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Found 1 result

  1. GOD FKIN DAMNIT! I'm so pissed right now (and I've had a few so)... long story short, I haven't played Juria for a looong time and figured i'd take her out. (don't mind my horrible play, that's not the point, and like I said, i am still quite buzzed) ANYWAY... so here I am up close with a red bot dd, he shoots a set of torps, I shoot and blow him up immediately, manage to avoid the torps, and suddenly (ALMOST 2!!! seconds after already being blown up the fkin thing shoots another set of torps!!!! NO they were not "already in the water". I checked the replay. and attaching it. I haven't encountered this for a long time. I remember people discussing bots cheating like 2 YEARS AGO! I thought ok maybe WG have quietly toned down some of the cheats but fkin NO! and I caught it in a replay. I know this may be a "boring" subject, and people may say "so what we know they cheat" but think of the impact these cheats can have on the new players when they see sh!t like that. Or even long time players that "arent so happy with WG" for one reason or another. Sure you could "arguably" justify some bot-cheats by lying to yourself "well ...blah blah blah the bot turned from torps immediately blah blah.." or if it "shoots the moment it blows up" Fine, but you can't possibly justify shooting torps nearly 2 seconds after and already sinking. NO WAY! WG FIX THIS STUPID SH!T ALREADY. IT IS VERY INSULTING. Sorry Komrades I didn't want to revive this necro issue but there it is caught happening beyond any shadow of doubt, and much worse than I thought. 20210705_033844_PVSD506-Jurua_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay