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Found 9 results

  1. Ok there is a new bonus code available, a pretty good one for existing users. You get a Tachibana Lima, port slot, 3 point captain and some camos. If you have the ship, you get 950 doubloons. You have to have Steam though. Here is a link, follow the instructions and you will get the code when done with all four steps. https://www.mmobomb.com/giveaway/world-of-warships-bonus-codes-christmas/ BTW it takes about 2 minutes if you have a Steam account. If you don't, it takes about 5 minutes to create one. Also it just occurred to me, if you don't have the Tachibana Lima, it is for sale in the shop for 99 cents. Best thing is to go buy it, then get the code since you get almost 5 bucks in doubloons if you have her. It is a good deal.


    It works! Don't know what it gets!
  3. Howdy Folks! its day 2 of Eurobeat! today's son'g is hands down 1 of, if not the best Eurobeat songs every made! its also great for DD players too! and no she's not saying sons of es! its "san-sa-pi-chi" which roughly translates "I'm going insane" Song name: Love is the chaos slave Artist: Yume Kamishiro (Remix) Also, I have a Code for you guys today! Type in HUMBLEGIVEAWAY so you can pick up a flag and 10 "humble camo"! with + 75% captain, EXP and Free EXP! Hope you all enjoyed the song and gift today. please leave a like, a comment or a funny meme below! Until tomarrow, I'll C'ya on the sea!
  4. Ok while perusing Reddit came across a WoWP post about some bonus codes that work on EU & NA, not sure about the other servers. The codes are generated by Alienware so you have to visit their site and log in/create an account to get them. I am going to link to original post with the correct links to get you there. The WoT code is for a free premium day and some reserves, the WoWP code is for some free premium aircraft if you are into that. There is also a code for new players, probably new account creation so probably not much interest here for that. Here is the link:
  5. Taylor3006

    Bonus Code 04 Oct 2018

    Wargaming just released a new video, here is the link: In the subtitles are three pieces of code that spell out: AREUKITTENMEFURIEND The code is for a mission that gives out signals and a vanity flag (I think, haven't checked). It works on NA and Asia servers according to Reddit. Not sure about EU or Russia.
  6. Ok was fiddling around while eating breakfast and was watching a new video on the WoWS homepage. Here is a link: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/adventures-1/ In this video they mention they have hidden a bonus code in the "Pin Up" video or the one I posted a link to, it is unclear but I think they mean the dance video. Anyways not sure how it is possible to hide a code in a video after the video is posted on YouTube but ok. If you find the bonus code you get a patch of Alena and there is only a short time to find it. Personally I hate patches so I don't really care but many of you do so good luck! BTW the code is: KEEPANCHORSREADY Was literally solved while I was typing the original message. Also the code is for a combat mission to get the patch so I apologize for that. The mission is easy, play a game but the code works.

    Bonus Code

    W0W54TG4M35C0M 0 is zero not O

    Bonus Code

  9. Ok new bonus code released today on a YouTube stream by Conway. It gives you some missions for Gamescon 2018 and rewards look like camos. The code is W0W54TG4M35C0M BTW those are zeros in the code not an "o".