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Found 4 results

  1. Ciryandil

    I citadeled a Tirpitz

    I I could not believe my eyes when I saw this....but while I was in my MS Bismarck, I citadeled an enemy KM Tirpitz with my main 15-inch guns. This screenshot I took seconds after it happened: I suppose this means that you COULD manage to penetrate the turtleback-armor scheme of German battleships.
  2. I was just wondering "what if" Bismark had run into two older battleships like Warspite and Valiant after blowing up the Hood. Would Lutjens have bailed because of being outgunned or would he have tried to blast the older ships? Just a thought running through my head.
  3. Country_revalution


    Would the USS Texas stand a chance agenced the German Bismarck?
  4. Hey folks, I have 2.5 questions 1) Guides and or Tips on surviving the early game as a Bismark when up against Tier IX's and X's. I find it almost impossible to push against the higher tier ships, but guides that I have looked at suggest hiding as a BB is damaging to the game. But if I don't push and I'm not hiding behind an island I get picked off at range. In one match I got double teamed by opposing carriers right off the bat and didn't get out of the starting blocks. Extremely frustrating. So any tips? 1.5) Is the Bismark an effective flanker? I've had success as a Gneisenau flanking, but the Bismark is slower, but it's supposed to still be one of the faster BB's, so is this a good strategy when supported by a cruiser and or DD? 2) What is a good ship to pair with a Tirpitz? I just bought an Atlanta and thought it could be used to provide AA for the Tirptiz and try to flank a lot. I also have a Pensacola and could try to grind up that tree and get closer to a Baltimore or New Orleans and maybe traverse like slightly behind the tirpitz and act as a support with AA and radar, but kinda island up down the more center area of the map? Context: I'm a pretty bad WoW player that is recently trying to get better. To this point I mostly just played casually with my girlfriend and we have a pretty poor success rate. Generally speaking with both play German BB's. We both like to push and get into knife fights, but as you'd expect we run into trouble a lot, push incorrectly and die. Now I've been watching some youtube guides out there, specifically looking for ones on how to improve my positioning and identify when the push. I really liked aviaxis' videos on battleship and cruiser positioning and liked his concepts of flankers and more like main line type of ships. After that I found that my Gneisenau is a fantastic flanker as a battleship, had way more success and I have a much better appreciation for spacing and angles. However I had just gotten the Bismark which I have not tried to use as a flanker. I've tried to use it to push the main line like aviaxis has suggested in his videos. However I found I was immediately targeted by CV's, and since I'm playing mostly against tier IX's and tier X's I find I die before I even get a sniff at using my secondaries. So all in all I've found the jump to playing primarily against tier IX's and X's to be incredibly challenging. I'm not sure exactly sure whether my Bismark should be played as a more central push or for a flanking push. Additionally I'm looking for a ship and or playstyle that provides more synergy with the Tirpitz in order to achieve greater success when playing with my girlfriend. Any help or resources anyone could provide would be appreciated.