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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, Sorry if this is addressed somewhere already. I tried searching the FAQs, but no luck. How do I link my Wows and my Wows Blitz accounts? I can log into Wows Blitz with my wargaming account, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I know it might be a bit weird, but I have been grinding XP to try and unlock a new ship. I am about 50k XP away from either the Yamato or the Worcester. Both ships have very different gameplay but I like both. Which one is better to try and get wins?
  3. Dratt_Dastardly

    Blitz added the HMS Agincourt

    It's a tier five British WW1 Battleship (Dreadnaught). The class was suppose to be the most heavily armed ship at the time. It had seven twin 12inch guns. Just bringing it up because it has somewhat of a crazy start. The ship was being built for Brazil, by the UK. But then their relations with Venezuela improved so they cancelled the order. So then before it was completed, along with another ship, the Ottoman Empire bought them in full by the time it was completed in 1913. But the Great War started. The British were like, hey, we got these two new ships in our backyard, let's just commandeer them. Essentially, the Ottomans bought them, the British stole them, which may have been a large factor in them siding with the Central Powers. I will say, Blitz or Legends are no match to the PC version. The same ships are different in all three versions.