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Found 2 results

  1. WestPac_CG22

    Stranger Than Fiction

    Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. All you Co-op mains will know what I'm talking about. The bots must have had a tracker on my Asashio B in the battle. You can see that I was undetected, yet all the bots magically start to follow me starting with the enemy Asashio B. In fact, I was working hard to stay out of detection range and even after the enemy DD is deleted, the rest of the fleet still tracks me like a hound dog on a scent. I'm not detected until 14:02 on the timer by the enemy Mass. it made for some interesting game play. Here is the replay: Hope you enjoy! 20181231_150439_PJSD598-Black-Asashio_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay
  2. The bots are much more evasive, and "situationally" smarter today. They aggressively cap in Standard Battle when able and not as much mindless tanking/ramming. This makes the battle take much longer, so we end up spending more time for the same reduced rewards compared to Random. Inviting thoughts and discussion on this topic after you have a chance to play a few. This makes the mercy rule even worse in Co-op when it was already really bad and frustrating. So we spend more time chasing down enemy ships running away, then if/when their counter hits zero the longer-lasting battle is over with one or two enemy ships left to kill (and the associated benefit of damage and rewards is forfeit). Just fought a battle where their YAMATO turned tail and ran away. Had another where 4 of the 5 remaining ships were retreating and having to chase them down in a large map. Very time-consuming and extremely frustrating if the battle ends because of the mercy rule and no additional damage is scored for the time spent chasing them.