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Found 8 results

  1. o0_BattleFlower_0o

    Nueve de Julio vs. Boise stats

    I've been contemplating on purchasing the Nueve de Julio as of late and like most people I'm sure decided to research as much as I could about her. Videos, articles, forums, stats, etc. And the only difference I can find between these two ships are the current live server stats. It's not a huge margin though it is noticeable in win rate and damage output. I can only assume that this must be due to maybe player familiarity with the American play style or something of the like that could cause this. So I guess what I'm looking for is confirmation from community that they are completely identical ships. It would also be interesting to hear people's thoughts on the cause of the differences in stats as well!
  2. Narai throws some curves these days, Boise play, with a great random team. Lead transport pulls a fast one on us. I have to ask, @Femennenly @Hapa_Fodder is this stuff going on in Operations intentional? WG never says anything about it and I haven't heard of changes being made, yet things are a changin. 20200205_112913_PASC597-Nueve-de-Julio-1951_s07_Advance.wowsreplay
  3. Clappage

    Is the Boise good?

    Hello all, it's me again. I've went and bought the Boise, to have an American cruiser to train my Cleveland captain in. I feel like the $40ish dollars I spent was kinda hefty, but I didn't really grumble, because I was told the Boise was a good ship. So, I bought it, and played a few games, and oh boy, was I disappointed. I thought I'd give the ship the benefit of the doubt, because I probably didn't know how to play it correctly. So I played more games, this time trying different play-styles, including the big DD play-style, the "HE spammer behind the island" style, the DD hunter style, the BB support style, and more, and I was still finding that the ship felt weak, and that I was losing quite a few more games in it than any other ship I had in my port. Everyone always says "it's not the ship, it's the driver/captain", but I don't believe that is the case here. Granted, I am by no means a good player, but I don't feel like I suck either. I could be best described as an average player. When I was playing the Boise in these games I noticed so many different things about the ship that just felt like they were causing me to lose fights that a cruiser shouldn't be losing. I'll list below what I feel like the ship struggles with. - The amount of damage that the guns do. The HE feels underwhelming, especially when I am firing at other cruisers and battleships. It does fine against DD's. The AP on american 152's is naturally not that great, and I accept that; however, in my experience, they just feel worse than the standard 152's. I would get into close range knife-fights with other cruisers at about 5km and less, and even with a full-broadside, I get shatters, overpens, and the occasional pen, usually causing about 1-2k damage with a salvo. Against another cruiser, broadside on, at less than 5km. And yes, I do know where to aim on cruisers to score max damage. I don't know if RNG is screwing me over, or if I'm doing it wrong, or what, but at 5km or less, I'd think that 15 guns would be doing more than that. - The gun range. Granted, it does have 15 guns, but 13.6km for a max range, it just isn't good, and it causes you to have to play a bit too aggressively. I'll touch on this in a second with the ships' overall survivability. - The maneuverability of the ship. Granted, it isn't a destroyer and it isn't meant to have a destroyer's maneuverability, but it feels a bit sluggish to turn, and it feels like it takes a huge distance for the ship to turn 360 degrees. This isn't as much of a gripe as the others, as this one may just be me not turning and changing speed like I should be doing regularly. - The survivability. Oh lord, this is the part of the ship that feels ridiculous to me. Because of the limited range on the ship, you have to get dangerous;y close to the enemy ships in order to do damage, and when you do that, you have to expose some part of your ship, unless you're behind an island. This ship, simply cannot take any hits, whatsoever. HE? it hurts, and this thing burns like dried driftwood. AP? it hurts even worse, no matter the angle it strikes at. Even DD's can shoot this ship with HE, and this thing simply melts when it eats those incoming shells. With 33k health, this thing vaporizes quicker than other cruisers at tier 7, and last time I checked, cruisers aren't meant to sit behind islands and spam HE the entire game. They're supposed to get involved, at some point. This ship, when it gets involved, in my experience, it just melts, bow-on or broadside to the enemy. Now that all that is out of the way, I need some help from the rest of y'all in the community. I need y'all to tell me if I'm just being stupid, not playing it right, and I need to git gud n00b, or if my gripes about the ship are at least, somewhat understandable? Because I don't want to say this ship is a waste of money, but I just can't seem to have a single fun game in it, much less have a good game in it, and every time I see that losing screen or my ship sinking, I can't help but to think about the $40ish dollars I spent on it. PLEASE HELP! Tell me if I am crazy, or if I'm not crazy and I have good points!! -ThePwnageMachine
  4. When WG first put out the specs for the Boise/Neuve De Julio, I panned it. Not gonna be workable or even any good, I said. I had been playing Helena and really loved it, and was consistently having massive damage games. Moreover that ship was a blast to play. Couldn't see how the Boise/NdJ with its lack of tools, lower range, and longer reload was going to be any good. Ha was I wrong. Some imp possessed me and I bought the NdJ, figuring I'd grind out the Boise in Operations and play both ships in coop and Ops. Mostly that has meant lots of Narai, but very quickly I became enamored of that heal. I can easily put down 200K in the clones in Narai, and often more, as in the 321K above. Once I got Boise, I spec'd Boise for Randoms, and NdJ for Operations (which means Narai, because Ultimate FU is not at all fun to play, whereas Narai is fun and well balanced). In Narai few ships are ever beyond the range of NdJ, meaning that you can continuously spam out HE and have targets to hit. Nothing like firing 15 shells in a salvo and seeing 13 hits and two fires.... Turns out Boise can put down huge damage (only 4 Randoms in it, but averaging 77K) and is just as much fun as Atlanta and Helena in Randoms. In fact, I've parked my Helena in Randoms. My captain's specs: I don't run conceal on any of my US T7 cruisers (don't play any other tier in Randoms) because I figure I am going to be behind islands most of the time anyway, and if I am out in the open I'll be spotted irrespective of the extra kilometer of detect, so why not use the points elsewhere. I play it very conservatively and so far that has paid off in wins and damage. So yes, of the ships I have purchased recently, ironically I'm having the most fun in the Boise clones, which I didn't think would be any good at all. Great job, WG, in balancing these ships.
  5. But then... they did study the Japanese warships in detail.
  6. Final heads-up; the Summer Sales have ended, and the newest ships for sale are: Nueve and Boise They come separately in bundles, and in a twosome deal. Now live on the EU and Asia servers. AGAIN, THEY ARE ALSO AVAILABLE SEPARATELY; JUST CHECK THE SPECIALS TAB ONCE THEY ARRIVE. ADDITIONAL LOGIN MAY BE REQUIRED. DETAILS PLEASE NOTE: Each cruiser comes with a special combat mission to get the other one as a reward, or a compensation in credits if that ship is already in your Port. Nueve de Julio and Boise are identical in terms of their technical characteristics and differ only by nationality: Boise proudly represents the U.S. Navy while Nueve de Julio is the first ship of the Pan-American fleet. The primary mission of a cruiser is to hunt down enemy destroyers and counter air groups. At medium distances, the cruiser has an advantage over many same-type ships owing to a larger number of main guns and the Repair Party consumable. Pros: 15 accurate 152 mm guns for a fearsome salvo. Maximum firing range: 13.6 km; guns reload time: 10 s Increased durability due to the Repair Party consumable. The consumable restores 2% of your HP per second Effective AA defenses are a typical feature of American cruisers Extra credits per battle and 50% more XP provided by the camouflage I'm not going to bother with proper edits this time around. Just know they're coming up, and live on the EU server. Asia will follow, and NA will be the last to the party.
  7. I have to say, I read @LittleWhiteMouse's review on Boise/Nueve as I always do. I bought the ship but I was a bit skeptical about how well a heal would offset a Helena having slow reload, gimpy range and slow speed. It actually works though. Don't get me wrong the range in particular is an enormous downside. I can't put into words how bad a 13.5k or so range is ... but that heal. I blew apart an enemy Mahan and blundered into the Atlanta, Helena, and Indianapolis supporting him, all by myself, at 9km. I escaped behind an island and basically reprinted almost half of a new ship … twice. I really never realized how much adding a heal turns an otherwise lackluster ship into an effective one. Boise has basically printed out a dreadnought achievement for me in almost every fight. (As a caveat, I am using my 19point Cleveland captain in her.) If you know what you are doing and get a non-horrible map, this ship is surprisingly powerful. You can also use the short range to your benefit. I found that if the enemy BBs don't move up (which is often) you can close behind your own DDs, slaughter the enemy DDs, and then fall off detection because your gun range is too short for them to spot you on their own.
  8. Old Richard

    Is Boise worth it?

    You decide. First battle, top finisher.