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Found 6 results

  1. The continuation from the topic thread here In today's feature, I am not the star of the replay... Its the red fleet's DD. You the viewer, as you watch, just keep an eye on our CV... That is it.. Also, like the last post.. This is not a discussion on spotting. This is not a rant against CVs or the drivers who play them. This is meant to show how power creep adds to the toxicity to the in-game experience.Its also meant for us to think, should this meta be allowed in the game? IMO, The disproportional DMG dealt by CVs ( or any other ship class for that matter), creates a lot of the toxicity in a match. Enjoy! 20200826_223115_PASC707-Flint_46_Estuary.wowsreplay *REMEMBER* You can speed up the replay by pressing the INS button.
  2. When you go through carrier mechanics, you know, perhaps some QA testing and such, be sure to turn a keen eye (or two) on the behavior of various bomb drops. You can pull a maneuver with your aircraft more than a second ahead of release - and yet the bombs go flying off to a completely different direction. I'm pretty sure you guys are aware of this behavior. Aside from AA too thick to see through and those damnable pauses when an AA envelope is opened up the first time, I'd say the gravity-defying bombs are the most irritating aspect of playing carriers. If a plane pulls a hard turn, then lines up and drops while not in a turn, those bombs should not be carrying around unspent inertia which causes them to leap out from under the planw on the previous path of the hard turn. Nope. Now if the plane is IN a turn and releases bombs, sure, I'd expect those bombs to go off course - some - but not a country mile. Know what I mean? Then too... there are carrier planes you can fly in a completely straight path, do nothing to alter speed or course, just release ordnance and what the?! Where are they going!? Thanks for taking a closer look at bomb drop mechanics.
  3. I ask CV players, do you think the best CV players in game get the most salt. The bad one just play tier 4 CV. Do you roll your eyes when players say CV are easy and have everlasting fighters. Do you love the salt playing a CV. Because it always are fault win or lose. CV mains do you feel like your in your own click, the other players just don't understand us. Do you love troll ships? Well subs be the new troll. If so well you play it.
  4. Please note before reading: I understand that this idea may be a but controversial, and I understand that this mechanic will most likely not be implemented. It is just a proposal, so please do not go typing how “this will never be implemented, and cvs are cancer and should be removed.” If you agree to the notice then feel free to move on, if not then I can’t help you. Context: In world war 2, bombs of all kinds were made and used during the many battles both at sea and on land. In WOWS, bombs can ONLY cause damage if they directly hit the target ship. In real life however, in the case of such ships as Yamato and Musashi, bombs could cause damage to a ship even if they didn’t directly hit the vessel. (Even on the wrecks of both ships there is evidence of damage cause by “near misses” where bombs exploded in the water and still caused damage to the ship below the waterline.) What I want to propose is a mechanic where when a carrier’s planes bomb a ship or shoot missiles at a ship, then they have a 1 in 8 chance to cause damage to a ship through near misses. Also, the near miss has a 1 in 20 chance to cause flooding to a ship if the damage is enough. (These numbers are just a temporary value and can be changed if needed, which they most likely will.) As for missiles, they could have a lesser chance to cause damage from near misses. For example, a bomb would have a 1 in 8 chance with a 1 in 20 percent chance for a near miss to cause flooding, while a missile would have a 1 in 10 chance with no chance of the near miss to cause flooding. (Again these values can be changed if they aren’t random enough or could occur too often.) Another thing, each bomb that doesn’t hit the target has its own individual change to cause a near miss, and if needed, the chance of causing damage from a near miss can decrease the further from the target ship a bomb hits. What do you think of my proposal? Do you like it or hate it? Check Yay if you agree, Nay if you don’t, and Meh if you think that there are some changes that could make it better! I’d also love to see a comment explaining why you agree, disagree, or stating what changes you’d like to see! (ALSO please be kind! Remember, Fish are Friends, Not Food!!! 😉)
  5. I'm not sure where in the forum to ask this question, but since the last update I have noticed that the bombs on the bombers of Furious, which have about a 30% chance of causing a fire, no longer cause fires even when you rake an entire battleship from stern to stem. I have hit ships with 8 or more bombs consistently and there are simply no fires started. Zero! Contrast this with Lightening or some other DD that has a 10% chance of causing a fire with signal flags added and the difference becomes staggering. Ship shells with 30 to 35% fire chance almost always cause a fire when they land on another ship, especially with multiple hits, yet the bombs from Furious' bombers do NOTHING. They cannot penetrate or do more damage than rockets, and always over penetrate a cruiser. Even DD's suffer more damage from rockets now than a bomb hit. What happened since the last update to destroy the ability of these bombs to start fires on large ships? What point is there to having a starting fire chance set at 29% and have no fires started? That's idiotic. This needs to be fixed and restored to its former capacity to start fires on ships, otherwise, the bombers on Furious are absolutely worthless. Thanks.
  6. As a CV captain myself I sometimes find myself feeling absolutely filthy dropping AP bombs on battleships and dealing 15000, 20000 dmg per drop. That's basically half the avg dmg dealt by players in most games which is in the 40k range. I've mained battleships, I've mained CVs. I can't help but feel AP bombs do feel cheap. What is the forum's consensus?