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Found 1 result

  1. Recently there has been a MASSIVE CC OUTCRY against the state of the carriers. Sadly as a pretty seasoned player myself, and one quite obsessed with watching tutorials and understanding game mechanics, I find many of the complains well-placed. Starting with: Flamu, arguably our most well-known CC. His clan name is now [FK_CV] and also used DeleteCV ID before. So we all know about his opinions on CV as of late. Also done several CV-bullying videos including the recent commentaries on Baltimore, Atago and several more, and players genuinely cheer for them. So, maybe Flamu is biased, maybe he doesn't really that much about the rework-CV after all. Then we have: Flambass complaining about the surface-carrier interaction: -Shot down 50 planes himself -Carrier STILL come in with full strikes regardless -Blap him repeatedly for massive dmg, regardless of dodging and skills World of Warships - F%%K, now I have to upload it to YT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3DBgFkfAHU And more to come, the iChase video, in less than 24 hrs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHrR-MfGO-k "It's essential the SAME ISSUE that you are gonna hear from ALL THE GOOD PLAYERS essentially in the game.. who have issues with Carrier-Surface ship interaction" "When I play CV against surface ships, I can feel how UNFAIR the interaction is" "I generally DO NOT play DD's these days... with carrier, it's just game over from there" "There are times when I just DON'T WANT TO PLAY ANYMORE" -iChase also mentioned around 13:15 that JINGLES has ALSO been complaining about CV's these days. Mighty Hosho: Thanks to smart Developers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkR1jhqfPn0 Now TopTier is a CARRIER player, and generally defends the state of CV. But even he finds it ridiculous how many low tier CV's there are, how little surface ships can do to them. -Also shows Hosho gaming with ~15 torp planes after nerf to squad return speed, which means MORE planes than hanger+deck capacity! And now we have Yuro's "month of CV challenge", and the discord reaction is like "FKCV" ---- I mean, it's reaching sort of a consensus isn't it. CV's busted, it's NOT FUN to play against. Nerfing CV's on a backburner one small step at a time IS NOT ENOUGH. I would really hope to see WG TAKE INITIATIVE to make sweeping nerfs and mechanism changes. And honestly, I believe WG should have that initiative, because having strong CV at all is AGAINST their own profits and against the overwhelming majority of their player base! Plz WG, get rid of CV for now, or at least TAKE AWAY it's strike + endurance + spotting TRIPLE strength and give it just one at a time, you could make torp strikes more agile again, make consistent, nice-to-use dive bombers, just make sure that there is only one or two full squads a CV could EVER afford to lose, and the AA damage is consistent, and that the torp planes don't steal all the spotting dmg/ribbons as well, so that CV would need to play safe and smart, just like EVERYBODY ELSE would. How about: -Get rid of rocket fighters and make them dedicated spotters -Torp / dive bombers use cyclone / radar spotting mechanism spotting and DO NOT provide vision apart from minimap location / only provide delayed vision -Bring back the dedicated fighters. CV players should be allowed & rewarded to counter themselves, otherwise whose game do you THINK is gonna get RUINED? Good DD players counter enemy DD's all game and cripple them, so do battleships. Cruisers can farm each other as well. CV's rarely sink each other, almost never manage so early on, and don't even cripple each other's striking powers. Fighter consumables are just Pathetic, so is the AA mechanism and DefAA, and CV has so little to care about & so many planes to throw away, so much damage potential on hand. How is that remotely fair? Also, -Get rid of plane replenishment, all ships take unhealable damage and have their AA destroyed. Why is the CV still as strong 15min into the game? -Does CV really really need the SUPER dmg con / minimal fire & flooding duration? And untouchable AA? Not losing any planes after getting hit? Enjoying buffed HP on squads + hull? It is vital for WG to understand that this is fundamentally a surface naval combat game. Any additions that ruin surface gameplay are bound to lose players and lose sales. If we really enjoy playing air combat so much, we'd go for World of Warplanes or [edited]. It's fine that we take a scenic tour by planes or from subs, doesn't mean that we should be torturing and murdering surface ships who might in turn be ourselves, right?