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Found 6 results

  1. 110 games today. 179 yesterday. 73 before that. 189 before that. Ran into him three separate times yesterday. Each time he mashed W four times, sailed dead straight and died without firing a shot. He appears to play his ships once in a while, but there's a ton of really poorly done XP farming in between. When sending in a ticket to WG customer support, they simply say that they have software that detects things like this and they check reported accounts regularly. Yet....here we are. What of it @Hapa_Fodder What do you guys do to actually stop this nonsense? No human is playing 189 games in a 24 hour span....
  2. so this so called test season is now over, thank god. u know what was the difference, for real?! the only difference what this season had was that u had to play more games. this so called leagues and the flattering names bronce, silver and gold are just as it always was. a freecard for everybody ... if u had enough freetime u could rank out even with negative winrate (yeah negative winrate ... in a tournament or ranked event where winning and doing good should be the key to success) but as we all know wargaming wont exclude anybody as in for example the CV players. i mean this is just the tipp of the iceberg ... this are for sure not the top 20 players in account of played games this season cause the hidden profile players aint listed. i know some ppl say if u have enough time why not, but alot of this players just drive into the middle and shot at something and die in the first 2-3 minutes (i dont say that they are boting ... cause wargaming says there is no boting, hacking, etc. on their server ... cause their servers are top notch protected and run without lag or delay!) its loveley from wargaming that they dont want exclude anyone ... sure why not. but what about protecting the majority of players who dont abuse and exploit a event to gain the rewards? this numbers are clearly not normal, by far not and this exploiters just make this whole thing so toxic and so no fun to play. i dont want to moan about the rewards ... wargaming doesnt have to give away free items not in the way they do (even so they were much more generous in the past *wink*) change ranked into a game mode where actually winning and playing good matters ... introduce a maximum number of games u can play each season that would solve alot of problems or change the name into random+ (+ stands for give aways for everyone), cause this event aint a ranked system!
  3. Herr_Reitz

    Bot carriers in PVE are stupid

    Today I rode along with a bot carrier in a PVE match. Which of course means I had already been splashed by the reds. Sort of on purpose. I wanted to see what the carrier did with its planes. Not much really. Flew past red BBs then dropped torps far too close to the target, not once, but three times. IMO, having such a ship playing is really worse than not having it play. Oh, I realize they are there for folks to get the shoot-down credits but seriously, put a little bite into those teeth. By the way... one of the reasons I enjoy playing CVs has to do with the battle view you get. There is not a lot of free-time with a carrier, but wow do you get to see a lot. Far too many players showing broadsides. Folks pushing when they (probably) know better. The clusters are interesting too... as if indecision were a tropical storm that has trapped three or four players together. But back to topic... I for one would like a little bit more "battle awareness" plugged into bot carriers please. What do you think? tia
  4. Rustyguns49

    Bot CV's

    Any new info on when, or if, bot CV's will be included in Coop? I have extensively built ships and captains for AA and secondaries. A lot less battle enjoyment without a good use of defensive fighters and AA.
  5. This is a general frustration thread as well as a possible solution to the problems with bots in the game. If players are going to receive less XP and credits in coop and receive a harder bot algorithm in Operations then something has to be done about the AI. AI about a month ago or so was tweaked so badly that it reverted to the hard AI that existed in the PTS for operations. I as well as a lot of players suggested that the AI needed toning down extremely to make it balanced for the players as well as making it fair. I'm not sure who in the WG devs decided that they needed to be tweaked back to that PTS phase garbage but it really needs to be reverted back. I understand that the change probably has to do with statistical wins based on the players but it shouldn't be since this is PvE not PvP balance. An easy fix would be to lower the RNG chances that the bots have for hits/fire chance/ flooding/ incapacitation. This is also a fairly new field for the WG team to develop but the tweaking of the bots back to the PTS phase has basically made operations not enjoyable and the AI tweak has bled into Co-op mode making the bots frustratingly hard and insanely accurate. If there is going to be a change to the AI in such a dramatic way that you literally break a mode that was a new set of progression for players that like PVE and lets be honest there are a lot of players in this game who enjoy coop more than PvP. Then you can't break their mode without tweaking some other aspect. In summary, I feel like the AI needs to be toned back again. The imbalance created from this has ruined a perfectly balanced mode that literally could have been tweaked by altering the economy not the bots themselves who were to be honest perfectly find the way they were. Granted Narai needed to be changed that's understandable but the AI didn't need a tweak just the economy if you had a problem with too many player wins. (Also release Narai again you've had like 5 months. Just tone back the economy and change the bots back to before the garbage AI we have now.)
  6. anonym_MbpaxbbAUblh

    Became a bot for one day!

    Because of busy schedule I played the game day in and out for the DOY mission, total 39 matches. I went full [edited]! But finally got the ship lol.