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Found 4 results

  1. Blyskawica and me have a special connection. She was the first premium I bought and is my most played ship by quite a margin. I got her the first time she became available after the removal of stealthfire. She was a workhorse, a true jack of all trades for tier VII and a source of many great battles for me. But as I progressed and got more and sometimes better premiums I barely used her anymore. The P.E.F credit grind brought up the idea of using her to complete the "Poland" section of the grind; I loaded her up with some credit flags and put on her the pretty "Meritorious Service" camouflage for the extra bonuses. After little less than two hours I was done with the grind. Not only did I have fun, but I realized Blyska still holds up to the test of time. She isn't the greatest tier VII DD the game has seen, but she still gets the job done; be it punishing enemy DDs with her accurate main battery and setting fires on BBs, or using her quick reloading torpedoes to surprise opponents. The last battle, albeit a defeat, finished my grind and I found myself wanting to keep on playing her despite the late of night or the completion of my objective. So to you, my beloved Blyska I offer this thread as thanks for carrying me in 173 battles. The Meritorious camouflage on her: My final battle in her: Thanks for taking the time to read my love confession to pixels and polygons in the shape of a ship. And don't forget, give your old ships a chance, they may happily surprise you .
  2. Right after my pulse-pounding torpedo run on the Colorado, there was just over two minutes left and we had a marginal points lead. I wanted to try hunting down their CV, but then his planes came in and delivered the final blow on our Kongo, giving them a lead by only a few points. After that, it was too late. My best Blyska game in years and it was a heartbreaker that Led Zeppelin and Pat Benetar would both be proud of.
  3. Just realized I haven't taken out my Blyskawica since they removed stealth firing, which used to be her claim to fame. So how are people building and playing her now? Typical stealth build?
  4. Dear WG, While the removal of smoke firing and change of spotting is great. You guys really forgot about some ships which needed to have their roles refined since the smoke fire update.... IE the Blyskawica, like that was her main role. And yet her stats are not changed at all since the removal of smoke firing. Without it the Blyskawica is now much harder to play. And seriously, any time she gets hit from anything, her modules break instantly, and ALL OF THEM. As a dd player who plays other nations dds, no other dds has multiple modules break so easily. What is up with her extreme agility as a dd? Could you guys consider updating her or something. Like some many other who have (had) the Blyskawica, and BOUGHT HER WITH REAL MONEY, well we just got screwed over. Sincerely, A Mad Blyskawica player.