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Found 5 results

  1. This issue has been going on for quite sometime. The biggest issue from support is it does not affect everyone, but does affect quite a few people. Perform a forum search on the tags I listed to find how many support requests just in this forum there are. ISSUE which is isolated to Wargaming/Warships only - BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), Blank Screen solid color (grey, teal, white, black), auto restart sometimes, forced restart... My OS is 64 bit Windows 10 always with the most recent patch. nvidia GeForce 660 ti with latest drivers - I have uninstalled/reinstalled gamecenter and warships numerous times, I have eliminated the aslain mods I use completely. But still these errors reoccur... In PORT ONLY... If I am a Division Commander, sending invites or checking who has readied up to play, my screen will freeze (waves stop moving and flags stop flapping in the wind) and I can do nothing. Unless I alt+tab out to any other application that is running. Those apps still work fine with no issues. If I start warships game client through game center. Sometimes I can go days with no issues, other times I cant play at all days in a row. I have worked with computers and networking for 10+ years, I have done a lot of troubleshooting over the years. I can usually figure out when to blame the hardware drivers, the OS updates or an application. This has been going on FOR MONTHS and it ONLY occurs in Warships. I am at my wit's end, I have spent too much money on this game... not bragging just explaining the investment... 1,000+ days of premium on my account because my family and friends have given me premium days as birthday/christmas/father'sday presents. Now 336 ships, including many premiums... My family knows I play this game and I share the computer play time with other family members (4 warship accounts on one computer for brothers/sons) I wish Wargaming would completely HALT any NEW development until they have fixed the thousands of bugs listed. If you search the forums the issues mentioned here have occurred as far back as 2018. Please, seasoned players, try to refrain from disparaging remarks, I would really like Wargaming/Warships take this seriously... I have turned in numerous support tickets which they have closed as fixed, when the issue is still present. We are now in Clan Battle season and I was unable to participate because my game client is not reliable. Please Warships support, help me/us... refer this to Tier 2 or Tier 3 support, I have an open ticket right now I am waiting for response on. I know the drill, remove aslain mods (delete the res mod folder) start the client in safe mode. Remove the game client and reinstall, remove game center and game client and reinstall. double/triple check video drivers. Run disk diagnostics to check for bad spot on media. Run RAM test to determine bad ram chips. Extensive network diagnostics. I have opened my computer and reseated memory and video cards, I have tested my PSU etc, etc, etc... I feel I have exhausted known troubleshooting. I love playing with my friends but am almost at a point if you could just refund $3,500 spent over the past 3 years playing I would consider seeking out another game to play. Again, please help me/us. Thanks in advance for all you so. Semper fidelis et paratus! /ALE Goldain, TWFT
  2. rafael_azuaje


    Petition to WG. Rework the USS Black (DD-666) and add the historical hull (Same as chung-mu, not the rounded one) has better radars antenas too! captain's bridge looks diferent real.
  3. O jogo poderia colocar camuflagem "black" para os barcos tier X, assim como a camuflagem INFERNAL, foi adquirida uma, e possível comprar mais caso fosse desejado. As camuflagens black assim como tirpitz são belíssimas, no entanto ser limitadas a alguns barcos tier mais baixos é uma pena, camuflagem permanente black, seria ótimo.
  4. rafael_azuaje

    Black Ideas! Camo & Torps

    I have the Black and your his camo is very simple Not have color scheme, if WG ADD colos as Balck & orange, the torps are suck very slow for T9, better opcion is the MARK 16 from Fletcher, the destroyer SAMSON t2 HAS TORPS TOP SPEED 49K AND IS T2. the black T9 top speed 43k very slower.
  5. Lestat_VG

    Flint, Black y banderas

    Hola buenas, y de antemano gracias por corregir si me equivoco. Cuando empece a jugar WoWs una de las cosas que mas me gusto fue participar en las temporadas de batallas por rango por dos motivos, el primero; era desafiante y entretenido y el segundo por las recompensas. Las recompensas mas "destacadas" eran poder conseguir el Crucero Flint (logrando llegar 3 veces a rango 1 en distintas temporadas) y el Destructor Black (llegar a rango 1 en 5 temporadas distintas). También estaban las banderas por alcanzar el rango 1: Jolly Roger, Jolly Roger II, III y IV. mas las banderas conmemorativas por alcanzar rango 15 en cada temporada. Lo cual me daba un objetivo, una meta, la razón por la cual jugar batallas "ranked" Mi problema ahora es el siguiente: he conseguido llegar 3 veces a rango 1 (9°, 10° y 11° temporada) y para mi sorpresa no he desbloqueado el crucero Flint ni las banderas Jolly Roger II y III lo cual me hace suponer lo obvio, de alcanzar rango 1 dos veces mas, tampoco obtendré el destructor Black ni la bandera Jolly roger IV. Así que la conclusión mas lógica; wargaming elimino estas recompensas por que........porque si? sin avisar y aunque avisaran que clase de recompensa es esa hacia los jugadores que llevan mas tiempo y que han buscado lo mismo que yo. Por mi parte me retiro del juego hasta saber si esto es un problema temporal o si es definitivo. Y de ser así pues me retiro definitivamente, porque a mi y a cualquiera, creo, no ha de gustarle que te quiten cosas o contenido cuando uno espera lo contrario.