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Found 8 results

  1. as title says, i can only have one. help me decide :3
  2. Y'all, I'm not nearly as good as Bourgogne is making me look so far this ranked season. Day 1: Won my first game, lost my second game, and then I just started winning and winning and winning. So I figured I'd keep playing until I lost. That took a while. Day 1 final total: 12 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw. And 4 of those wins were hard carries, and a couple more were arguably carry-ish. (To be fair, two of the other wins I got too aggressive and got carried...the others I contributed my fair share but I didn't carry hard.) Y'all, srsly, manly-build Bourgogne is disgustingly OP in Arms Race ranked. She's my favorite BB anyway, but in this game mode, she's actually better than she is in randoms. To be fair, I don't know if she'd do as well in a normal season, or in clan battles. Her low HP pool is usually a huge liability. But the quirky nature of arms race plays to her strengths. She benefits from arms race buffs more than most BBs. Once the team gets a couple of heal buffs, she can heal up damage and bounce back quick, mitigating her usual HP disadvantage and helping her survivability immensely. The maneuverability buffs enhance an already memeworthy top speed...there's something hilarious about doing 41 knots in a BB. I had great success flanking wide away from the main body of the team, taking verbal abuse from potatoes yelling 'stick together', and grabbing buffs while positioning myself for broadside shots on the red team. Popping up on their flank and delivering 36 rounds of 380mm love taps in 25 seconds (thx to reload booster) never got old. The heal buffs and her speed and agility combine to make her even more survivable...when I got focused, I could turn and kite away and if need be go dark for a couple minutes to heal. And when CVs tried to focus me since I was split from main body of fleet, I was able to dodge their attacks a good bit of the time, kill a ton of planes, AND free up my team to push without getting harassed by planes. The other nice thing about Main Battery Reload Booster? Between that and my secondaries, any DD which showed up in my secondaries range got deleted quick, and a few even out of range. I use AP most of the time in Bourgogne, but MBRB lets me clear my AP with a salvo and have HE on my next 11 seconds later...I deleted a hilarious number of red DDs today. I play my Bourgogne (& Republique) like gunboat DDs anyway...Arms Race just lets me get away with it more easily. Without the constant heal buff and other buffs in arms race, I don't know if I could have played as aggressively as I am able to in this game mode. She's good in randoms, but I don't think she'd be quite as strong in clan battles or a normal ranked season. But her consumables loadout, fast reload, and meme speed all benefit tremendously from the buffs, even more so than other BBs since they're already so ludicrous. I doubt I'll keep winning 80%, but I have no doubt I'll rank out faster this season than I ever have, because this ship makes me look insanely good. I know I had a run of good teams today, but I also carried some games I don't think I could have carried in any other ship. If you've got a Bourgogne and you've hesitated to bring her into ranked because of her weaknesses in normal competitive play (low HP, mainly) I highly recommend you give her a try. Highlights: My favorite was the game where I did 20k damage to every ship on the red team. Managed to save our still fairly high HP Kremlin from getting rammed....at the cost of doing 10k dmg to him myself. I got the red ship ten feet short of the ram, but I also had a few shells hit the friendly. He didn't mind, since I saved his butt and we carried the team together. A few other highlights: This ship is ungodly and I will love her forever. How'd the rest of y'all do today?
  3. I am considering getting the Tier X French battleship Bourgogne ("Burgundy" translated in English) as my next steel ship. For those of you who have sailed her before, what do you think about her? Do you recommend getting her? Also: is she the lowest HP Tier X battleship in the whole game?
  4. Well is seem that as the time goes on , it come harder to win, most team seem always to ended up on the back on the map were there no return point. here an example of what it take to win sometime! WHen the team want ot throw away the game and you have to kill 7 of them to win .... That moment you get 2 brother and both flank run away on the AB line and you got up the middle , dev strike the enemy midway and turn the table around When you get a standard battle and the right flank run away giving the base to the enemy team and you now have to leave the left flank to save the day ....
  5. So after our CB session last Saturday, I had the pleasant surprise of having just enough steel to finally get my Bourgogne! Would've had her a lot sooner had I not been dumb and bought the Black about 6 months ago lol! Anyway, Ive basically been using my French legendary captain on her. He is trained on my Alsace and I figured his current build would be fine. However, I am curious if any other owners of this ship might have alternative suggestions? My main question is, would it be worth getting rid of AFT for Concealment expert? Im always open to new ideas and any advice is appreciated!
  6. This ship is great fun. I'm not even a BB player, but I feel right at home in it. Imagine a 38 knot Hinden with more HP disguised as a Battleship. The disguise makes it so the 'unaware' players think you aren't going to reload in 10s with booster and try to turn away from you, exposing that tender citadel. Slap on a propulsion mod and play like a Dunkerque, but instead your ship is actually good. If you think the HP is just too low for a BB, think again. A nice and low citadel shaped hindenish and you can sidescrape and troll with your propulsion, you wont be missing that HP. If you happen to find yourself with some steel, do yourself a favor and skip that boringgrad. Buy yourself a shiny Bourgape and terrorize the randoms. Do your friends a favor and tell them the good news too.
  7. It can be done captains...it can be done.
  8. Illustratum_AEternam

    Put Bourgogne into the Premium Shop

    It would be nice to have new players directly access to a high skill requirement ship. They maybe bad at first, but in time, they will be able to learn a lot faster. New Ship for Steel With the release of Update 0.7.11, a new ship—French Tier X battleship Bourgogne—will arrive in the Arsenal and will be available to purchase with Steel. The battleship comes with three quadruple turrets, good AA defenses and secondary battery guns. Her consumables include: standard Repair Party and Damage Control Party, Engine Boost, and Main Battery Reload Booster. Please mind that you get Steel for participating in battles in any of the Leagues. The higher you climb, the more rewards you can get!