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Found 8 results

  1. SerahKhan

    Snowflakes end when?

    Hi all i checked website, and there was a lot there.. with patch day Wednesday, when are the snowflakes leaving ie no more coal/steel / containers %? thx in advance! jean
  2. Código bonus de las finales del torneo King of Sea VIII: LONGLIVETHEKING Activa una cadena de missiones del torneo KOTS, que regala un contenedor de Twitch y camos.
  3. monpetitloup

    PSA code

    L3TUDOWNN3V3R Mission for EU crates
  4. monpetitloup

    PSA: Bonus Code

  5. I discuss the many reasons to be in a clan regardless of how competitive you are. The bonuses are too good to pass up. Any solid clan, PvP OR PvE will make your gaming experience far more rewarding in World of Warships.
  6. Ensign_Cthulhu

    An unexpected surprise

    So I was going through the inventory last night, trashing base hulls and fire control etc., for money when I got down to the bottom of the inventory into the camouflage section (I didn't have the filters switched on). Right at the bottom, it shows you the permacamos... and there was one I never even realised I had - "Blaze", for the Wakatake. What? I said to myself, I had a permacamo all this time and never used it for the grind? Dumb fool me! So I bought the Wakatake back and put it on, and sure enough it's a Steampunk Halloween skin! (With all the usual permacamo bonuses, of course.) I can't remember if they gave this away for finishing the Halloween 2017 mission or I won it in some accidental fashion. Can anyone refresh my memory?
  7. Codigo bonus de mission personal para ganar 10 signals "India Bravo Terrathree" (-10% coste de servicio): BLOWTOTHEBROADSIDE
  8. Codigo bonus para activar mission personal en que ganas 10 camos revolucionarias. 1407B1ST7LL8D9Y Mission: acertar 1789 veces con la bateria principal, en cualquier numero de batallas (random, escenario o Clan), com buques franceses de tier 5 +, valido hasta 20/07