division if any.
  2. Our clan [TAFFY] often does not have enough players to field two teams. While waiting for a chance to jump in it is incredibly boring. Why can't we watch other clan members play as observers only, no text or voice to players in a battle? I suggest no voice or text during the battle to avoid confusion with too much chatter. As a new clan player, it would be helpful to get constructive after-action comments from observers. This is a complicated game and clans and even more to learn. Where or how can I print out ship info for reference? This would be the right-hand pane while in port.