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Found 1 result

  1. Can someone please clarify if I am wrong about this. From the way I am reading the update notes, anyone who receives the ship drop from these crates will receive a unique instance of Atago (I will use Atago as the example throughout this post). Who's only defining characteristic is a differently colored permacamo from the default. WHY?!?! What does this accomplish? What on earth could have stopped Wargaming from just gifting a regular Atago that has a new unique permacamo? We've already seen It's not impossible for ships to have multiple kinds of permacamo. I have the anniversary camo for Atago already, not to mention the existence of Sharks v Eagles and Halloween camos for other ships as well. Are you telling me it was less effort for Wargaming to create a duplicate Atago with a different name and different default camo, rather than just gift an Atago with a new camo added? This is ridiculous. Not only will previous owners of these ships have to transfer commanders to play this ship (yes I know it's still free, but it's still annoying to HAVE to do that JUST to see that camo in battle.) But now we also have to spend the not-cheap amount of credits to outfit the upgrades to this unwanted duplicate ship. Wargaming wouldn't even have to give compensation doubloons for previous owners in my book if they don't want to. I would be totally fine with that if it meant I didn't have to have THREE Atago clones in my port!