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Found 32 results

  1. Hey all. This is a new manga style comic starring the spirit of the infamous Battleship Bismarck and a group of highschool students, as they battle a monstrous entity from the pit and his minions. Known only as "The Beast" This being aims to consume all life in the universe. Issue 1 is complete and comes in 3 acts plus a preface. The Preface and cover of Act 1 is released. The page will be updated every Tuesday and there is a Iron and Blood site in the works. DISCLAIMER. Will feature SUPERNATURAL THEMES, violence, horror, as well as a lot of tongue in cheek humor. Maybe a bit MA rated so discretion is advised PS, I am the Author and i will ask you to look beyond any spelling mistakes lol, I will love feed back etc..... My comic is also endorsed by World of Warships on their Asia facebook page and there are references to the game sprinkled throughout as well as some historical "Easter eggs". Feel free to give it a like or a comment. If you see me in game, feel free to say hello. "Spoiler" Bismarck will be aided in later issues by other vanquished vessels. *Cough HMS HOOD, IJN YAMATO, USS ARIZONA cough* Feel free to pop over to FB and give it a like. Iron & Blood A lot of commentary and future competitions will be announced there. If you join the Iron and Blood facebook group, you will get any updates a week early for your perusal Here's the link Iron and Blood FB Group Hope you enjoy Iron & Blood :P Here is the Prologue and the cover of act 1.
  2. Lose_dudes

    The REAL reason Bismarck sunk

    Today we'll be looking at German and British reports on why the famous battleship Bismarck sunk, in a universe we're glad we don't live in. We'll begin with Germany: On the sinking of the Bismarck The sinking of the Bismarck may have been caused by being hit by Ark Royal, but closer inspection reveals it was a series of mishaps that caused the battleship to be sunk. It began, a few years back, when a worker error caused half of a sheet of gruyere cheese to be mistaken for swiss[citation needed], and mailed to the royal navy. Ironically, the torpedo protection ended up being half made of swiss because of the error. The next error was during the Bismarck's last battle. Although why he did so is a complete mystery, Lutjens chose to make out with his ship[citation needed], which is troubling for the ship and other commanders. Don't give them any ideas. Finally, the Ark Royal sent a squadron of torpedo rocs to destroy the Bismarck. It is unknown why they did this, in any case velociraptors would've been much more effective. Nonetheless, the torpedoes soundly cut through the softer swiss cheese half of the torpedo protection plate consisted of. The Bismarck sank quickly, and some of the crew was rescued by British ships. Lutjens and Bismarck are currently missing, and it is suspected that they are aboard the Ark Royal[citation needed]
  3. The Tier 8 German Battleship Bismarck "Legendary" Quick Summary: A specialized brawling Battleship that's near impossible to citadel at close ranges. Her strengths include great secondaries, a high top speed, good durability and the German hydroacoustic search consumable. Patch & Date Written: August 25th to August 27th, 2016. Premium Ship Shortcuts Closest Premium Ship: TirpitzDegree of Similarity: Clone / Sister-Ship / Related Class/ Similar Role / Unique Well, who didn't see this one coming? The Tirpitz is the obvious closest analogue to the Bismarck, what with being her sister ship. Still if you're looking to skip the grind with purchasing a premium ship rather than researching your way to the Bismarck you're going to miss out. Though they are sisters, their game play is different in a few places. PROs: Excellent citadel protection with her turtleback armour, making her functionally immune to citadel hits. Bow armour of 32mm and deck armour of 50mm allows her to easily tank when prow on towards enemies at medium to close range against guns up to 420mm. Large hit point pool at 69,200hp. Fast reload time on her 380mm rifles with with a 5' per second turret rotation which provides good gun handling. Good range of 21.2km which can be extended with a spotter aircraft. Excellent secondary armament with massive 7.0km base range. Well balanced anti-aircraft complement. Good top speed of 31.0 knots. Has the Hydroacoustic Search consumable. Enormous carry potential -- incredibly forgiving. CONs: Armour isn't overall as thick as some advertise, leading to many normal penetrations unless properly angled. Poor anti-torpedo defense with only a 22% base damage reduction. German Battleship dispersion on main batteries can feel punitive at times. Small main battery with only eight 380mm rifles. Poor HE performance with 4,400 alpha strike. Awful handling, with a 16.0s rudder shift time and 850m turning circle. Enormous surface detection range of 16.4km and aerial detection range of 14.7km. Rough stock-grind until you unlock her Hull Upgrade. Rest easy, fans of the Bismarck. Her legacy is safe in this game. The Bismarck is for World of Warships what the Pz.Kpwf. VI Tiger is for World of Tanks. She is the stuff of legends and surrounded by so much hype and misinformation to make it difficult to separate fact and reality. Sensationalized documentaries often describe her as the single greatest threat that the British Royal Navy ever faced in the Second World War. This leads to some very high expectation (and trepidation) in regards to her inclusion in World of Warships. The Zoup Can For those adverse to reading and who enjoy the soothing tones of a Virginian gentleman, NoZoupForYou has offered to collaborate. He reads out the summary of this article along with the list of Pros and Cons for the Bismarck. One of our North American Community Contributors, Zoup does his own reviews which you should check out. Personally, I'm a big fan of his "Real Warship Genius" series. Options The headliner for the Bismarck's options is the inclusion of the German Hydroacoustic Search. This is identical to that found on the German Cruisers of the same tier with their extended range. This makes closing in to brawling ranges a lot more comfortable. Harrowing panic situations when enemy DDs or smoke-launching cruisers are harassing you become almost laughable. This pairs well with her heavy secondary armament which can quickly doom lightly armoured ships caught out by your consumable. Consumables: Four slots Damage Control Party Repair Party Choice between Spotter Aircraft and Float Plane Fighter Hydroacoustic Search Module Upgrades: Five slots, standard German options.Camouflage: The Bismarck has the option of purchasing premium camouflage for 3,000 doubloons. This provides -3% to your surface detection range, increases enemy dispersion by 4%, provides a 50% bonus to experience gains and reduces your repair costs by 5%. Firepower Primary Battery: 380mm guns in 4x2 turrets in an A-B-X-Y arrangement.Secondary Battery: 105mm guns in 8x2 turrets, 150mm guns in 6x2 turrets. At first glance, the Bismarck looks under gunned compared to the other tier 8 Battleships. And you wouldn't be remiss in thinking so. Her eight 380mm rifles pale compare to the nine 406mm found on the North Carolina or the ten 410mm guns found on the Amagi. She compensates for this by having the same reload time as the Gneisenau -- a mere 26s per volley. This helps pad her DPM numbers somewhat but she's still trailing the leaders in terms of potential damage output. The 380mm caliber guns first introduced at tier 6 with the Bayern are starting to feel a bit long in the tooth by tier 8, even with the improved performance over their WWI predecessor. With their accelerated reload and reasonable alpha strike, they can be quite the nightmare for unwary cruisers. There's enough punch in each AP shell to take the fight out of anything smaller than a Battleship. But you're not going to find the single, overwhelming blows found on the North Carolina's 406mm shells. Fights with other BBs can take a while. Her HE shells also are downright terrible, but that's nothing new for German ships. Another point of contention is the wide spacing of her guns. This tends to exaggerate the wonky dispersion RNG occasionally throws your way. Still, with a 5' per second turret rotation, the gunnery on the Bismarck is pretty comfortable -- comfortable enough that you'll likely forgive her being a bit lacking on alpha strike and DPM. Where the Bismarck really shines is with her secondary armament. She not only has a lot of guns (14 per side) but their range is incredible at 7km. With the right upgrades, skills and signals, you can get her range up to 10.58km which is insane at her tier. Many a Bismarck captain has decided to specialize their ship around these guns and few are disappointed. This makes a 10-skill Captain almost a must to maximize the Bismarck. My only area of contention with the Bismarck's secondaries is that they appear to have a bit of a blind-spot directly ahead of the ship. The good handling and fast reload on her main battery combined with her fearsome secondaries makes the Bismarck a real monster in a brawl. Her firepower traits make her very forgiving to play. A missed salvo with the Bismarck doesn't hurt as much as you can reload and readjust sooner than other Battleships. Her secondaries passively stack damage and can wrack up impressive totals without much input from the player. Summary: Main armament is very comfortable to use, with good turret rotation and a faster reload. Heavy secondary gun battery with excellent range for her tier. Ship is somewhat lacking in alpha strike and DPM potential. Gun accuracy can feel a bit off at times with the wide gun spacing on her turrets. Secondaries have a blind spot directly forward of the ship. From left to right, the Bismarck (tier 8), Bayern (tier 6) and Gneisenau (tier 7). Each use 380mm guns with comparable hitting power, though only the Gneisenau and Bismarck use the same type. The Bayern uses a WWI era 380mm rifle with different characteristics for its reload and shell. Compared to the Tier 7 Gneisenau The Bismarck feels like a linear upgrade to the Gneisenau. You do lose a couple of nice features though. You're upgrading from 6 guns to 8. They're the same weapons as you've used before, you're just getting more of them. Your secondary guns change from being powerful to godly, with an enormous reach. You do lose your torpedoes. Your armour improves overall, with excellent bow armour though you lose some along your waterline. The Bismarck will feel much tougher against most opponents. Your AA power improves but not enough to feel like a big step up from the Gneisenau. The Bismarck will feel tankier than the Gneisenau. You can take more hits and you no longer have to fear 380mm or 410mm guns if you angle properly at the right range. You'll be delighted to have the Hydracoustic Search module -- enough that you'll really miss it if you go back to playing lower tiered German Battleships. The loss of your torpedoes will be felt, but the secondaries from the Bismarck almost make up for it. Maneuverability Top Speed: 31.0 knots.Turning Radius: 850mRudder Shift: 16.0s The Bismarck is one of the fastest Battleships in the game at present. Only a handful of enemy capital ships can outrun her. This gives the Bismarck a tremendous amount of flexibility, especially when top tier. She can dictate the ranges at which combats will occur and force enemy Battleships to play on her terms. It's only when facing the higher tiered German Battleships and the Iowa that she needs to be wary. Largely, you'll want to hold off on using her speed in the early portions of the game until you can best isolate the opening you want to exploit. The downside to all of that speed is that the Bismarck doesn't turn very well. Stock, her rudder shift is an absolute nightmare and it only gets marginally better with her hull upgrade. The good news is that she'll never out turn her turrets. However, that's small consolation when enemy destroyers send a swarm of torpedoes at your broadside. Durability Hit Points: 69,200Citadel Protection: Up to 315mm + turtlebackBow Armour: 32mm (immunity to 410mm rifles)Torpedo Damage Reduction: 22% Tier for tier, you're going to struggle to find a Battleship as well protected as the Bismarck at medium to close ranges. And there's the key -- getting her in close. Bow on, she can deflect the 283mm to 420mm rifles found at tiers 7 through 10 with ease, having only to worry about the shells striking her turret faces or barbettes. Properly angled at this engagement range, she can repulse any guns she faces, bouncing even the fearsome main battery of the Yamato. Against the IJN flagship, you'll need to angle 20' to 30' and bait shots against your belt armour as her 460mm guns can still over match your bow. She is also functionally immune to citadel hits against her broadside at ranges up to (and including) 16km. One of the few ways to land citadel hits is to strike her while she's sailing directly towards or away and slam shells down the length of her ship or through her deck armour. This is much easier said than done and the Bismarck can largely ignore the threat of citadel damage. This immunity comes from the layer of her turtleback armour -- angled armour plates behind the belt designed to deflect shells up and away from the machines spaces and magazine. As good as this all sounds, the Bismarck isn't impervious to damage. Far from it. While citadel hits are difficult (nay, nigh impossible) to land on her, this doesn't mean you can sail around exposing your broadside. Her belt armour is only 315mm. And while the turtleback internal armour will protect your vitals, you will still take a lot of damage from penetrating hits. If you expose her broadside, do not be surprised to take in excess of 20,000 damage from a rival Battleship smacking you upside the head with full penetrating salvos. It's critical to keep your Bismarck angled and to use your rudder and speed to avoid incoming fire. One "interesting" (read: overpowered) consequence of the difficulty of dealing citadel damage to the Bismarck is that her main hull can be over saturated. This reduces the damage of AP hits from 0.33x maximum damage down to 0.165x maximum damage, greatly increasing the amount of punishment needed to put her down. Once all of the localized hit points of this section are reduced, it's possible for the Bismarck to take full on penetrating salvos for zero-effective damage. Enemies must switch their fire to the bow, stern or superstructure to finish off the Bismarck in these cases. You're rarely ever going to encounter a situation where the Bismarck is taking zero-damage penetrating hits to a section of her hull, but damage saturation is commonplace. Be aware you may need to shift your fire when facing her if your damaging hits aren't quite up to muster. Another benefit to this immunity to citadel damage is that this greatly increases the efficiency of her Repair Party consumable. Only 10% of the damage done to the citadel of a Battleship may be recovered, while 50% of penetrating hits may be restored. It's easier to get more use out of your Repair Party in the Bismarck as you don't have to worry about being "cheated" out of 40% of a heal from a citadel hit. Her larger base hit point pool also means she recovers more hit points per charge than a North Carolina or Amagi. The Bismarck doesn't have everything her own way. She is very vulnerable to torpedo hits, reducing the incoming damage from those waterborne warheads by 22% before modules, and only against hits that strike her bulges amidships. Coupled with her large turning circle, she needs to be wary of destroyers and their main armament. This said, with her Hydracoustic Search consumable, she can give herself a big head start on getting out of the way of incoming strikes. Summary: Very large hit point pool & functionally immune to citadel hits except from torpedoes. Repair Party synergizes well with citadel immunity and large hit point pool. Good armour that can be actively angled to foil or minimize damage -- best suited at medium to close range. Still vulnerable to penetrating hits which can be quite commonplace if not angled properly, especially at range. Very vulnerable to torpedoes. Into the Maelstrom. The Bismarck is tough enough to forgive many a mistake -- such as finding yourself over extended and facing the teeth of the enemy fleet. If this happens, turn around and get out. Unlike other Battleships, you have little to fear from citadel damage and the sooner you can mitigate the harm being done, the better. Find cover, begin regenerating health and go at them again. The Stock Grind: The Bismarck is one of those ships you're going to want to have some free experience saved up to take the sting off of playing her stock. It's only the one module, her hull, that needs addressing immediately. Without it, your AA power is bad but most distressingly, your bad rudder shift time is downright awful at 22.4s. The first module you'll want to upgrade is her hull. I cannot recommend strongly enough that you use any saved free experience to accelerate this. At 52,000xp, it is expensive but worthwhile. It provides the following: 4,700 extra HP, a 6.4s improvement to your rudder shift time and it overhauls your AA armament from 203dps to 374dps. The rudder shift time alone will make this feel worthwhile. Everything else is a bonus. With her stock engine, the Bismarck makes 28.5 knots which isn't bad. This will allow you to keep pace with the flow of battle though you may struggle to close into brawling ranges until you get this upgraded to her 31.0 knot top speed. Without her rangefinder upgrade, the Bismarck has a reach of 19.3km. On some of the larger maps you'll find yourself, this may feel a bit lackluster. You can prop this up through the use of her spotter aircraft for small windows of opportunity. With her final upgrade, her range increases to 21.2km. Concealment & Camouflage Surface Detection Range: 16.4kmAir Detection Range: 14.7kmMinimum Surface Detection Range: 12.31kmConcealment Penalty while Firing: +11.40km The Bismarck is a large Battleship with a surface detection range to match. You can invest heavily in trying to camouflage her but this will largely be an exercise in futility. A heavy investment may pay dividends in late-stage matches where there are no aircraft present. This will allow you to "sneak" to almost within extended secondary gun-battery range on open water. Anti-Aircraft DefenseAA Battery Calibers: 105mm, 37mm, 20mmAA Umbrella Ranges: 4.5km, 3.5km, 2.0kmAA DPS per Aura: 133 / 103 / 138 The Bismarck may feel like a small step backwards from the Gneisenau in terms of AA defense. Where the Germans enjoyed overall anti-aircraft superiority at tier 7, they are very much put in their place by the arrival of the North Carolina and her modernized AA batteries. It's not that the Bismarck's AA power is bad. It's very well balanced between her three umbrellas, almost evenly splitting into thirds at each step. The only real unfortunate change from the Gneisenau to the Bismarck is the loss of the 5.2km range from the Gneisenau's dual purpose 128mm rifles. The Bismarck is armed with 105s instead which go back to the Bayern's maximum range of 4.5km. This is a marked downgrade and should be treated as such. Though the overall values of the Bismarck's aircraft damage per second have gone up, this loss of range should be as keenly felt as a significant dip in DPS. This does mean that tier for tier, the Gneisenau has better AA power than the Bismarck. It also reduces the standing of the Bismarck's AA power from "good" to "average", sitting just over the Amagi but several steps behind the aforementioned laurels of the North Carolina. Functionally, when facing same tier or higher enemy carriers, you can expect the Bismarck's AA to bloody incoming attack planes but not see them off. You're also going to be the preferred prey of torpedo bombers if they're given the choice between you and an American Battleship. Thanks to the Tirpitz's reputation as a poor AA boat, many CVs may be more inclined to try their luck against your hide. It's important to stay with the fleet and to not isolate yourself when there's an enemy carrier on the team. Your AA power isn't bad, it's just not enough to keep you safe if you're caught out alone. You will bloody their noses, but that's small recompense when aircraft are easy to replace. Your hit points are less so. The Bismarck warily eyes fifteen dive bombers passing 4km away. These planes had no interest in the German Battleship and were on their way back to their ship. The Bismarck's flak only managed to shoot down one of them. She has decent AA power, but not enough to give a tier 10 carrier pause. Overall Impressions Skill Floor: Simple / Casual / Challenging / Difficult The Bismarck is one of the most forgiving Battleships in the game. She has good armour, good speed, good gun handling, good reload times and AA power. She will reward a Captain playing her over cautiously from the second line and she'll be equally as forgiving to a Captain that pushes a little too aggressively, keeping her alive long enough to repeatedly pull the trigger. Neither Captain will be helping their team very much, but the Bismarck Captain will feel like they contributed. Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / High / Extreme The meta for the Bismarck is a game of patience. You're excellent up close but you cannot risk over exposing yourself early on. Her game play, at it's most complicated, is looking for an opening where you can close in to within 8km of an enemy and put your tremendous secondary gun batteries and your excellent armour to work. Otherwise, she can sit back and snipe with the rest of the fleet without too much of a depreciation of her combat abilities. Her carry potential is enormous and you don't have to be unicum to exercise it. Mouse's Summary: Her main battery isn't her strong point nor is it a liability. Her secondaries are excellent -- the best for her tier. Ridiculous potential durability, making her one of the tankiest Battleships in game when played well. She has the speed, flexibility and firepower to help decide matches. As a veteran of World of Tanks from 2013, I am still a little gun-shy regarding German vehicles in Wargaming's IP. I keep expecting them to have larger-than-necessary drawbacks, or to be significantly up-tiered from what they were designed to face. You can well imagine what a pleasant surprise the Bismarck has been for me. Short of her handling like a fat cow, she really does not have much in the way of serious weaknesses. And these balancing measures are, if we're completely honest, insufficient from keeping her from being an overpowered monster. There, I said. I'm in for it now. The Bismarck is overpowered. I can't take it back. She is, hands down, the most forgiving Battleship I've played -- and I own the Imperator Nikolai I. This doesn't make her more powerful than the Russian Behemoth, tier for tier. She's not firing at poor baby seals with twelve laser-accurate rifles after all. But she does have enough going for her that I seriously question if she can evade the nerf hammer for long. A lot, if not all of it, has to do with her durability. It would be enough of a bonus if she simply had her functional immunity to citadel damage short of torpedo strikes, but it goes beyond that. She has good overall armour which lets her face-tank against anything short of a Yamato. She's got a bucket load of hit points which, when combined with "only" taking penetrations, allows her Repair Party to work that much more efficiently. Unlike the Imperator Nikolai I, she's got reasonable AA power too. Oh, and she's got secondaries for days. Anything that gets within 8km of a Bismarck needs to start living in fear of watching their HP hemorrhage between small-caliber shells and resulting fires. I'm very tempted to crown the Bismarck as THE ship to grind for in the German line. As nice as the improvements are on the Friedrich der Grosse, the Bismarck can see tier 6 Battleships. And you haven't seen disgusting levels of puppy kicking until you've seen a Bismarck wade into the ranks of several tier 6 vessels at point blank range and come out with several kills and most of her hit points intact. It's downright obscene. It's even more disgusting when you see her pull the same stunt against tier 7 ships. With careful play, she can also pull it off against tier 8s. It seems silly to call the Bismarck overpowered and not raise the same flag over-top of the Tirpitz, her premium sister-ship. There are differences between the two craft and I think they're telling. Between 2km extra range on her secondaries, her better AA power and her hydroacoustic search, I feel that the Bismarck is more forgiving than her sister ship. The Bismarck has eyes (and guns) trained against all threats. Her player doesn't need to actively participate to dissuade a destroyer from slipping within 10km or to handle incoming aircraft as much as they would at the helm of the Tirpitz. The only thing that's going to keep her in line are those eight 380mm rifles. She might dodge immediate nerfs if her damage totals aren't through the roof. She may even escape player attention because of it (players are so enamoured with high damage totals). But damage doesn't tell everything. The Bismarck, when played with even a modest bit of skill, will really make the enemy team work at trying to sink her. Seriously, get out there and enjoy. The Bismarck-class and Admiral-Hipper-class together once again. These make good division mates and look awesome too. Stay tuned for a review of the Prinz Eugen! Compared to the Tier 9 Friedrich der Grosse: When you unlock the Friedrich, you're essentially getting a bigger, fatter Bismarck. A lot of the upgrades are simply mediocre. Her AA bumps up, primarily with her 37mm mid-range auto cannons but this still keeps her a far cry from comparing to the USN Battleships. Her secondaries are identical to those of the Bismarck, but at a tier higher. She's not as fast. She's got even worse handling. And she even loses out somewhat on the Bismarck's range if that can be believed. All of these lackluster "improvements" pave the way for a single gain: You upgrade to fast-firing 406mm rifles or the incredibly punchy 420mm guns. This gives you the choice of keeping to the rapid-fire gun play that you were accustomed to through the Gneisenau and Bismarck or trading up for the apocalyptic smash of Montana-equivalent shells on a longer reload. Sadly, the Friedrich only has the eight guns between four turrets like her predecessor. So even as the German Battleships finally reach gun caliber parity with their contemporaries, they continue to trail on DPM. Still, the Friedrich der Grosse preserves the vaunted durability of the Bismarck class. You just need to play her a little more carefully. Outfitting the Bismarck Recommended Modules The big decision you need to make with the Bismarck is whether or not you want to heavily invest in her secondary armaments or not. Like the Gneisenau, you're going to feel spoiled for choice. For your first slot, I'm going to do the rare thing and recommend two different options. Main Armament Modification 1 should be your default option. However, for those of you raising a fuss about being detonated, Magazine Modification 1 will keep you safe from those rare torpedo-inspired explosions that make your face turn purple with the rage. The mod will reduce the likelihood of those occurring from an approximate 1 in 100 scenario to 1 in 300. For your second slot, you need to decide if you want to focus on her primary battery or secondary battery. Aiming Systems Modification 1 is definitely the better choice, providing a modest boost for both systems. This will nudge her secondary range up to 7.35km. However, you can go full hog and grab Secondary Battery Modification 2 which will up her range to 8.4km. The third slot options are still terrible. Take Damage Control System Modification 1. It will help reduce flooding and fires and give you a 2% boost to your damage reduction against torpedoes. At your fourth slot, you've again got a choice to make (yay, no obvious min-maxing!). The decision rests between trying to improve her sluggish handling with Steering Gears Modification 2, or reducing the impact of fire and flooding damage with Damage Control System Modification 2. The former will reduce her upgraded rudder shift time from 16.0s to 12.8s. This is arguably the best choice. However, with as much high explosive fire as the Bismarck will take, it's hard to discount the merits of reducing fire damage and taking the burden off her Damage Control Party. For your final slot, you have the choice between reducing her detection range by 10% with Concealment System Modification 1 and boosting her minimum acquisition ranges for torpedoes and enemy ships with Target Acquisition System Modification 1. With her Hydroacoustic Search, the latter is of less value IMO, making the Concealment mod more attractive. Recommended Consumables Like most Battleships, the Bismarck should equip a premium version of her Damage Control Party. This will reduce the reset timer from an appalling 120s down to an almost manageable 80s. It's up to player choice if you wish to also follow suit with a premium version of your Repair Party. Along with reducing the cool down, this will provide an additional charge which can be very useful for this front line brawler. You have your choice of using either a Spotter Aircraft or a Float Plane Fighter in your next slot. Float Plane fighters are perilously short-lived in higher tiered matches with the massive, overlapping AA umbrellas. To this end, I tend to prefer the Spotter Aircraft for it's early-game utility to help snipe when ranges are still wide open. Still, the Fighter isn't without its merits, particularly in end game scenarios where there aren't many ships left. This can help spot enemies and incoming torpedoes, reducing the burden on your Hydroacoustic Search. Recommended Captain Skills The Bismarck's skill choices will be pretty standard for a high tier German Battleship. From the first tier, Basic Fire Training and Basics of Survivability are both valuable, with the former being more optimal as it boosts your secondary batteries and your AA power. I would strongly recommend grabbing both. From the second tier, Expert Marksman is your best choice. This will increase your turret rotation from 5' per second to 5.7' per second -- a 14% increase. At the third tier, you have three choices depending on how you want to specialize your ship. Vigilance will give you increased time to react to enemy torpedoes. Note that this does stack with Hydroacoustic Search and can be invaluable this way. High Alert helps ease the burden on your often overtaxed Damage Control Party, reducing it's reset timer by 12s / 8s. Lastly, Superintendent will provide an extra charge for all of your consumables -- very handy for both your Hydroacoustic Search and Repair Party. At tier 4, Advanced Fire Training is the most valuable choice. This boosts both your AA and secondary battery range. When coupled with your second module, this will boost your secondary range to 8.82km / 10.08km depending on your choice. At tier 5, I strongly recommend Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament. This concludes the closer look at the Bismarck. A special thanks to Lert for being my division-buddy and helping gather screenshots and game play. Stay tuned every Friday on ShipComrade.com for a new review of a tech-tree ship. You can request the next non-premium ship I look at.
  4. Alright, full disclosure: I'm a massive fan of these two ships. Combined I have 450+ games between the two of them. They are responsible for some of my best memories of WOWS since Open Beta. Despite the awful things WG has done to powercreep these two ships into oblivion, I refuse to not take them out from time to time. Do these ships perform like this all the time? Of course not. Neither of these games were easy, and the Bismarck game was a top-tier game that thanks to potato teammates was a HARD carry in order to win (Tirpitz was T9), but damn when these ships work they're still some of the most fun I can have, and remind me why I've been playing this game all these years. In any case, I guess my point is that if you enjoy certain ships, just play them. You might just have a good time. The build I'm running is a 21 point maximum meme secondary build, for anyone curious.
  5. If these two massive battleships did battle in World War II, who on paper had the advantage? In this scenario, it is Richelieu on her own vesus Bismarck or Tirpitz in a one-on-one duel in open water sometime between 1941-1944. I ask this question because I'm not very good at looking at stat numbers to see the overall picture of the ships. Both ships could do 30kts and had 8 15" guns, these seem of equal power, but did one have a decisive advantage over the other? I'm interested in reading what you guys think.
  6. DISCLAIMER: THIS STORY TAKES PLACE IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE; ONE WE ARE GLAD WE DON'T LIVE IN. A complete analysis on the sinking of the Bismarck(British Version) We are rather unclear about the events during and after the sinking of the Bismarck. This is the best explanation we can offer. At around that day the Bismarck sank or something, the royal navy dispatched HMS Rodney and HMS Ark Royal. Now this was probably a good decision, as Ark Royal was probably one of the most emotionally secure ships in the entire RN and wouldn't fall for Bismarck's confidence-undermining techniques. Rodney's attitude was, on the other hand, slightly troubling... but it was all a ruse to get Bismarck off guard. (Or so claims meta-academic epidemiology) Anyways, the Bismarck's rudder was hit earlier by velociraptors. After that, the captain of the Ark Royal decided to send torpedo rocs to destroy the Bismarck once and for all. On 8:14 (BTW 60% of the statistics in here are made up) in the morning, the torpedo rocs lifted off and began attacking the Bismarck. For some reason, the resilient gruyere the torpedo protection was made of was actually swiss, and the torpedoes easily blowed a hole in the side of the Bismarck. The ship capsized, and yet the Admiral was nowhere to be seen. Later, both Admiral Lutjens and the ship Bismarck were rescued onto the HMS Rodney, then transferred to the Ark Royal. The two ships apparently shared a piece of gruyere cheese armor and quickly build a relationship, then transferred back to England after the sinking of the Ark Royal. Epilogue: Ark Royal and Bismarck Are on an unknown area of the British Titan colonies under the witness protection program, in a scandal involving the HMS Prince of Turtles (Hey we couldn't come up with better names so don't judge)'s Phaser mounts, which were later discovered on a french battlecruiser. War almost erupted, until France threatened to activate Vacuum Decay if Britain declared war.
  7. Alguien sabe o tiene un idea de porque el bismarck (al igual que toda la linea alemana) es actualmente inútil? Resulta que mi porcentaje de victorias con este barco era del 55% y ahora bajo a 43%. El principal problema que he notado es que todo le entra cual cuchillo a barra de mantequilla. Literalmente toda salva que me tiran no baja de 7000 puntos de daño, en cambio yo solo consigo hacer entre 1000 y 3000 como mínimo y muy raramente mas de eso. Un jodido dolor de cabeza que hay actualmente es el maldito massachusets que solo con rozar al bismarck ya le bajo 7500 o más puntos de vida. De hecho esta es la principal razón por la que he bajado tanto mi porcentaje de victorias, ya que todo mundo juega massachusets (es entendible ya que no tienen la capacidad de jugar otra cosa que no este op). Se que obviamente nunca le darán al bismarck la gloria y el reconocimiento que realmente debería tener, aun así, es muy frustrante no poder jugar barcos que te gustan solo porque no puedes ganar con ellos. No se si nerfearon al bis y a la linea alemana y no nos dimos cuenta, pero de que ahora resisten menos no hay duda. No se si por esto me quiten la cuenta pero la verdad es que no me importaría porque actualmente me provoca más asco y repudio el juego que diversión.
  8. So I’ve been working on a side project on my own for the past 6 or 7 years where I have been coming up with ideas for a fictional alternate history series. I had an idea for a German battlecruiser design that combines the designs (both external and internal designs and the armor layout) of the German battleship Bismarck (using wows’s B hull upgrade as the basis for her exterior design) and the British battlecruiser HMS Hood (using her design in wows as exterior basis). My question is what would this design probably look like in your opinion? I would also like photos/reference drawings to be used in this discussion if whoever reads this wants to in order to make it easier to visualize the design aspects used.
  9. Do11arSign

    Bismarck Camo Change

    Wargaming should change the camos for the Bismarck to make them more accurate. Camo one was Bismarck's Camo before the operation with the baltic black and white being on the superstructure. Camo two is during operation Rheinuburg when she left port. The turrets were all grey and the front and back swastikas were completely covered in grey paint. I think it would be a nice update since wargaming went back and updated the Yamato even with them considering a German BB line buff in the future I think a updated camo would be nice.
  10. Hey guys, I've recently been going down the rabbit hole with the SCP multiverse, a a kind of Pokémon meets Lovecraft version of Earth that is populated by Anomalies and The Foundation. It's a worldwide writing community where anyone can add in a supernatural SCP object for Foundation agents to track down and attempt to contain, as per their acronym: Secure, Contain, Protect. Recently I stumbled across these and felt they would be right up Wargaming's alley for the Halloween events. There are plenty more than just SCP-4217, and SCP-2846-B, such as ships present at Operation Crossroads becoming amalgamated into the mysterious SCP-1264. A creature large enough to fill the hulls of 5 of the ships sunk by the tests, USS Saratoga, Prinz Eugen, Nagato, a Mahan-Class destroyer, and a Balao-Class submarine. I'm sure Wargaming could work a story around existing anomalies and it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to do some creative licensing and add to their ranks. Maybe even Foundation Camos and SCP/Foundation Agent Commanders. Anyways, leave your thoughts in the towel section below!
  11. Has anyone else noticed an increase in the number of overpens on Bismarck lately? Have seen a couple of other threads where its been attributed to bad aim, the crappy dispersion, etc. I'm willing to live with the dispersion for the chance to brawl (maxed out secondaries rock), but the overpens are getting silly - especially when in a T8-T10 match. Used to be able to survive those - not much anymore. Had it happen today. Gene 4-5km out - broadside to my right front. All 4 hit between the turrets on the hull. got 3 overpens & 1 pen. I could understand a bounce or 1 overpen, but 3? Don't know what changed - but Biz isn't nearly as much fun as it was a few months ago....
  12. Still sad to be a defeat in the end, but I beat my long-standing USS Iowa damage record of 221k in none other than my Bismarck. At least what I've learned is that if people don't focus you, you can be quite effective in these secondary-spec BBs. If singled out and focused, you die pretty quick. Enjoyed this round nonetheless even with a loss.
  13. I got the last conquest skin for my Bismarck, but when I select it, it doesn't make the turrets yellow, and only adds the black and white stripes. For the battle damaged one it dosent even show any damage. any help?
  14. Eu já venho percebendo isso já um tempo, mas essa deixou-me muito decepcionado, foi a mudança no status de desconto na Arv.Tec. A história começa assim, estou desbloqueando uma linha de encouraçado alemã, e estou na classe Gneisenau, faltando pouco XP para desbloquear o Bismarck, que custa 11 000 000, mais com o desconto do Clã, o valor vai para 5 500 000. O que notei dessa vez e posso provar foi a alteração do status desse desconto de "Permanente" para " termina em 2 dias", como assim? Agora que estou chegando perto, vcs estão querendo dificultar? Poxa, serio, fico sem palavras com isso, pode dizer "falha no sistema", ou algum outro argumento, mais esse, a sorte é que tratando de jogo Naval, esse é o melhor, se não, eu parava de jogar. (Um elogio em meio a uma crítica) As outras observações, mais que não posso comprovar, e os tais XP Livre que não contabiliza, afff. Teve uma vez que joguei, se não mim engano, consiguir em uma batalha: auxiliar na captura, conseguir destruir um navio, acertei diversas projeteis , e isso, sem camuflagem e bandeira, ou com aquelas que não afetavam muito o recebimento do XP, e supondo ganhei, 1000 XP Livre, quando eu colocava camuflagem de possibilitava +250% de XP Livre, e bandeira ´´Papa Papa`` 300%, e tinha os mesmos exitos ou parecidos na batalha, ganhava, 200 de XP Livre na partida. Como assim? Deveria ser 550% a mais, 6500 de XP Livre, se o calculo não estiver errado. Eu acho que é muita desonestidade, espero que o problema exposto, seja resolvido, obrigado! Abaixo, esta as imagens em relação ao primeiro problema. Que não é o Bismarck, mais essa alteração no status se encontra em toda linha de encouraçado.
  15. HuTao_prpr

    Close Quarters Cinematic

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rq7HHcaeKao Another short cinematic I made. For some reason, the free camera in the replays doesn't allow zooming in, so have fun viewing this fully zoomed out footages lmbo
  16. Review of the KMS Bismarck Review of the USS Enterprise CV-6 The Review of the HMS Ark Royal! Enjoy! The review review of the IJN Akagi! Enjoy! Here's a quick summary of my current model kit project the IJN Akagi from Hasegawa 1/700 scale. Enjoy!
  17. Can someone please tell me what font type this is? I am wanting to use it for a personal project!
  18. I was doing more research on the Bismarck, and I was taking a look at the swastikas on the deck of the Bismarck, and I was wondering, how were they put on the decks? Were they painted? Were the teak boards dyed? Were the swastikas made with metal sheets that were colored or dyed? If someone could answer my question(s), I’d really appreciate it!
  19. After the space event I had collected enough Free XP for my first 19 point captain. Thanks again for all your suggestions on his ship class assignment! I decided to put him on BBs and got the Gneisenau which I've been grinding on for a couple of months ... yesterday the stars aligned ... unlocked the BIsmarck ... and the price is currently 50% off - ~5 mill credit savings had the Last Conquest and Bottom of the Sea premium camos from the old Hunt campaign had a 10 pt German space commander sitting idle I eagerly pulled the trigger and ... wow. I never expected this "older" ship to be this strong or this much fun. After all the power creep ... ya know. I played it almost exclusively yesterday ... and was getting a lot of good scores, cits, 3 to 4 kills several times and a ton of secondary hits even before the captain was fully trained for the ship. I don't normally like Tier 8+, but this gal can be a monster, fits my play style and I'm grinning ear to ear. I haven't run up against a Mass yet, but it should be interesting.
  20. So, on friday I finally managed to get a 14 pts captain, which means I could finally get the secondary build to "fully work" with the maximum range and minimum dispersion...but then...this was the result: Even though I was able to do a lot of damage with main battery, it was due to the fact that players were broadsiding me often and so I was able to citadel A LOT even while using 380mm guns, I even managed to citadel the Tirpitz and the dreaded USN Bismarck (Massachusetts). But for a secondary build, the secondary damage was horrible, it was a pain to grind for the 14 pts captain, specially with the need to respec every tier up, and after this result I asked for help in the forum. And one of the suggestions was to go for IFHE, well, I was dead set for the IFHE for my future 18pt captain but I thought the 20% increase in range was better, specially because WG says that the skill is innefective for my ship. Well...today I was proved that WG is at mistake here... Before IFHE I did 62 damage per secondary shell. After removing the increase in range and putting IFHE, I started doing 246 damage per secondary shell. THAT'S ALMOST 400% INCREASE IN DAMAGE PER SHELL How can WG put IFHE as a not recommended for KM BBs? This is the biggest bait ever for people trying out secondary builds, IFHE is the best option for german BBs and this should actually be highlighted for players, instead of adding a warning saying that it's inneficient. So, I ask for WG to change this, maybe put additional info stating that this skill works for secondary weaponry of if it's actually recommended for secondary build on certain ship. My captain at the momment:
  21. Long story short, remember the Primo Victoria thing from Tanks, when Sabaton and WG teamed up and made a music video together? This is basically the same sort of thing, but with Warships. Am I complaining? Absolutely not!
  22. On February 14, 1939, exactly 80 years ago, the German battleship Bismarck was launched from Hamburg, beginning the short but eventful career of one of the most famous battleships of World War 2.
  23. Essentially, the title. I've been thinking about going back to using Aiming Systems Mod 1, but I'm not sure if it's the right call. On one hand, I've found that Aiming Systems Mod 1 makes my main guns substantially more accurate at ranges beyond my secondaries, and my highest damage game in the Bismarck to date came with it equipped. On the other hand, the German BBs are all about those secondaries: If the Space Battles taught me anything, it's that the GK's secondaries are literally perfect. I'm just not sure if it's the right move. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.