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Found 4 results

  1. As per my experience with the Player Support people for tickets 127288912 and 1127172435, I have come to the conclusion that the Player Support people I dealt with are of the "Eat crap, [edited] Off and Die" (ESFOAD) version of support (Yes my survey entries reflect this). Some of us work for a living and cannot catch streams by the Twins at 12:00 noon EST and when trying to enter the bonus code it was listed as invalid because the stream was no longer live. Which means I got NOTHING for watching the better of the official stream even though the stream is Prague and not Texas. That is the stream I prefer because I like the Twins better than anyone that is on the streams from Austin. I watch the Twins because they seem to truely be having fun along with being humorous and witty; unlike the folks from Austin. Unfortunately, since I have no way to go to the top and point this out to the Wargaming Ltd Board of Directors about their Player Support being SNAFU and NOT LISTENING to people with a legitimate complaint. I also realize that this ESFOAD form Player Support will continue just get penalized when some turns in the way a shell of torpedo after it is fired which was another issue I brought up. Murphys Laws combat always says things like "Incoming Fire has the Right of Way" and "Friendly Fire isn't" and "Once you fire mister artillery of torpedo he is no longer anybody's friend" 7172435
  2. Since that in the last anniversary update we had a lot of bonus codes, how about we use this thread to post all bonus codes announced, including the ones from the KotS streams?
  3. monpetitloup

    PSA codes

    NOTASUBORISSHE - 3 equal speed charlie london flags // FIGHTINGIESTSHIP - A Type 21 Camo // 350YEARSLEGACY - 3 Papa Papa Signals // SHIPTOBEATYAMATO - A Type 21 Camo // ISTHEREAGOLDFINCH - 2 Red Heat Camos // STEAMCHAT2K - 3 Basilisk signals // 80KFOLLOWERSTOTWEET - 5 This Is Your Day Commander camos (probably expired) // List of collection related codes (no new codes since April 3):
  4. monpetitloup

    PSA Bonus codes

    2018WWWGFEST 20WG18FESTGO TY20WGFEST18 KU20WGFEST18 worked, dont know what they give