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Found 4 results

  1. As I blacked out all of the names of the players. This is not about saying the game needs to have skill-based match making. I want to point out the experience that the new players are having. red cv has 84 total games. @ t10 in the most influential ship in a match not one player on that team were competent in their ship less than 750 pr we had only 3 players lacking skill the match lasted 7 minutes. we 0 the team. how would that have been a good experience? it seems after the new update where the brawls div was prohibited all randoms have had blowouts by allowing people to skip the learning curve of low tier with money you will have a much harder time retaining players in the past wg said they would never have buy t10 yet here we are. most every new player is in a sub or cv, meaning the 2 op ships are ran by the least skilled players some thoughts to consider requiring 500 games in a ship type to open t8 and above removing pay to play high tier fix the bug in match making as it is obviously not working as intended time in game match making when reasonable (less than 1000 games mated together) my personal one. I would PAY to not have cv or subs in my match. offer classic ships mode where no cv or sub without a time limit for match making offer voice for the entire team so that players can help each other in Randoms Anyone has ideas on how to fix the very obvious skill issue in the player base please comment.
  2. I just ask, is there anyone able to tolerate continuous blowout and sanction of winning? I know WG probably has a patent in the MM system, but is blowout really what players want from the game? Some complain about BBs sniping for the whole game. Some complain about DDs unable to survive longer than 5 minutes. Some complait about subs and CVs and so on so forth... It's absolutely time to deal with the MM issue.
  3. Random Battles are broken. There are too many blowout games in the upper tiers. The blowout games are making the game boring no matter which team you are on. Another issue with the game is T9 and T10 ships are now way to overpowering to play T8 ship. The link is to a video from Sea Lord Mountbatten that explains the issue really well.
  4. What is up with all the unbalanced ship distribution lately? So many games with 4 BB on one team and 3 on the other. It is always a blowout. Is this a new feature of Matchmaker. It sucks whether you are on the winning or losing team. All these missions are screwing up game play too. People are more focused on getting defended ribbons, citadels, fires, or any other number of tasks specified by missions instead of helping the team to win.