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Found 31 results

  1. Howdy sailors! so for the past 2 weeks I felt really bad and didn't know why. I had really bad congestion, fever, and bunch of other nasty stuff. so Tuesday I got tested and was told it take a few days to confirm. well. I got the call today and well I tested positive HOWEVER! I'm doing OK, and received some meds to help me through this challenge life has handed me. I''d also like to give some advice for people who might also have it or think they're starting to get covid. I'm not a doctor but these 3 things have been helping me through the ordeal and figured I'd share. Pedialight (think i spelled that right) is your friend. it will keep you hydrated, replace electralights and it has zinc in it which my doctor says kovid hates. applesauce/apples: apples best fruit out there. Now i prefer applesauce cause its easier to eat and if your throat is hurting its easier to get down! pears : the send best fruit out there it has a lot of benifits and it also can increase your white bloodcells which will make fighting the virus easier! anyways, I hope you all stay safe and healthy and until next time...... I'll C'ya on the Sea!
  2. Howdy sailors! So I was browsing youtube/google images for some support ship ideas for my book I'm writing. (nowhere near finished and is still in outline stages) when I came across a commercial featuring a New LST design. video below Now IDK if these things are standard on current USN LSTs and things have obviously been dumbed down a bit to try and promote a sale. but assuming an LST would be this powerful, could this be a viable strategy for invading lightly defended areas of enemy territory? I'm also wondering given its size that if a modifed version of 1 of these ships could be made, could it act as a mother ship for smaller patrol boats (think elco size) or a drone/submarine tender. If so, this could really be a game changer and cut costs for the navy in certain areas as well as lower the risk losing of lives/ships. I mean common, why risk a super carrier or a pair of DD when you could send a PT/drone carrier that can do almost everything but for half the cost. Heck you could call it the Mary Sue class! anyways, what are your thoughts on this. until next time, I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  3. Howdy sailors, So yeah, the Wg game center won't let me log in with my password despite it being the same since 2012. Yet the same password will be accepted when logging onto the main website. I find it ironic too, today I finally get to test subs due to the token system, but I'm locked out. any suggestions or help would be appreceiated. until next time C'ya on the seas!
  4. Howdy sailors! so I've been seeing a number of USS California's swimming around. and given its been around 3 months since they were given to Super Testers, It shouldn't be too long before we are able to purchase one for ourselves for our collections! anyways I pondered an event idea to maybe let players get a chance to nab a free one.(assuming WG would be so generous) The event would be called "Gold Rush"! its be similar to the current RU cruiser event but you'd collect "Gold Nugget " Tokens. after you get 3,000, you get your ship! pretty simple right? As for the captain idea. I'd love it if WG were to make Joshua Norton AKA " The Emperor of the United States" as a captain for the ship. wiki link -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emperor_Norton it be a clever little nod to the history of California and would give players something unique like the Dusty Roads Captain did for the Wee-Vee. anyways, would you like either of these implemented? if not why not or what improvements would you make for them? until next time, I'll C'ya on the Seas! Edit: spelling and grammar errors
  5. BladedPheonix

    RIP Eddie Sutton

    Yesterday we lost a good man in the game of Basket ball. Eddy Sutton has passed away at age 84. I'm proud to say I actually met Mr. Sutton on numerous occasions and my father played for him in his younger years. For those who didn't know him, he was a nice man and there are few men like him left in this world. He will be missed.
  6. Howdy sailors, first off hope your all doing good and are healthy! Now, I'd like to suggest a buff to the AA guns Mod 1! Reason being is because 1: In its current state it literally doesn't do anything to inspire players to pick it over other mods in its catagory. and 2: even with sector aa activated, it does little to help protect against air attacks to begin with, thus making this buff all but useless which is why I'd like to ask WG to please consider either giving it a +10% damage per second buff or a range boost buff of .5 Km. or maybe even both. What's your thoughts on the matter though, what buffs would you like to have on this equipment? or do you think it's fine as is? please comment below! until next time, I'll C'ya on the Seas! P.S. please check out my USS California Event Thread Suggestion and maybe leave a comment on there as well!
  7. Howdy sailors! So while in quarenteen I've been busy cleaning house, reorganizing things to make my place more spacious. while cleaning I found my win 95 ultimate battleship game. Sadly the disk is broken but I kept this game because this was the game that first got me into RTS! The game had some cutting edge graphics at the time. (see spoiler for a full review/video about it) (also my disk was blue not red) anyways, I don't know how but my copy had 2 types of games to log into, standard and advanced. but the standard one had music while the other didn't. kinda weird. growing up in the 90s I loved the music but could never find it and searched the internet for 15 years! and today......I FOUND IT! and being the nice guy i am. I'm going to share it with you! (track 06 battle 3 is my favorite) anyways hope you all enjoyed until next time, I'll C'ya on the Sea! P.S. wash those hands and stay safe sailors!
  8. So due to the virus having an outbreak in my city and seeing that I can't go anywhere or do anything I finally have the excuse to watch all the movies I got over Christmas! One of which was TURN! and My GOD this series is well done! the characters the clothing the props, everything is very well made and historically accurate. I was actually worried it be simular to HBO's "Rome" which was 1% battles, 20% character development, and 79% sex. honestly everyone and their dog got a piece in that series! still a good series none-the-less. and yes.....Like everyone said i would, i find simcoe to be....well i'll just post this video to discribe him.... anyways, I'm up to season 3 and have season 4 ordered and should have it by next Monday! Thank You vintage stock! If you're into American history, might i consider trying this one out. it only has like 5 inaccuracies. anyways, until next time I'll C'ya on the Seas! P.S. Try not to get sick, WASH THOSE HANDS PEOPLE!!!!
  9. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 3 full collection!

    Howdy sailors! So do to multiple unforseen events ( pay to rico event, trip to hospital, decorating, cooking, cleaning, in-laws coming over, christmas tree catching on fire, getting punched by a phyco shopper over a ham, crying in corner due to stress,) I haven't been able to post at all for the past week. Therefore... I've decided to just release the whole set this year in 1 post so you all can just get it all in 1 place. I hope you enjoy this year's collection because some of these songs are very rare and a few are unlisted to avoid the ban hammer! (curse you Youtube and your rules!!!) just click the spoiler to reveal the song! ALSO: I am not responsible if any said Eurobeat song below does not improve your overall dodging performance in battle. day 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 day 5 day 6 day 7 day 8 day 9 day 10 day 11 day 12 day 13 (X-mas bonus!) Hope you enjoyed the beats! please comment below on which was your favorite of the list Also, I'd like to wish you all a Merrry Christmas and a happy new year! and may you and your families/friends be safe and merry during the holiday season! until next time....... I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  10. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 3! 1/12

    Howdy sailors! It's that time of year again! yup, the time when I post 12 songs for you crazy people to make all the carriers and DDs look like fools! the first song of many Song: Crash Boom Burn Me Up! Artist: Fastway now that you have this song, go burn up some ships yourself why dontcha! Until Tomarrow, I'll C'ya on the Seas! P.S. I'll try to post tomarrow's video around 5:00 pm central time. if you miss it just use the tags above and you should find it!
  11. BladedPheonix

    USS Batfish needs your help!

    Howdy sailors! Hope you're all having a good D-day today. Anyways down to the business! Last week my state of Oklahoma was hit but a number of tornadoes, torrental rain and floods. one such area that flooded was the area where the USS batfish was located, causing it to be refloated here's another angle Now there's some good news and bad news! The good news is the submarine has resettled and there so far has no major damage to her!(YAY!) The bad news is we could use some help with donations to help her get cleaned up and fix minor repair and replace a few lost items.(ah poo) If you'all could spare some extra money, we'd greatly appreciate it. doesn't have to be a big donation, just a few dollars would be fine. Here's the link to the go fund me. https://www.gofundme.com/bsujq4-a-cause-i-care-about-needs-help anyways, I hope you all have a nice rest of your day and until next time I'll C'ya on the Seas! PS: if you can donate (again not necessary), maybe leave a comment or tag saying "with love from the world of warships community!" or something alone those lines?
  12. BladedPheonix

    Dido class? and a cool story to go with it

    Howdy sailors! So I was taking a break from WOWs today and thought I'd play Silent hunter 3 instead. Story: About an hour ago while patrolling just north of Gibralter, I intercepted a convoy that was heading north and proceeded to attack and sink 4 of the 6 ships. (date was June 14th 1943 in case you were wondering) suddenly While I was trying to chase down the last 2 on the surface and finish them off with my deck gun, a cruiser and 5 DD showed up to ruin the party. but the strange thing is the cruiser that showed up was a dido class and I had never seen one of these before outside scenario missions. anyways quickly went to periscope depth and I launched from my rear tube my rare and brand new prototype fawlk 4 homing torpedo and snapped the dido in half like a match stick. This apparently ed off the remaining DDs and they proceeded to drop every-thing but the kitchen sink searching for me. the rats managed to get 3 lucky hits on my sub and forced me to crash dive and play hide and go seek and after about an hour they gave up and decided to RTB. anyways, having suffered engine failure, broken hydrophones and with no torpedoes left I just auto ended and returned to base. (got a knights cross so I guess it was a win) I then looked up the Dido class on wiki and turns out these things are pretty awesome! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dido-class_cruiser So I was wondering. when can we expect the Dido class light cruiser to be added to WOWS? because I want one! comment below if you know or want one as well! that's all for now, hope you enjoyed the story and have a great memorial day weekend! and until next time, I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  13. So I was shopping for food today and I spotted an old classic while browsing the DVD section. Mchale's Navy! I remember watching this series when I was around 6 or 7 and my Grandpa's house on "TV land" along with hogans Heroes and I love Lucy. The series isn't really ment to be serious but its still enjoyable seeing the WW 2 equipment and outfits. there's also a lot of navy jargon/slang used as well. The walmart I was at priced it at $30, which is very nice compared to some of the $40 & $60 series sets they had. (The Nanny, The Adams family, OS Hawaii 5-0) I'll post ep. 1 for you all to watch and judge if you'd like to maybe add this series to your collection. If anyone can recommend any other movies/TV series simular to this, please share/list them in the comment section below. hope you all have an awesome weekend! until next time, I'll c'ya on the Sea!
  14. BladedPheonix

    Prepare to cringe! Top 10 list FAIL!

    Howdy sailors! so I was dinking around on Youtube looking for more eurobeat songs to dodge torpedoes with when I came across this beauty of a top 10 list! +100 likes if you manage to get through the whole video without cringing or screaming at the screen! GOOD LUCK! did you cringe? are your lungs hurting from screaming? did you punch a hole through your screen? leave a comment below on your thoughts for this "top 10" Personally I'd make'm walk the plank! until next time, I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  15. Howdy folks! So I had a crazy Idea....... what if, for Valentines day, Wg had an event where you had to knock off hearts off your ships (just like the current snowflake event) and after you collected enough you would receive a reward via the arsenal? they could have some holiday related emblems/patches, cameo, maybe a Dasha captain or something along those lines for the prizes. anyways what do you think? would you want an event like this? please comment below! until next time, I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  16. So I just got the Nelson about a week ago and have been playing in between grinding my Kitkaze and Ognevoi. and man this ship is fun! been averaging around 80k dmg per match! anyways, I was wondering though. Will we be getting Nelson's sister ship Rodney? I'd love to have 2 of these ships! until next time, I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  17. BladedPheonix

    Cruiser tone coming after CV update?

    Howdy sailors! So although I'm not partaking in the testing for CV reworks (no room for it on the PC, please don't judge) I have been following a few players on youtube for information and observation. during 1 match i noticed that a Yamato had what looked like a squad of at least 3-4 float plane fighters protecting it from a CV's torpedo strike. This got me thinking. If this current change to float fighters stays as is, will this change finally be enough for WG to add the very wanted Tone and Chikuma? Maybe even the IJN BBs Ise and Hyuga as well? Video for players who don't know what the ship is about. what are you thoughts on the matter? please comment below! Until next time, I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  18. Howdy sailors! So for all of you who were wondering why this wasn't uploaded yesterday. The reason was I had to do a ton of shopping and by the time I got home, I laid down and didn't wake up til 9:30 today! on the bright side I get to release today's episode on my father's Birthday. so that's nice. and for those who wanna know how old he is? .....hes old enough. (I'm afraid If I give his age out one of the girls here will steal him and be my mom!) anyways, today's song was actually 1 of the first Eurobeat songs I heard and actually got me into Eurobeat, so maybe for all you new comers to Eurobeat it'll have the same effect? song Euro-night artist: Euro-groove hope you enjoyed! whats that? what was the first Eurobeat song I listened too? well.......... Song: deja vu artist: Dave Rogers yeah........ that song gets around...... any who, if you liked it leave a comment and or a like. until next year's event (what you think I ran outta music?) I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  19. Howdy folks! It's day 10! despite what this next song suggests. I urge you to make sure both ways are clear before you start..... Song: Dancing on the Street Artist: David Dima Did the music make you dance? NO? well maybe these bonus codes will get you dancing! better hurry they expire soon! CCCODYDEC BRACEYOURSELVES WINTERISHERE Thats all for today! Leave a like please and maybe a comment. until tomarrow, I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  20. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 2! 8/12

    howdy sailors! its day 8! this song is dedicated to all the Big ships out there! Lookin at you Yammy! girl in the picture looks like an ex-GF of mine. she always liked makeup! and shoes lots of shoes. anyways, until tomarrow, I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  21. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 2! 9/12

    Howdy captains! its day nine! the air is getting cold and crisper and x-mas lights are popping up everywhere. Can You Feel it? Song: can you feel it Artist: Densha DE D game OST Gotta admit this one reminds me of some of the Old Osts from the gamecube/N64's wave race series. (comment below if you played either game and what was your favorite level?) anyways, until tomarrow I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  22. Howdy folks! day 7 people. is it lucky? song" crazy night artist: boys band I dunno about you, but i see a pair of jets prepping to launch from a CV from 0:00- 0:42 anyways, Until Tomarrow, I'll C'ya on the Seas
  23. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 2! 6/12

    howdy folks! day 6 and it looks like the X-mas season is starting to show up everywhere! Getting colder too! hopefully today's song will warm you up! Song: Manifold Love Artist: Hot blade Hope you like the song, please comment below Until tomarrow, I'll C'ya on the Sea!
  24. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 2! 5/12

    Howdy folks! It's day 5 on Eurobeat! IDK about you but I like rainy days, especially in the summer! Speaking of which.... Song: Rain Artist: Mistika Going to put an extra up just in case. original video got flagged and removed. What's your favorite type of weather? Hope you enjoyed the song and until tomarrow I'll C'ya on the Seas!
  25. BladedPheonix

    12 days of Eurobeat Year 2! 4/12

    Howdy sailors! its day 4! Song" Speed op light artist: the snake That's all for today, until tomarrow I'll C'ya on the Seas!