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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone, my clan TOK is a clan tha only plays tier 1 games Tier One Killers, because its the most realistic and fun , averyone has the same ship and chances ar fair so you have to develop good tactics and play in division to win, but with the new update with bots filling in they ruined the game, most of experince tier 1 players are experienced players that returned to tier 1 because of the otherb tiers are unfair and unrealistic, I guess that WG it is not interested in tier1 players but there is a big comunity of player that plays tier 1 , we most know each other, saddly we would have to stop playing because of this. Hope the undo This crappi update Hans
  2. The idea of limiting the total number of battle attempts a person can get per season in ranked play came up with some guys I play regularly with. As people go deep into ranked season, there tends to still be a population of players who are just playing a numbers game, hitting start and yoloing in so that they die quickly and then just start another battle immediately. The high limit for number of battles to rank out is 1,311 with a 48.67% win rate. Those had to be very short battles to get that many in during that compact a period of time. The second person on the list had 1,153 battles - and only made it to Rank 8. The amount of people who played over >350 battles totaled 247, and only 5 of them had a 52% or better win rate in ranked. The quickest rank out in NA was Peregrinas, who took only 46 battles to hit rank 1 at an 84.78% win rate - congrats to him. Looking at the people who ranked out, about 250 battles is the range for people with a 52-54% win rate to hit rank 1. I am proposing that WG simply put a countdown limiter on the number of ranked attempts people can take in the mode. That seems to be the simplest way to limit people spamming battles and counting on the other six players to carry them to victory. 250 seems to be a solid number to start with, and perhaps it will discourage people who aren't going to give their best effort playing the mode, to reconsider playing past rank 10 and the easy to gain initial rewards. I personally never go past rank 9 because the rewards are not aligned with the amount of frustration I feel at having to win 4 and then 5 stars to advance one level. Not when there are afk's or yolo bots in every other battle. Hopefully others have ideas on things WG could do to improve the experience of those playing ranked battles, I kept mine simple because simplicity is easier to install then some multi-conditional set of rules. I look forward to hearing what ranked players think about this situation. EDIT: Here is an alternative idea mentioned by someone in my clan family that would work around the issue of "limiting" people who want unrestricted play to rank out. If it's difficult to read, the gist is that only 7 players would get a star, based on their xp alone. Players that played superbly on the losing team would get a star while people on the winning team who didn't contribnute to the win would get passed over.
  3. Warmonger2600

    Torpedoes and BOTS, old story, but why?

    I know it's probably been said a hundred (or a thousand) times before. But why will bots turn into friendly torpedoes? They "actively" avoid enemy torps, yet when I launch mine well out of their path, they turns into mine. I can post the replay, but why, everyone knows. If they have the ability to avoid enemy why can't they just treat ALL torps as enemy torpedoes and avoid them???
  4. Just started (2+ weeks ago) playing WoWs, and I'm doing coop games to learn the basics. On a specific load screen (after queue screen; the map screen) the WoWs designers give this advice: "Maneuver by changing your speed and course to throw off the enemy's aim." Now, I can understand this advice when playing against a human opponent, but against a bot? Especially bots secondaries... I'd think it much more likely that "chance to hit" would rely on some simple mathematical formula using maybe distance away, speeds and size of ship being fired upon, but maneuvering? Would a certain "basic amount" of maneuvering (over time) affect the bot's aim a certain amount? Would "more maneuvering" during a specific amount of time throw off the bot's aim more than "less maneuvering?" Is maneuvering BOTH to the right and left better than only to one side? Does changing SPEED throw off the bot's aim MORE than changing COURSE? Or do they affect it equally? So, how does the computer compare the two? Does changing your speed A LOT have the equivalent effect of changing your course A LOT? Who decides the parameters on what A LOT is? And if you changed BOTH speed AND course would you throw off the bot's aim the most of all? And would you have to do this maneuvering between the time EACH secondary fired? And since the secondaries fire individually, rather than in salvoes, you'd simply do best by maneuvering constantly? I just think it unlikely that all this got considered in some mathematical formula that then got programmed into the game just for the bots, especially for their individual secondaries. Why any of this matters... It's a fact that maneuvering by changing course affects your speed. It dips just a bit, going from FULL and dropping into the 3/4 range, depending on how violent the maneuvers are. And, of course, changing speed up and down would also drop your overall speed down some, too. In both cases this means that it would take MORE TIME to reach your target (say, to launch torpedoes at medium/close range), and MORE TIME would then translates into MORE SHOTS that the enemy bot could take at you, potentially causing MORE DAMAGE. Or sinking you. So have the programmers at WoWs said they've got some fancy formula programmed in for the bots that includes all types of maneuvering and their combos, or is it actually smarter to rush bots as fast as you possibly can (in a straight line; no maneuvering)? Just wondering.... PS Sorry if this question has already been asked and answered. I tried going through the archived pages, but there's just so many of them! A search of "maneuvering" + "bots" didn't yield anything.
  5. I just finished my third match with this particular player in a week (all three were early morning EST btw.) And after each match I have reported him. He stays AFK for 10-12 minutes. Then when he does finally start moving, it is in a direction completely away from the battle. IIRC - he's always been in a Jean Bart. And frankly it has gotten old. I'll be reporting him again now, but wth WG... is it that hard to identify a player who's clearly botting? You don't get a 35% w/r in a JB (with over 500 battles,) if you're not hurting your teams terribly by being an afk bot.
  6. Hey WeeGee, Can you change the BOT AI for CV's? All they do is pick one DD at the beginning and head right at him regardless if they are spotted or not and harass him the WHOLE DAMN GAME. DD sits in smoke, planes hover over the smoke cloud and continues. Yeah yeah I know they don't normally hit anything but as a low level DD beginning the game it is annoying to not get the opportunity to utilize your stealth to move about the map tactfully with out these buzzards ALWAYS AROUND. No I'm not talking about Co_Op's that one I can avoid, it's the low tier randoms that spawn two AI CV's (for some dumb reason)
  7. I sent in a replay of an obvious bot and this is part of the reply I received: I see that you have a report regarding a possible bot activity in the game. Rest assured that I will do my best to assist you on this. Regarding your concern, we have our Anti-Abuse system placed in the game which automatically detects these kinds of scenarios. Should the system detect that a player is using a bot, it will automatically place the necessary sanctions/punishment. Again, we thank you for bringing this to our attention and for your continuous love and support for the game. We will conduct an investigation based on your information on the incident, but there is no need to file a complaint in the future because of the work of the previously mentioned system. Sooo, what WG is saying is that the Anti-Abuse system should be catching all bots in game HOWEVER due to the amount of bots I encounter this clearly is not happening. It's more likely that bots are tolerated because: 1. Botters spend money 2. Bots speed up MM queue times In other words Reporting a player for botting is not worth your time because the Anti-Abuse system will detect them supposedly. EDIT: Please explain why you down voted this post? Seriously, you are either a botter or enjoy having bots in your random matches.
  8. Sometimes at the beginning of the game as soon as a bot spots a enemy it will fire it's torpedo regards of it's how far the person is. A ship would be across the map and the bot would still try to torpedo it. So the problem is that when the game start and I play like a destroyer and I am close or sailing be side a friendly bot destroyer, I would get torpedo by them. This would suck alot because then I would have barely any HP at the beginning of the round. I wish wargaming would not make friendly bots to torpedo at the start of the round and not torpedo directly at a friendly.
  9. So, I have run across extremely poor players/bots playing in randoms at tier 8 and above. Symptoms of the poor play/bots are ships sailing to the corners of the map: no shots fired, only damage done is shooting of planes. I have tried to report this poor play to WG but only get simple canned responses saying they have software in place to detect and address this. So is this a free ticket to cheat and use bots or mods since WG's software is horrible at detecting their use and WG does very little to accounts that use them? I have a particular player I have been watching with a PR of 312, win rate of 43% with either zero games played or 30-40 games played a week and over 7000 battles. This player was in a match were his ship sailed to A10 until it was the last ship alive, then sailed to the closest cap. While in the cap I was broadside to me in a cv with 1000hp and he did not fire a single shot as I burned him down for the win. The clan that he is in has an average win rate in the high 40's and the majority of the clan members have very bad PR's.This all symptoms of a long standing use of a bot with very little ramifications to the player accounts. My hope with this is to start the discussion on how WG should deal with poor play. The use of reporting poor play in game does nothing. Matchmaking is only made more difficult when you get bots in the mix and this all only increases the "burnout" of those that play the game to have competitive and challenging matches. Thoughts?
  10. Balon_Greyjoy

    PT 8.5 - Talking Toasters!

    Went to check out Co-op in PT. First the good news: still no AI sky cancer. Now the funny part. The green bots have a new naming system, like "Perf_pt3301" and "Perf_pt2766". When an enemy is first spotted, they all spam "Enemy hunt!" "Enemy hunt!" in global chat. They also don't seem to like each other very much, as they all tend to turn pink rather quickly... I just about wet myself laughing.
  11. CaptainMrEpic


    We can all agree. Bots are not smart, AT ALL! And I mean not at all, of course because they are bots. But that means Wargaming can mess with their AI. Wargaming, please, fix the AI on bots. I have had so MANY bots killing their own team mates. I just got done with a game where I did from a DD torpedoing me by a bot. I know this is a complaint but bots need to have some sort of limits, like if it is way to close to an ally it need to stop firing when the ally has passed, or something like that. I just think the AI needs some serious fixing. :)
  12. Estoy jugando mucho con la ultima linea de BB que llego al juego (QE/Nelson) y la verdad que el juego me parece que tiene días donde esta injugable. Esta cada vez mas llenos de Bots y son evidentes, primero que generalmente tienen nombres como 1crusher; player_225594836; ty_22283472; 111pray y similares. Y segundo porque siempre tienen el mismo comportamiento, se quedan quietos hasta que les disparan, van como locos al frente o directamente no participan de la partida. Hoy jugué 9 partidas, gane 4 y perdí 5. Y en todas las que perdí, tuve 1 o 2 bots y/o jugadores AFK. Me canso de reportar con el sistema que trae el juego, pero es como que nadie hace nada (a mi entender estos bots son de wargaming y no jugadores con algún soft especifico). Alguno mas noto este tipo de problemas?? O prestan atención a los jugadores que les tocan en las diferentes partidas?? Otra cosa que noto en estas partidas, por ejemplo, jugando con el QE es que parece que uno le pega a todo, pero no hace daño... Me canse de colocar 3/4 tiros de AP a barcos bien o mal parados (siempre hablando del QE) y hacer 1200 o directamente cero daño, y que cuando me tiran a mi, me cae una sola bala y me hace 4500 puntos de daño (?????) por mas que pegue en cualquier lado... Saludos!
  13. CalamitousIntent

    The new Garbage AI. round 2.,

    So you've done it to us again. I thought yesterday was an aberration but now the new AI is back in coop. If i wanted the feeling and Time investment that went along with playing humans, I would hit the Drop down, Switch from COOP to random and i would play against humans. sprecific reasons why I feel the new AI is garbage. 1. I'm tired of having to chase down retreating bots. aint nobody got time for that. 2. Battleships are still snipers. 3. Bots can dodge CV torps in such a way that if you don't have manual drop hitting them is extremely more difficult. 4. DD's with extremely short range are left holding the bag chasing down fleeing bots 5. DD's with long range torps are very unlikely to land anything with the extremely erratic behavior of all ships. 6. BB's are group up making later cruiser play next to unbearable. 7. CV just sits there, keeps it's fighters in reserve. Meanwhile when your CV is a bot, it still plays terribly. There is a huge difference between how well enemy cv and friendly cv bot plays. BONUS: The Acosta. just the worst. once this English even thing is over I'm selling it and going to thereapy for help forgetting it. ITS FAKE NEWS!. I play coop because I don't need the stress of PVP. Now I have to fight just as hard as i would in PVP but with no reward. I don't want the reward i just want my casual play back and not have to spend twice as much time per match. The amount of time I play this game is going to be in direct correlation to how much i enjoy playing it and friend. I am not enjoying this. Please change it back or at least re-tool the bots so they are bold. This chasing them down stuff has got to go. respectfully CalamitousIntent.
  14. CalamitousIntent


    AND THEY'RE BACK. Just as quickly as WG fixed their biggest mistake , they decided to unfurl their giant middle shaped finger flag to co-op players. These new bots are GARBAGE. Yeah, they play more like humans, but if I wanted to play against humans I WOULD PLAY AGAINST HUMANS. If anyone else despises This change sound off below with your own comments and critiques. griefs- Bots are cowards, they panic and sail around in circles once hit. games take way longer , more time for the same low reward battleships still deadly accurate. I'm old and I'm getting older every day. This wans't so bad because I had my co-op play so now I don't so much. SO I"M BLAMING YOU WG. Why the Hell did a buy and American Dasha just to have her speak in Russian.I'd say worst mail order bride ever but my actual one steals from me. things you could have done to make it more interesting. 1. unlock co-op to 12v12 2. unlock 2 CV (rare but possible) 3. better balancing. never more bb's then cA's never more dd's then either. 4. bring back matlock. !!!!RRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Now I'm not quite sure how feasible this is but as a counter to the botters and afk-ers problem, how feasible would it be to implement some kind of captcha system that makes the player complete a "are you human"? puzzle that he/she must solve before being allowed to join the MM system to filter out the botters?
  16. Well something kind of hilarious just happened to me and a Raptor Rescue group so i wanted to share. So we got the route where Raptor must extract in the south-western corner of the map but just as we were about to reach the extraction Raptor started doing donuts just before reaching the extraction, which led us to loose a well fought 5 star operation due to time out. Here's a picture of raptor doing the turn in-front of the extraction. He started doing these turns with about 3 minutes left in the clock and it led to this (this was just after the countdown struck 0). Just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this? I know I've heard stories of Raptor beaching and getting stuck in islands but never of him starting to do U turns in open water and completely ignore the extraction like this.
  17. The bug that causes torps to be sent in the opposite of the intended direction is still around. I have seen it several times with bots. Happened to notice it again a few minutes ago... In the image above the green bot Mogami next to me has dropped torps.... on what? There is no ship in that direction. Had it sent torps 180 degrees the other way, it would have sent them toward the red bot Mogami in the channel. The green bot would have sunk me had I not fortuitously put on speed boost a moment before and surged past the Mogami. Is it caused by the presence of an island in the path of the torps? Inquiring minds want to know...
  18. anonym_iw8D2v4fuTJO

    Sala de Entrenamiento

    Alguien sabe como se activan y hacer que disparen los bots en la sala de entrenamiento de WW?