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Found 3 results

  1. Credit to https://thedailybounce.net/world-of-warships/world-of-warships-datamined-ships-for-the-next-black-friday/ and the SALVO discord chat . Along with some of the upcoming ships like Marlborough or Giuseppe Verdi, an unexpected surprise was the reveal of the upcoming Black ships to be in this year's containers. Without further ado, let's hear it for Dunkerque Black, Lo Yang Black, Saipan Black, Pommern Black, and Yoshino Black. Short comparison between all the lineups since Black Friday containers started in 2018: 2018: Tirpitz Black, Atago Black, Asashio Black, Mass Black 2019: Alaska Black, Graf Zeppelin Black, Scharnhorst Black, Sims Black 2020: Jean Bart Black, Kaga Black, Cossack Black, Atlanta Black
  2. I got a message about 8 days of black ship giveaways with a link about how to participate. It came up over the Game Center when I logged in. What is it? The link does not work! OK Mods find an answer please!
  3. @Hapa_Fodder, @Kalvothe @Mademoisail NA Community Team, Can you please elevate a request to include all the duplicate premium hulls in the Campaign tasks and other ship specific tasks/events in the future? For example, in the Five Epochs of the Navy Campaign, Mission 4, Task 9 includes the Asashio as one of the required ships, but does not recognize my Asashio B as a suitable ship for the task. I know that there are other tasks in this Campaign that include ships like the Sims and Myoko, but exclude their duplicate ARP and Black hulls. I am enjoying the new campaigns and content and like the inclusion of lower tiers and PVE, but I would also like to be able to use all the available ships in my fleet, especially ones that I paid for. Thank you.