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Found 19 results

  1. The following are a series of quick reviews of the Black Friday ships. Access to all eight of these ships was provided to me by Wargaming at no cost to myself. To the best of my knowledge, the statistics discussed here are accurate as of patch 0.9.10. Please be aware that their performance may change in the future. Happy Holidays! I am not going to be negative snark-monster this year. Okay, that's a lie. My first draft of this was chock-full of grumpy holiday resentment. But I vented. I got it all out of my system. I deleted said draft and now I'm feeling all better. I'm able to genuinely enjoy the season again, mostly thanks to being able to play super-auntie. Heck, I'm even finding myself excited for some of the upcoming releases Wargaming has announced for this holiday season.. Even with the inevitable accelerated release schedule that comes this time of year, I feel ready. 2020 has been one Hell of a ride for the game, even if you ignore the pandemic. There has been so much content, so many releases and so many events, it's been genuinely hard for me to keep track. As of Black Friday this year, there are now forty-three (43!) premium and reward ships that have been released and we know of at least two others due out before the end of the year. That's nine more ships than the previous front-runner of thirty-six releases, way back in 2016. As has been custom for Wargaming since 2018, Black Friday sees the release of four new clone ships with sexy black and chrome camouflage schemes. While I would love to use their releases as an excuse to update some of my older reviews, it's just not realistic. Still, I thought I could throw something together that's fun while also speaking to the current performance of said ships. To that end, I present to you, the Twelve [edited] of Christmas. On the first day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ A Ship That's Retiring Shortly! ♫ Massachusetts Black Massachusetts is arguably one of the best premiums that Wargaming has ever made. She's not only fun and powerful, her gimmicks went on to inspire hope of seeing an entire tech tree line based on her performance. It's a shame that she's being retired with patch 0.10.1. I resent "fear of missing out" as a sales tactic and I'm not advocating that you panic buy this ship if she does not interest you, but if she was on your list of ships to get, now's the time. On the second day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Two Turtlebacks ♫ Tirpitz Black When she was released back in September of 2015, Tirpitz was a monster. It was inconceivable that a battleship could be (mostly) immune to citadel hits. On the third day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Three Not-Bensons ♫ Sims Black This isn't an easy ship to recommend precisely because there are better ships out there. For the longest time, she was compared negatively to other American destroyers owing to her smaller gun battery and lacklustre fish. On the fourth day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Four Deep Water Fish ♫ Asashio Black Behold, the ship that single handed made battleships unplayable. Oh wait, that didn't happen. Asashio's torpedoes are stupid. They have a 20km range, almost zero detection and hit like trucks. Oh, but they can only hit battleships and aircraft carriers. She's so single-minded in her purpose its hilarious. On the fifth day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Five American Piercing Shells! ♫ Alaska Black Like Massachusetts, Alaska is set to be pulled with patch 0.10.1. It's a shame, she's a very nice ship with great artillery. Her AP shells have improved auto-ricochet mechanics and solid penetration, allowing her to flex between ammunition types no matter what target presents themselves from moment to moment. Combine that with good durability and Surveillance Radar and perhaps you can see why she's being retired. On the sixth day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Six Tribals skulking ♫ Cossack Black Tribal-class destroyers are excellent destroyer-hunters and cap-contesters. This is a high-risk, high-reward style of play that's not for everyone. On the seventh day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Seven reloads boosting ♫ Jean Bart Black Seeing this ship here is a surprise. Jean Bart was retired last year due to her popularity. This is largely owing to her Main Battery Reload Booster for her guns which allows her to punish exposed enemies like few ships can. On the eighth day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Eight turrets spamming ♫ Atlanta Black I will always have a soft spot for Atlanta, ever since I watched PhlyDaily and BaronVonGames spamming her rapid-fire 127mm/38s at everything that moved in Closed Beta. On the ninth day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Nein second bomb drop ♫ Graf Zeppelin Black Graf Zeppelin had a ... well, let's just say "storied" development history, including (but not limited to) bombs that required you to lead a target by nine whole seconds. No, I'm not kidding. That's gone now, thankfully. On the tenth day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Ten different skins ♫ Atago Black Okay, I'm exaggerating a little. Between Atago, Atago B and her Arpeggio of Blue Steel clones she has nine permanent camouflage options -- ten if you include her default, no-camo skin. On the eleventh day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Eleven inch shells bouncing ♫ Scharnhorst Black Scharnhorst's 283mm AP shells are notorious for having very limited overmatch potential. With the increase in cruiser armour with the HE and IFHE rework earlier this year, her shells ricochet more often than they ever have previously. On the twelfth day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Twelve torpedo planes ♫ Kaga Black Kaga is best known for her enormous (if squishy) squadrons. Her dive bombers and torpedo bombers come in squadrons of twelve, her rocket planes in squadrons of eight. Thoughts & Feels There are some good ships here. Wargaming has generally picked winners which makes most of them a pretty safe purchase. Atago, Atlanta and Massachusetts would be my top picks for someone who doesn't already have said ships. These are all strong vessels that have aged reasonably well, but most importantly they're all fun to play. I'm glad they've made the older ships available for direct purchase through the Armory for doubloons rather than forcing you to roll the dice or pay cash. If you want the new four ships, you're going to have to either pony up for a massive bundle, buy them directly through the online store or gamble through loot boxes. I am not a fan of loot boxes at all -- it's safe to say that I abhor them almost to Jim Sterling levels of ire (thank god for him). One thing to be super-aware of with these Black ships is that though they may be clones of their parent vessels, they DO NOT COUNT as said parent vessels for the purposes of missions. So, for example, say the Strasbourg event coming up at the end of the year has a mission which you can short cut using Jean Bart. Jean Bart Black would not work for said mission unless specifically listed. This also means that any follow up camouflages or whatever that gets released for the parent ship will not be available on the Black version. So think twice about spending money on these if that's one of the reasons you wanted them. Thank you all for reading. I hope you stay safe over this holiday season. If you have any questions about the performance of any of these ships, this is the place to ask. I'm happy to wax poetic about my favourites and the rest of the community is sure to chime in too. ♥
  2. There are several issues here, WOWS please route each to their appropriate department. 1) The Jean Bart, a ship I longed for but never could save up enough coal to get. I purchased Premium Black Friday Crates. The first one I opened was the Jean Bart. I was ecstatic, along with the 25k coal mission, Great! I played a game and got the mission. WOW you have got to be kidding. WOWS would not be that cruel. Read the fine print. You must play the 5 missions in the original Jean Bart. WHAT, I do not have it, but I will work hard to get it for 25k coal. Breath, WHAT, you took it away. WAIT that cant be right, who would offer the sweetest bonus they may have ever offered then make in unobtainable. THEN I remembered I was playing WOWs. I am disappointed with WOWS. 2) Three-fifths of the PREMIUM crates I purchased contained paint jobs. I do not consider Paint jobs a premium item, they are a normal commodity I get every day. I can see sprinkling a few in but to have 3/5ths of the crates be paint I get every day, I am disappointed with WOWS again. 3) While we are in this neighborhood, Super Containers, rename them to Big Containers because there is nothing “Super” about them. I do not care what WOWs says, they do not drop as often as they used to. When they do, they have Signals or Paint in them. There is nothing “Super” about that. A “Super Container” should bring a nod to your head. Like 10k Doubloons, 25k coal, 15k steel. You get the idea. WOWS, its not like you have to go out and buy real gold, its nothing to you but could be a giant good will gesture to your consumers. Remember us, the little people, fans, end user, suckers….
  3. Man am I upset with all the related Black Friday Sales complaining posts and comments. What is Black Friday... Black Friday is a day in which companies offer selected consumer goods at an above normal reduced sales price to generate year end profits. What is Black Friday here at WOWS and WG... It is a yearly event were selected desirable premium ships are offered at an above normal reduced sales price. Black Friday Ship versions are NOT intended for owners of the Standard Premium Ship; but for the player base community that do not OWN the Standard Premium Ship, to be picked up at an above normal reduced price once a year. Now WG and WOWS like any company will go that extra mile to reach year end profit generation and during the Black Friday Sales event; this is done by OFFERING special bonus missions that only OWNERS of the Standard Premium Ship can complete, as a means to help generate a sales while also extending the discount cost for picking up a CLONE of the ship they already own. So, now understanding and knowing this can we PLEASE stop with all the negative comments related to WG and WOWS' Black Friday Sales. Please THANK WG and WOWS for offering these Black Friday version Premium Ships as a reduced cost.
  4. In_Flamed

    Black Friday Crates

    Are there any data miners or released or compiled data on what the chance to get the black ships in crates? Alternatively are purchasing black Friday containers for ships cheaper than just buying them?
  5. First from the start I want to thank WG, WOWS staff and the general player community. I also want to thank WG and WOWS for the 2020 Black Friday event and the related items. From an investment into the game of $70 USD I picked up the following ships and main items: -T9 Jean Bart Black -T7 Atlanta Black -T7 Scharnhorst Black -21 days Prim time -6,000 doubloons -Good mix amount of different Camos I now look forward to this years 2020 Christmas event and what goods it will bring.
  6. SrJCH

    Black Friday

    Hola comandantes. En el día de ayer compre con 250 doblones 2 contenedores Black Friday de la cadena de 11 posibles paquetes. Claramente dice que un Contenedor Black Friday incluirá un artículo de la siguiente lista. NO dice que Podría Incluir o Incluiría. A cambio he recibido 6000 XP libre en cada uno de los Contenedores. La verdad me siento ESTAFADO
  7. Feels like every other companies are doing Black Friday sale now And WG is still waiting for the actual Black Friday. What do you plan to buy ? (games or hardware or something else)
  8. Colonel_Potter

    Black Friday Black Ships

    Black ships will be Jean Bart B, Cossack B, Atlanta B and Kaga B. They are also introducing ARP Maya (Atago clone) and ARP Yamato. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/86
  9. I had a dream today i would get my Black Massachusetts! My most wanted Black Friday ship as i love Massachusetts gameplay and she came out on the last container: Also got 70.000 FXP, 20 black camos and 10 streamer camos. video:
  10. GumiSamaChan

    Black Friday!

    CHICOS MEGA OFERTAS DE BLACK FRIDAY!!!!! El viernes estarán disponibles la venta de cajas y los barcos Black! Tambien contenedores Gratuitos de BF. El día de mañana comenzarán los siguientes bonus y descuentos en el juego. −80% al costo de desmontar mejoras en doblones −50% al costo de los barcos investigables de los EE. UU de Nivel II al V −30% al costo de los barcos investigables de los EE. UU de Nivel VI al VII −15% al costo de los barcos investigables de los EE. UU de Nivel VIII al X Bonificación de 100% de XP por la primera victoria del día 35 puntos de XP Libre (en lugar de 25 puntos de XP Libre) por cada doblón al convertir la XP del barco en XP Libre −50% al costo de los espacios en el Puerto en doblones −50% al costo de las mejoras en créditos Cambien algo muy especial para los que tienen barcos BF. Para los que tengan un barco normal aparte de su Black Friday, ejemplo Asashio y Asashio Black, al jugar 5 veces con el barco normal recibirás recompensa en doblones y experiencia libre. Pronto saldrán más ofertas chicos, atentos :D https://worldofwarships.com/es-mx/news/sales-and-events/missions-0810-weekly-2/
  11. Noticing many of the CC videos on the subject didn't showcase the drop chance of the ships (as they already have them) I decided to drop some coin so you all can get a taste of what they might have inside. Judging from my usual luck, I didn't expect much.
  12. ¡Black Friday! ¿Que cosas vendrán este año? Ya estamos en la penúltima semana de noviembre y ya saben que significa?, La llegada del ´´Black Friday´´ Como todos los años Wargaming en World of Warships nos pone el Black Friday cada Jueves o Miercoles: El 2016 fue el jueves 24 de noviembre y el 2017 el miércoles 22 de noviembre; Este año, posiblemente inicie el miércoles 21 o el jueves 22. Y que durara máximo 5 días como todos los años. ¿Qué podemos esperar este Black Friday y Acción de Gracias que da inicio a la temporada navideña?, Veamos: Experiencia x 2: Tendremos durante estos 5 días por la primera victoria Experiencia x 2, a lo cuál quizás será acompañado como recompensa 1 Dia Premium El paquete de la Gran Armada: Como saben cada año Wargaming vende todos los Barcos Premium en un Paquete llamado: Pack de la Armada a lo cuál va aumentando o disminuyendo cada año. ¿Que barcos vendrán en el pack de esté año?, pueden ser los que mencionare a continuación, pero como saben no es una información precisa y puede cambiar. -Albany- Tier II -Diana - Tier II -Emden - Tier II -Mikasa - Tier II -Smith - Tier II -Tachibana - Tier II -Aurora - Tier III -Konig Albert - Tier III -Campbeltown- Tier III -Katori - Tier III -Oleg - Tier III -Vampire - Tier III -Ishizuchi - Tier IV -Yubari - Tier IV -Giulio Cesare - Tier V -Krasny Krym - Tier V -Marblehead - Tier V -Murmansk - Tier V -Okhotnik - Tier V -Okt. Revolutsiya - Tier V -Texas - Tier V -Aigle - Tier VI -Makarov - Tier VI -T - 61 - Tier VI -Graf Spee - Tier VI -Anshan - Tier VI -Arizona- Tier VI -De Grasse- Tier VI -Duca d'Aosta- Tier VI -Dunkerque - Tier VI -Gallant- Tier VI -Molotov - Tier VI -Mutsu- Tier VI -Warspite - Tier VI -Ashitaka - Tier VII -Atlanta - Tier VII -Nueve de Julio - Tier VII -Boise -Tier VII -Abruzzi - Tier VII -Blyskawica - Tier VII -Hood - Tier VII -Duke de York - Tier VII -Indianapolis - Tier VII -Kaga - Tier VII -Leningrad - Tier VII -Saipan - Tier VII -Scharnhorst - Tier VII -Sims - Tier VII -Alabama- Tier VIII -Atago - Tier VIII -Gascogne - Tier VIII -Cossack - Tier VIII -Enterprise - Tier VIII -Kii - Tier VIII -Loyang- Tier VIII -Prinz Eugen - Tier VIII -Tirpitz - Tier VIII -Roma - Tier VIII -Massachusetts - Tier VIII No Incluyo al Vanguard Tier VIII ni al Dreadnought Tier III, porqué estarán en la tienda hasta 7 de diciembre y el Dreagnouht posiblemente sea regalo parte del evento de navidad. Belfast, Perth y Kutuzov solo podrán obtenerse en Cajas de Santa en temporada navideña. Estos son todos los barcos que esperan en el paquete de la Gran Armada a lo cuál puede costar este año: $550 ya qué el año pasado costaba $490(Incluido descuento) Paquetes Nacionales: A su vez cada nación contara con sus paquetes especiales y serán posiblemente los siguientes(Ojo todos estos se calcula con descuento): Estados Unidos - Costo estimado: $260 -Albany- Tier II -Smith - Tier II -Marblehead - Tier V -Texas - Tier V -Arizona- Tier VI -Atlanta - Tier VII -Boise -Tier VII -Indianapolis - Tier VII -Kaga - Tier VII -Leningrad - Tier VII -Saipan - Tier VII -Sims - Tier VII -Alabama- Tier VIII -Enterprise - Tier VIII -Massachusetts - Tier VIII Japón - Costo estimado: $ 170 -Mikasa - Tier II -Tachibana - Tier II -Katori - Tier III -Ishizuchi - Tier IV -Yubari - Tier IV -Mutsu- Tier VI -Ashitaka - Tier VII -Kaga - Tier VII -Atago - Tier VIII -Kii - Tier VIII United Task Force: Alemania, Francia, Inglaterra, Italia, Polonia/Posiblemente Pan Asia y Pan Latinoamerica - Costo Estimado: $320 -Emden - Tier II -Campbeltown- Tier III -Konig Albert - Tier III -Vampire - Tier III -Giulio Cesare - Tier V -Aigle - Tier VI -Graf Spee - Tier VI -T - 61 - Tier VI -Anshan - Tier VI -De Grasse- Tier VI -Duca d'Aosta- Tier VI -Dunkerque - Tier VI -Gallant- Tier VI -Warspite - Tier VI -Nueve de Julio - Tier VII -Abruzzi - Tier VII -Blyskawica - Tier VII -Hood - Tier VII -Duke de York - Tier VII -Scharnhorst - Tier VII -Gascogne - Tier VIII -Cossack - Tier VIII -Loyang- Tier VIII -Prinz Eugen - Tier VIII -Tirpitz - Tier VIII -Roma - Tier VIII Unión Soviética - Costo estimado: $95 -Diana - Tier II -Aurora - Tier III -Oleg - Tier III -Krasny Krym - Tier V -Murmansk - Tier V -Okhotnik - Tier V -Okt. Revolutsiya - Tier V -Makarov - Tier VI -Molotov - Tier VI -Leningrad - Tier VII Estos son los barcos que podrían venir en los Packs tanto de la Gran Armada y por naciones, quiero recalcar qué el precio es un cálculo y no es el monto oficial. Dias Premium: Los días Premium también es posible que estén de oferta desde 360 Dias Premium a $45 y 90 a $28. Descuentos: Abra descuentos en el juego que podrían ser los siguientes: Créditos: 1 Doblón = 1650 créditos Consumibles: 60% de descuento tanto en créditos y doblones Modificaciones: 50% de descuento Espacios en puerto: 50% de descuento = 150 doblones por espacio Lugares en la reserva: 50% de descuento = 50 doblones Descuentos de Barcos Premium dentro de la rama del juego 50% de descuento en Tier III - IV 40% de descuento en Tier V - VI 30% de descuento en Tier VII - VII Barcos que podrían no sufrir el descuento en doblones aun no se puede deducir, ya qué el año pasado fueron Hood, Kaga e Indianapolis, así que puede cambiar este año. Puede haber otras cosas interesantes como descuentos en la tienda de barcos premium y también de banderas. Solo habrá que esperar esta mitad de Semana para ver las ofertas de Black Friday y de Acción de Gracias, les adjunto fotos del Black Friday del 2017, ojo 2017 no de este año Posdata: Quizas Wargaming No ponga los Packs esté año, cosa que dudo mucho ya que es una temporada que la mayoría aprovecha los descuentos que en otras oportunidades les costaría el doble, y siendo asi Wargaming no desaprovecharia esté año para hacerlo de nuevo. Eso es todo por Hoy Piratas de agua Dulce, ahora solo queda esperar este Black Friday 23 de Noviembre. Informa - UsagiGumi Megpoid
  13. _RC1138

    Tirpitz B Question

    Can anyone who bought/got a Tirpitz B answer this question: Do past event Permanent Camos for the normal Tirpitz also work on the Tirpitz B? For example the Halloween or the 2016 New Years Perm camo? I assume that it doesn't, but I am curious.
  14. Hey Everyone! Its C0L0NEL_MUSTARD announcing another giveaway on my stream today starting at 8pm EST (5pm PST)! I am celebrating my inclusion into the Twitch Affiliate Program and what better way to do that than give things away to those who watch my channel. What am I giving away? Glad you asked. I will be giving away a minimum of 4 Black Friday Premium Containers throughout the stream (possibly more if my wallet allows for it). I will be raffling them off every 2 games or so. Last week was a really fun stream and I hope to make this one even better for me and, more importantly, for those watching. Come check it out and feel free to leave feedback on the stream in this Topic. Hope to see you all later tonight! Here is the link for my channel: https://www.twitch.tv/c0l0nel_mustard
  15. In case you were on the fence about the Armada bundle and getting fewer doubloons for duplicate ships was a worry. https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/vehicles/11293/ Please note: If you already have some of the ships in your collection, you will receive the ship's FULL price in doubloons as compensation.
  16. I've been in the game for about 3 months now (WoT convert,) and I keep reading posts on the forums about "wait til black Friday sales..." but when I search the forum for info on what they did in the past, I can't find anything (aside from posts about the black skinning for the Mass.) So, am I using search wrong? Anyone got links? Anyone got stories from around the campfire last season sales? Is it all the T-giving weekend or just on Black Friday? (Lots of virtual merchants start their Black Friday's on Wed noon now...) Anyway, I figured I'd inquire...
  17. YamiKai

    ¡Viernes Negro!

    ¡Ah! Viernes Negro, aquella fecha anual en la que muchos de nosotros damos rienda suelta al consumismo latente y gastamos dinero que no tenemos o usaríamos para cosas más importantes. No dejen que nuestro opulento estilo de vida con posavasos y papel higiénico en cuadritos los engañe, aquí en Reporte de Batalla no somos ajenos al asunto. Por eso hemos decidido informarles con antelación, tenemos la misión divina de aconsejarlos y no permitir que repitan nuestros errores, pues vivir endeudado no es cosa bonita y menos cuando no alcanza ni para el shampoo. Black is beautiful ¿Qué es el Black Friday? ¿Cuando apareció? ¿Quién fue aquel malvado visionario que inició con todo este movimiento dedicado a succionar nuestras delgadas billeteras? ¿Me amará algún día? Las respuestas son muy sencillas, menos la última. Pero como no deseamos que sufras te diremos que no, mejor sigamos buscando pokemones. El Black Friday o Viernes Negro es el día de inauguración de las compras navideñas y siempre un día después del Día de Acción de Gracias, celebración intrascendente para nosotros la cual no me molestaré en explicar. La versión más aceptada de su origen data de 1961. Mientras se popularizaba la marihuana y se daba inicio a los grandes festivales de música se inventó el término entre los oficiales de tránsito de la época. Esto debido a la gran cantidad de personas y vehículos que atiborraban las calles un día después de Acción de Gracias. Otra versión hace referencia a la contabilidad de las tiendas ese día, pues todos sabemos que no hay mejor venta que aquella hecha a alguien bajo los efectos de alucinógenos. En fin, a menos que encontremos a ese oficial que en un momento tuvo la epifanía de llamar a ese día Viernes Negro, podemos decir que nadie lo creó y que simplemente surgió. El dinero es dinero, aprende algo dinero Se preguntarán ¿que tiene que ver este día de consumismo irreflexivo con todos nosotros? Simple. La industria del videojuego está muy a la espera para poder vendernos infinidad de productos a precios “súper especiales”. Saben que somos débiles y muestra de ello es publicar el mismo juego una y otra vez todos los años y seguir siendo un éxito en ventas. Títulos como FIFA y Call of Duty son la prueba irrefutable que compraremos cualquier cosa siempre y cuando nos la pinten bonito y renueven la portada. Ya nos pasó con las loot boxes, los amiibo y aquel descarado intento de Nintendo de vendernos cartón a precios exorbitantes. Otra prueba más cercana a nosotros fue lo que hizo Wargaming con World of Tanks, porque tener un tanque no era suficiente así que te lo vendieron al doble del precio pero con el enorme detalle de hacerlo de color negro, pues todos sabemos que el color negro se camufla muy bien entre los verdes prados, así como en el seco desierto y en… Dios mío ¡¿A quién creen que engañan?! ¿Porque es más costoso el mismo tanque pero de color negro? Ahora ¿que pasará en World of Warships? Aquellos que sigan el blog de desarrolladores, del cual dejaré el enlace aquí, sabrán que hace poco se anunció un nuevo camuflaje inspirado en aquella fecha que para sorpresa de muchos, es de color negro. ¡Ni siquiera es un negro bonito! Se pueden ver todas las líneas de óxido y corrosión. También se añadirán barcos a la tienda los cuales serán los siguientes: Tirpitz B, Atago B, Asashio B y Massachusetts B. Y si la cosa no es suficientemente obvia, sí, la “B” significa “Black”. Puedo ver esa creatividad a kilómetros. El barco será exactamente el mismo pero con un color de camuflaje distinto… negro. ¿Esto significa que podré tener 2 veces el mismo barco? ¿Costará el doble o triple al igual que en World of Tanks? ¿Algún día Wargaming aprenderá de sus errores? Es muy pronto para responder esas preguntas, aunque la tercera parece ser un “No”. En fin, más que solo quejarme mi objetivo es que usted, aquel que nos lee desde una tablet, celular o computador, tome conciencia al respecto y no caiga en la trampa del consumismo. Muchas veces vamos a comprar con la idea de ahorrar, pero terminamos gastando más de lo planeado en cosas que no necesitamos por su “bajo precio”. Recordemos que el objetivo de todo buen empresario es crear necesidad, si antes no necesitábamos un smartphone que nos recordara que hoy saldrá el sol ¿Porque ahora si? ¿Cuantas de las cosas que tengo en casa en verdad me son útiles? ¿Lo compraré porque lo necesito o solo por su bajo precio? De poquito en poquito se llena el jarrito, de poquito en poquito nuestros gastos suben. Para terminar solo puedo decirles esto: “Sean siempre responsables, no solo aquel día sino en todo momento. El placer es temporal pero las buenas decisiones son para toda la vida” Informa – YamiKai ¡Si te gusta mi contenido puedes seguirme en Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjaScgw-9gN3bIMJ1YeLcAg?view_as=subscriber