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Found 2 results

  1. WoW's big competitor, aptly named "Coflict Lightning" has made some big announcements lately regarding classes, bringing in Battleships etc. One of those goes as follows: I found this pretty interesting as a premise to be honest. In Conflict Lightning of course as it's mentioned all ship classes will meet in battle, yet each separate tech tree will have it's own progression. I was wondering, could WG take a page out of this? Maybe something like splitting it's tech trees also, but having players in different modes. "Coastal navy" ships could mesh well with submarines as well and have as the largest class represented destroyers. Classes that are absent such as corvettes, frigates, DEs and gunboats could also make their appearance. Blue water combat could stay as is but you wouldn't have to gimmick the heck out of ships for ASW equipment. Considering WoWs will sooner rather than later run out of content to add, do you think such a split would help the game improve or at least add something new? And if yes, how do you think it would work?
  2. I know they were around for the release of the Cadenza special but if the High School Fleet is getting a season two then why not make the ARP ships available again? I started after the event for them ended which was the main reason i had started playing so for them to be completely out on availability had me bummed out. Put in Japanese cruisers since a fair amount are Japanese cruisers.