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Found 1 result

  1. There has been a couple of posts on the forum just recently asking how people are faring with the PR Event, me personally I'm just cruising no rush had no chance of getting it once I realized I would have take holidays for over two weeks spend no time with my family and play 24/7 and turn into a Zombie from " Night Of The Living Dead ". Still a couple of people have managed to get very close to the finish line which I say Congrats to them, both have had a tuff time playing, one of the guys said that as long as does not move is arms around wildly while playing the intravenous needle usually stays in his arm and thus the saline fluid continues to keep him from becoming dehydrated and pass out, the other guy said the hospital that has him in the intensive care ward, currently would allow him to use his laptop to play but is worried it might interfere with his heart monitor machine but hey when its WOWS and its a grind nothing else matters. But I digress I am getting off subject here I myself posed the question in a post not that long ago to WG if we are able to keep our unfinished hulls sadly I have not heard back from anyone on that question from WG. Thinking about it in a more relaxed frame of mind since I don't have any time limit to worry about I had thought of a number of practical and useful ideas for my PR hull and two of these will indeed be very beneficial to myself and my clan. Firstly I will use my hull in the Training room for gunnery target practice you can never get enough of that skill, then I thought what benefit could it do for my Clan and then it struck me. What better way to make great use of unfinished hull than in the defence of your Clan base, I am going to sink her in the channel and she can be a BLOCK ship, why well because in the coming months there is going to be a deadly threat to all shipping whether on the high seas or your Clans base and being dedicated member I feel this is the right thing to do to strengthen the base from the underwater menace. So what will you be doing with your PR hull